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Companies across the retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply chain have been among the early adopters of RFID and EPC technologies. Many are already seeing early benefits and are prepared to share their insights at RFID Journal LIVE!

What You Will Learn From This Track:

• Areas of in-store labor inefficiency RFID can improve—and by how much
• Types of RFID equipment that are necessary and practical to use, and the payback from an implemented program

• Better promotions tracking through the use of EPC technology 
• Ways to increase sales lift and sell-through

April 17, 2008

11:30 am—Breakout Session
Combining RFID and Other Data to Drive Value
RFID data provides a new level of supply chain visibility, but this data alone won't solve all business problems or enable new efficiencies. In this session, a panel of experts explains how RFID data can be used and what additional data can be brought to bear to improve replenishment algorithms and work processes and measure system performance more effectively.
Louis Bianchin, Senior Analyst Program Manager, Venture Development Corp.
Leslie Hand, Global Retail Insights, IDC
Milan Turk, Jr., Managing Director, Global Customer eCollaboration, Procter & Gamble
Improving Airline Customer Service With RFID for Baggage Tracking
      Sponsored by: Alien Technology
Building an Intelligent Supply Chain Through Discovery Services
      Sponsored by: Afilias Limited
Examining Several Leading Manufacturing Case Studies
      Sponsored by: OATSystems
Case Study: Top Global Retailers Are Evolving to RFID
      Sponsored by: Checkpoint Systems
UHF Gen 2 for Item-Level Tagging of Retail Apparel
      Sponsored by: Impinj, Inc.
Case Studies: Improving Production Shipping and Receiving Processes With RFID
      Sponsored by: Blue Vector Systems
How Global Telematics Technologies Combined With Active RFID Deliver an ROI in Track and Trace
      Sponsored by: Wavetrend
3:00 pm—Breakout Session
Doubling Retail Profits by Improving In-Store Labor Efficiency
In-store labor is the single largest cost of retailers, containing the biggest inefficiencies. Major areas of concern include shrinkage, out-of-stocks, turnover, the presence of outside employees, returns, backroom stock, in-store demos and waste; solving these inefficiencies by integrating RFID can enable a retailer to double profits at a cost lower than what it currently spends.
Robert G. Brown, Chairman of the Board, Spar Group
• Areas of in-store labor inefficiency RFID can improve—and by how much
• Types of RFID equipment that are necessary and practical to use, and the payback from an implemented program

April 18, 2008

How RFID-Enabled Applications Are Setting a New Bar for Operational Efficiencies
      Sponsored by: Xterprise
Mojix STAR System: Field Trial Results and New Possibilities for RFID
      Sponsored by: Mojix
Managing and Deploying Assets in Large-Scale Construction Projects
      Sponsored by: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG
Enabling RFID Mass Adoption Through the Microsoft BizTalk RFID Platform
      Sponsored by: Microsoft Corp.
How HP Gained Supply Chain Visibility Internally--and for Its Customers
      Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
How to Use RFID as an Anti-Counterfeiting Measure
      Sponsored by: Alien Technology
How End Users Capture Value from RFID
      Sponsored by: NXP Semiconductors
Leveraging RFID Sensors and Printed Electronics in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Cold Chain Logistics
      Sponsored by: Information Mediary Corp.
1:40 pm—Breakout Session
Does RFID Improve Inventory Accuracy?
Inventory accuracy is one key to an efficient and effective supply chain, yet inventory accuracy is inherently wrong. To study the impact of RFID on inventory accuracy, Wal-Mart commissioned a study, conducted by the University of Arkansas’ RFID Research Center, to examine the store-level influence of case-level RFID tagging on perpetual inventory. Results indicate RFID can improve inventory accuracy in the presence of normal business processes for on-hand adjustments (i.e., RFID as a supplement to existing manual adjustment processes). This session will provide details on the study, the results and the benefits to the industry.
Bill Hardgrave, Director, RFID Research Center, University of Arkansas
2:30 pm—Breakout Session
Kimberly-Clark Uses Passive UHF EPC For Yard Management
Many companies have employed active RFID for tracking containers in a distribution yard. However, Kimberly-Clark chose to use a passive UHF EPC system for yard management, because it offers a cost-effective, turnkey solution utilizing existing infrastructure, and because it has the ability to integrate into existing software platforms and fit the organization’s process-improvement needs. Learn how passive tags can help improve yard management, lower the total cost of ownership of an RFID system and deliver an ROI in less than a year.
Corey Mingerink, Senior RFID Packaging Engineer, Kimberly-Clark
3:20 pm—Breakout Session
Increasing Promotional Lift and Sell-Through With RFID
Hampton Products, a manufacturer of residential hardware, lighting and travel security products, has deployed a system for using the visibility afford by RFID to improve promotions execution, sales lift and sell-through with its retail partners. This session will explain the hardware and software that was required, and how the system delivers an ROI by ensuring that displays are on the floor in a timely manner.
Brian Millsap, Vice President, CIO, Hampton Products
• Better promotions tracking through the use of EPC technology 
• Ways to increase sales lift and sell-through

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