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New Product Announcements

See the latest new products and innovations at RFID Journal LIVE! 2008.

Here are just some of the new products and innovations being showcased at the event. The RFID Journal awards logos below indicate companies that have been selected as a finalist for the 2008 RFID Journal Awards 'Best in Show' category.

Academia's RFID PRO, a university-level, business-infused, technical certification designed for those looking for industry-recognized training and professional accreditation. Read more
Afilias Discovery Services's line of RFID products, designed to provide secure, selective visibility into the supply chain. Read more
American RFID Solutions' Trusted eSentry Security system, the world's first facial biometrics security system enhanced with RFID technology (and a "Best in Show" finalist for the 2008 RFID Journal Awards). Read more
Bielomatik's and NXP's new manufacturing process for UHF transponders, which they say will revolutionize UHF tag and smart label and ticket production. Read more
Confidex's new Confidex Pino, a unique RFID tag designed to enable cost-efficient and reliable tracking of wooden pallets. Read more
CYBRA Corporation, MarkMagic bar-code and RFID label software, as well as EdgeMagic, the only RFID control system custom built for the IBM System i. Read more
Domino Integrated Solutions Group, a provider of track-and-trace systems introduces HIDE-Pack, a patent-pending technology available commercially. This RFID- enabled packaging solution consists of embedding an RFID inlay within the structure of a package so the inlay is not visible from outside or inside the package, making the inlay an integral part of the packaging medium. Read more
Ekahau Vision's Web-based visual interface, which enables enterprise users of the Ekahau Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to automatically monitor the location of tagged assets and people in real time. Read more
Ferroxtag high-frequency tags that work in metal-heavy environments. Read more
IBM's WebSphere Premises Server 6.1, designed to deliver new and enhanced capturing services. Read more
Intelleflex's new "key fob" tag, offering the same read range, extended memory and reliability as previous models, but in a smaller package. Read more
Intermec's IP30 handheld RFID reader for mobile computers, built to offer customers versatility and investment protection. Read more
Kenetics' Compact Flash Type II Gen2 UHF reader, which utilizes the CF interface found in many mobile computing terminals. Read more
Metalcraft's RFID Hard Tag. Read more
Laird Technologies' Mini RFID 902-928 MHz circularly polarized panel antenna. Read more
Lexmark's RFID UHF Option, which positions the radio and antenna directly into the drawer assembly, as opposed to on the printer itself. Read more
ODIN's EasyMonitor suite, which automates the entire RFID infrastructure, including readers, printers, handhelds and peripherals. Read more

— BOOTH 512
The biggest breakthrough in RFID deployments since the Gen 2.0 protocol

At RFID Journal LIVE! ODIN technologies is releasing the EasyMonitor™ suite to automate the entire RFID infrastructure such as readers, printers, handhelds and peripherals. This breakthrough technology will reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by as much as 60%.  Leveraging patent-pending physics-based intelligence algorithms EasyMonitor™ (EM) provides 24x7 optimization, remote monitoring, anomaly detection, diagnostic tools, and system management specifically designed for geographically disperse, complex RFID networks. The system also automates installation, configuration, optimization, and maintenance activities to drive higher return on investment while ensuring accuracy, 99.9% uptime and global scalability.

Via a web interface the system provides real-time visibility into your RFID network and automate tasks such as optimizing the RF environment, broadcasting firmware upgrades and patches, providing reader hot-swap capability, enabling geographical location and reference while integrating with existing Network Management Systems (NMS) such as IBM’s Tivoli and CA’s Unicenter. In fact EM is certified for use with such popular programs as Websphere, Tivoli, and OAT Systems RFID Middleware.

The patent-pending architecture is based on a peer-to-peer model and does not suffer network latency, system overhead or risk a single point of failure common with hardware based solutions which require a server on site. The architecture is similar to a VOIP model in that it keeps additional servers and resources securely off the corporate network and provides the highest level of fault-tolerance possible.

EM was developed based on ODIN’s real-world experience as the leader deploying hundreds of RFID readers on five continents. ODIN’s in-depth understanding of the RF environmental nuances, support / maintenance requirements and the hardware used in a typical RFID network makes the entire solution robust and proven. Automating RFID is viable because ODIN understands the challenges and infrastructure so well.

More than three years in the making, and currently deployed at over 40 live sites across the world, EM™ enables global scalability of RFID systems by automating and streamlining maintenance and support activities. Automation ensures maximum reader performance and uptime. This automation eliminates the expensive and time consuming tasks of manually configuring and maintaining RFID equipment at various disparate locations in the field. EM orchestrates change and configuration management and automates routine maintenance procedures and tasks thus significantly reducing the on-going support costs of a large RFID network while providing a higher service level (SLA).

As a peer-to-peer enabled software as a service (SaaS) offering, it is easy to adopt to existing or new installations and its robustness and ease of use are attractive for both large and small installations. Companies looking to automate their RFID infrastructure can be up and running on EM in less than a week, and will save thousands of dollars annually in support costs. EM supports most of the major RFID readers, and middleware. Stop by booth 512 at RFID JL for a demonstration of this breakthrough product.

Omni-ID's new UHF RFID tag, which it says offers the smallest form factor and best performance in its class. Read more
PINC Solutions expanded portfolio of Yard Hound products, tailored to address the needs of DC yards of all sizes. Read more
Pramari's Rifidi Product Suite, an open-source development tool for RFID. Read more
Seeonic SightWare and SmartWatch product lines. Read more
SkyeTek's M4 Reader Module, designed to offer secure RFID applications at a low cost. Read more
SkyeTek's SkyeModule M7, which the company deems the world's smallest globally compliant UHF RFID reader module. Read more
Sonitor Technology's RTLS ultrasound-technology, which enables room-level and bed-level location accuracy. The company's new solutions include Semi- Disposable Patient Tag, PC-Detector and Patient Fall Detection capabilities. Read more
Tracient Technologies' Padl-R UF reader, which provides mobile RFID read/write capability to any Bluetooth- or USB-enabled devices, including PDAs, cell phones, smart phones, PCs and laptops. Read more
WaveTrend's globaleyes integrated global tracking solution. Read more

RFID Journal LIVE! 2008 is produced by RFID Journal, the World's RFID Authority.

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