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EPC Standards and Benefits

EPCglobal provides insights into EPC standards and how companies can use them to drive business value.

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EPC standards for RFID hardware, software and networking are being adopted by some retail and consumer packaged goods companies, as well as by companies in other industries that want to track goods in open supply chains. In this track, learn how to implement EPC standards and use them to drive real business value.

April 28, 2009

11:30 am—Breakout Session
EPC Panel: On-Shelf Availability and Accelerated Reconciliation
It has been four years since companies began deploying RFID systems based on the EPC Gen 2 air interface and tag data standards. What has been learned during that period? In this session, several leading end users of EPC technologies and standards will discuss how they have achieved improvements in on-shelf availability, and accelerated the shipping and receiving reconciliation process. These companies will reveal best practices that will enable your business to achieve the same benefits.
John Seaner, Vice President & General Manager, GS1 US
Simon Langford, Director of EPC RFID Strategies, Information Systems Division, Wal-Mart Stores
Kathy Smith, Spec. Asst. for Cust. Support, Supply Chain Integration, U.S. Department of Defense
Milan Turk, Jr., Managing Director, Global Customer eCollaboration, Procter & Gamble
Learn How to Achieve ROI in Retail Apparel With UHF RFID
      Sponsored by: NXP Semiconductors
NXP's RFID Solutions: Securing Your Data and Assets
      Sponsored by: NXP Semiconductors
Leveraging RFID as a Recovery Strategy
      Sponsored by: Xterprise
"Unclonable" RFIDs - Elevating Trust in RFIDs to a New Level
      Sponsored by: Verayo
Achieving Product Traceability: From Manufacturing Through Distribution to Product in the Hands of End Customers
      Sponsored by: SAP
Using Real-Time Visibility for Efficient Asset Management
      Sponsored by: CHEP
Learn How Cephalon Is Leveraging RFID to Enhance Shipping Accuracy and Container Traceability
      Sponsored by: OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint Systems
3:00 pm—Breakout Session
EPC in the Hot Seat
As the leading standards body, EPCglobal will have a huge influence on the direction RFID technologies and adoption will take. Because of that, end users and solutions providers around the world have a lot of questions about EPCglobal’s strategy and direction. Will it promote an HF standard? What progress is being made toward standards for active tags? In this panel, EPCglobal leaders from around the world will answer tough questions from attendees, RFID Journal readers and editor Mark Roberti.
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Chris Adcock, President, GS1 EPCglobal US
John Seaner, Vice President & General Manager, GS1 US
Art Smith, President & CEO, EPCglobal Canada
3:50 pm—Breakout Session
Readiness Assessment and EPC Adoption Roadmap
Companies that are being asked by their retail partners to put EPC RFID tags on product shipments face many questions. How will EPC RFID adoption affect our company? Which functional areas of our organization should participate in an EPC RFID adoption program? And how can we determine if our organization is ready to begin such a program? This session will present an EPC adoption roadmap that will support your implementation, answering these and many more questions companies have.
Sue Hutchinson, Director, Portfolio Strategy , GS1 US

April 29, 2009

From Factory to Front Door-Closing the Asset Visibility Gap
      Sponsored by: ODIN
RFID Technology in the Supply Chain: Tomorrow's Supply Chain Technology Today
      Sponsored by: iGPS (Intelligent Global Pooling Systems)
The Business Case for Auto-ID Solutions Within Facilities and Throughout the Supply Chain
      Sponsored by: Savi Technology
What You Don't Know About RFID Might Be Hurting Your Business
      Sponsored by: Motorola
Perishables Traceability: Critical for Today's Supply Chains
      Sponsored by: IBM
Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group: Overview of World RFID Deployments in Oil and Gas
      Sponsored by: Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
Active RFID Provides Total Asset Visibility in Large-scale Construction Projects
      Sponsored by: IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG
1:40 pm—Breakout Session
Using EPC and GS1 Identifiers to Drive Business Value
The Electronic Product Code is part of GS1’s integrated suite of global standards, which provides for accurate identification and communication of information regarding products, assets, services and locations. These standards can be employed to uniquely identify physical things, such as trade items and assets, as well as logical things, including corporations or service relationships. This session will help you improve your operations with simplicity and consistency by using the appropriate GS1 identification numbers.
Michele Southall, Director, Implementation Support, GS1 US
2:30 pm—Breakout Session
Driving Benefits From EPC Data Using EPCIS
The EPC Information Service (EPCIS), which enables companies to share EPC data securely over networks, is part of the suite of EPC standards for inventory and asset traceability. This session will explain the EPCIS standard, exploring why it is critical to getting value from EPC systems. From the supply chain to the manufacturing line to the data center, learn how to couple simple data and analytics with Electronic Product Codes to offer your business the advanced process visibility it requires for lasting competitive advantage.
Sue Hutchinson, Director, Portfolio Strategy , GS1 US
Robert J. Mytkowicz, Supply Network Solutions, Regional Business Applications Manager, Procter & Gamble
Ken Traub, PhD., Consultant, Standards Strategy, GS1 EPCglobal US
3:20 pm—Breakout Session
Understanding and Meeting Customer Tagging Requirements
This session will explain, in plain English, what companies need to do to comply with EPC tagging requirements for Sam's Club, Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense. Learn which types of tags can be utilized, where they need to be placed, what data needs to be on the tag and which formats must be used. In addition, gain insight into which data-sharing standards these organizations are using, and how you can conform to those standards as well.
Michele Southall, Director, Implementation Support, GS1 US

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