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RFID in the Chemical Industry

With the threat of terrorism and increased competition, chemical companies are eager to use RFID to track and secure shipments of chemicals, streamline the supply chain and better serve their customers. This preconference explains how to use RFID for these applications and many others.

RFID Journal LIVE! preconference seminars provide in-depth information on specific aspects of EPC and RFID technologies. Attendees can choose to participate in one of these sessions prior to the opening of the main conference program. Preconference seminars are available through either the Full Conference Pass or Preconference + Exhibit-Only Pass.

• The benefits of tracking reusable assets in the supply chain
• How to overcome the challenges of reading tags on large liquid containers

April 16, 2008

11:00 am—Preconference
RFID Enhances Security and Customer Satisfaction, Reduces Costs at Dow
Dow Chemical has taken a comprehensive approach to deploying RFID. Learn how the company is leveraging RFID and other technologies to track various container types worldwide, to enhance security and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. This session will reveal not just the benefits, but also how the technology is changing work processes.
Craig Casto, Global Auto-ID and Label Technology Leader, Dow Chemical
11:45 am—Preconference
Boeing Phantom Works Tracks Time- and Temperature-Sensitive Sealants
Boeing Phantom Works chose an RFID solution to track pre-frozen mixed sealants rather than creating a new manual database system. After full implementation, the manufacturer will have the ability to track expired sealants or disposed empty bottles that are now hazardous waste materials (HazMat). Hear how the technology will provide Boeing better visibility into specific areas of the assembly process, the ability to record independent freezer temperatures, and an emergency alert system for each freezer. The alert system will be connected directly to C-17 Facilities Management and/or its technicians, and will inform the receiver of operational problems once a freezer reads a predetermined safety temperature.
Rodney S. Wright, Project Manager, Phantom Works, Boeing
1:45 pm—Preconference
An Update on Chemical Industry RFID Standards
EPCglobal has worked with major chemical industry manufacturers to establish a Chemical Industry Action Group, to develop standards for sharing Electronic Product Code (EPC) data. Learn the results of the group's latest meeting, held just prior to RFID Journal LIVE!, and gain unique insights into how RFID and EPC standards can create value across the chemical industry supply chain.
Sue Hutchinson, Director of Product Management, EPCglobal North America
2:30 pm—Preconference
Tracking Industrial-Size Liquid Containers
Container Technologies is using passive tags to track reusable liquid containers and drums.The manufacturer came up with strategies to achieve high read rates. In this session, hear why the manufacturer decided to implement the technology, where it found the implementation to be a challenge and how it overcame technical difficulties.
Gary Clancy, Managing Director, Container Technology
Daniel Deavours, Director of Research, RFID Alliance Lab
• The benefits of tracking reusable assets in the supply chain
• How to overcome the challenges of reading tags on large liquid containers
3:30 pm—Preconference
Dow Corning Monitors WIP with RFID
Dow Corning needed to replace its manual process for monitoring bulk materials as they were produced and pumped down to finished goods in another area. An RFID solution enabled it to minimize the materials’ accumulated time outside of cold storage, raise alerts at various points and gain visibility into the process. Learn how the firm built the solution, the challenges faced, the benefits realized, the next steps and key takeaways. Critical elements of discussion will include using passive tags with metal drums, monitoring work-in-process (WIP) and operating RFID in a chemical manufacturing environment with cold storage.
David Zuwala, Senior Analyst, Manufacturing Systems IT, Dow Corning

April 17, 2008

Improving Airline Customer Service With RFID for Baggage Tracking
      Sponsored by: Alien Technology
Building an Intelligent Supply Chain Through Discovery Services
      Sponsored by: Afilias Limited
Examining Several Leading Manufacturing Case Studies
      Sponsored by: OATSystems
Case Study: Top Global Retailers Are Evolving to RFID
      Sponsored by: Checkpoint Systems
UHF Gen 2 for Item-Level Tagging of Retail Apparel
      Sponsored by: Impinj, Inc.
Case Studies: Improving Production Shipping and Receiving Processes With RFID
      Sponsored by: Blue Vector Systems
How Global Telematics Technologies Combined With Active RFID Deliver an ROI in Track and Trace
      Sponsored by: Wavetrend

April 18, 2008

How RFID-Enabled Applications Are Setting a New Bar for Operational Efficiencies
      Sponsored by: Xterprise
Mojix STAR System: Field Trial Results and New Possibilities for RFID
      Sponsored by: Mojix
Managing and Deploying Assets in Large-Scale Construction Projects
      Sponsored by: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG
Enabling RFID Mass Adoption Through the Microsoft BizTalk RFID Platform
      Sponsored by: Microsoft Corp.
How HP Gained Supply Chain Visibility Internally--and for Its Customers
      Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
How to Use RFID as an Anti-Counterfeiting Measure
      Sponsored by: Alien Technology
How End Users Capture Value from RFID
      Sponsored by: NXP Semiconductors
Leveraging RFID Sensors and Printed Electronics in Pharmaceutical Packaging and Cold Chain Logistics
      Sponsored by: Information Mediary Corp.

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