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Learn How Industry Leaders Are Benefiting From RFID

More than 50 end-user case studies!

RIFD Journal LIVE! has the greatest collection of end users from key industries and around the world sharing their RFID learnings and experiences in one place. It is a unique opportunity for companies to come and learn from those that are already using RFID to reduce costs in the short term and enhance their long-term competitiveness.

The case studies presented this year cover many industries—aerospace, apparel, consumer packaged goods, defense, food, government health care, logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail and others.

Abbott—Daniel J. Winters (product differentiation) and David Ulrich (temperature monitoring)
American Apparel—Zander Livingston (merchandise managemet)
Bank of America—William Conroy (data center asset tracking)
Blue C Sushi—James Allard (food monitoring)
Boeing Fluids—Philip Lintereur (tool tracking)
Boeing Rotorcraft—Susan Jordan (parts tracking)
Boeing—Charles Fletcher (logistics management)
BP—Curt Smith (asset optimization)
Cascade Engineering—Westley MacAllister (waste management)
Cephalon—Randy Bradway and Brian Brown (drug tracking and e-pedigree creation)
Charles Vőgele Group—Thomas Beckmann (item-level supply chain management)
Cognizant Technology—Hal Lavender (IT asset tracking)
Conair/USAID—Paul Arguin and John Mayorek (retail compliance and supply chain management)
Continental Automotive Systems US—Gokhan Sarpkaya (parts management)
Costa View Farms—Larry Pietrowski (animal tracking)
DePuy (a division of Johnson & Johnson)—Dave Johnson (shipping accuracy)
eProvenance—Liz Churchill (product authentication and monitoring)
Florida State Attorney's Office—Dan Zinn (file tracking)
H&M Bay—John Walker (temperature monitoring)
H.D. Smith—Ron Hoelzer (e-pedigree creation)
John Deere & Co.—Jeffrey Knutsen (tracking work-in-process)
Kimberly-Clark—Matthew Hudgins (improving shipping accuracy) and Scott Buss (yard management)
Labrie Environmental Group—Eric Tremblay (waste management)
Madison Abstract—Bill Cryan (file tracking)
Matiq—Geir Vevle (food traceability)
McKesson—Ron Bone (distribution management)
Monsanto—William Schulz (supply chain optimization)
National Oilwell Varco—Ashe Menon (asset tracking)
Netherlands Forensic Institute—Andro Vos (evidence tracking)
Norwegian Department of Agriculture—Geir Kuvas (food traceability)
NYK Line—Naotaka Ishizawa (logistics management)
PaRR Inspections—Doug Frost (asset tracking)
Providence Health Care Systems—Ray Lowe (asset tracking)
Purdue Pharma—Harry Ramsey (counterfeit deterrence)
Salt Lake County Library Services—Gretchen Freeman (library management)
Schneider Electric—Dr. Fabrice Roudet (asset tracking in harsh environments)
SentrySafe—David Lewis (retail compliance and supply chain management)
Siemens—Brian L. Moran (managing construction equipment and material)
Southern Co.—Wm. Keith Hodnet (worker safety)
St. Elizabeth Medical Center—Halsey Bagg (inventory optimization)
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare—Jay Adams (asset tracking)
U.S. Air Force—Mark Reboulet (asset tracking)
U.S. Army—Colonel Patrick Burden (supply chain management)
U.S. Army's Defense Health Services Systems—Garry D. Duvall (medical asset tracking)
U.S. Defense Logistics Agency—Mark Lieberman (supply chain management)
U.S. Department of Defense—Kathy Smith (supply chain management) and Maj. Gen. James L. Hodge (supply chain management)
U.S. Navy—Robert Bacon (supply chain management)
U.S. Transportation Command—Dave Dias (supply chain management)
UCSD Medical Center—Scott Sullivan (medical equipment tracking)
Vail Resorts—Robert Urwiler (improving the customer experience)

RFID Journal LIVE! 2009 is produced by RFID Journal, the World's RFID Authority.

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