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Preconference Seminars

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RFID Journal University

Presented in
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McMaster RFID
Applications Lab


This preconference seminar has been our most popular preconference offering for five years. It is designed to provide those new to radio frequency identification with the foundational knowledge needed to begin understanding how RFID can be applied to solve specific business problems, to choose the right option for a specific application and to select the right vendors to achieve a successful outcome.

RFID in Health Care

Sponsored by
Academia RFID

Hospitals across the world are achieving real benefits from employing RFID technology to:

• Improve patient monitoring and safety
• Increase asset utilization with real-time tracking
• Enhance supply chain efficiencies
• Boost revenue with automated billing
• Manage inventory more efficiently
• Reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications

This one-day preconference seminar will introduce participants to RFID applications in health care. Presenters will explain the business case, ROI and impact of RFID in the health-care environment. Learn how to cut costs and improve patient outcomes.

Seminar presented by Ygal Bendavid, Ph.D., ePoly Center of Expertise in Electronic Commerce, and Canadian Research Chair in Technology Project Management
The seminar will be presented by Ygal Bendavid, Ph.D., a researcher at the ePoly Center of Expertise in Electronic Commerce, and at the Canadian Research Chair in Technology Project Management. A co-founder and academic director of Academia RFID, Dr. Bendavid teaches at several institutions, including the École Polytechnique de Montréal, the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and the Université de Sherbrooke. He has been invited as a guest speaker for many international conferences on technology management and innovation, and holds a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in industrial engineering (management of technology). Dr. Bendavid is CompTIA RFID+ certified.

RFID in the Food Chain

This preconference seminar is designed to educate growers, distributors and producers of food and food products, as well as systems integrators and other implementers, about the benefits of using RFID to track the location and monitor the temperature of food as it moves through the supply chain. The seminar explains the current state of RFID technology, and how your organization can deploy it to achieve such benefits today.

RFID for IT Professionals

Sponsored by

This one-day preconference seminar is designed specifically for companies that provide information technology consultants and IT hardware, software or services. The aim of this seminar is to educate professionals in the IT sector about how they can add RFID to their current product offerings by understanding the fundamentals of EPC data standards, and how to leverage RFID data. The course will also include information on how to use RFID to track IT assets.
RFID in Government

This one-day preconference seminar is designed specifically for municipal, state and federal government agencies looking to understand how they can employ RFID within their operations to reduce costs and to offer better services. The seminar will provide the security and privacy information agencies need to understand before introducing any RFID applications that might affect consumers or businesses.

RFID in Packaging and Labeling

This one-day preconference seminar is designed specifically for label converters, packagers, printing companies and others looking to understand the market opportunity for selling RFID labels, and how they can enter the market. The seminar will cover everything from market analysis to the actual manufacturing process. This is a unique opportunity to hear from the experts about inks for printing antennas, chip attachment options, label insertion, quality control and much more.

RFID in Warehouse and Inventory Management

Sponsored by
Academia RFID

This one-day preconference seminar will introduce participants to RFID applications in inventory and warehouse management. Presented by Academia RFID, the course will present practical examples of how radio frequency identification realistically enables inventory management best practices. Participants will learn how to quantify the savings and benefits by RFID-enabling warehouse and inventory management operations, and presenters will explain how to build a working RFID portal for automated receiving and inventory tracking.

Seminar presented by Harold Boeck, professor, Université de Sherbrooke
The seminar will be presented by Harold Boeck, a professor at the Université de Sherbrooke who is responsible for the college's Master's Degree e-commerce program. Prof. Boeck is certified RFID+ and SAP, and holds a Ph.D. degree in industrial engineering from the École Polytechnique, specialized in supply chain management. He has worked with companies on a number of real-world RFID implementations.

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