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RFID in Oil & Gas

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The RFID in Oil & Gas preconference seminar is co-hosted by the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group. The group, comprising petroleum, petrochemical and services companies, as well as RFID vendors and universities, is driving industry adoption, education and standards development regarding RFID-based systems within the petroleum and petrochemical market space.

This seminar will examine the use of radio frequency identification in the upstream, midstream and downstream of the petroleum sector. Topics will cover various types of RFID technologies, including passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF), passive high-frequency (HF), Rubee LWID, 802.11x, ZigBee, active UHF and many others. The presenter will also discuss a variety of application areas, such as laydown yards, production facilities, service centers, oil rigs, refineries, pipelines and more.

Speakers will focus on end-user case studies and the benefits RFID could provide to chemical, gas and oil firms, as well as the challenges that must be overcome to achieve such benefits. The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group will issue a certificate at the completion of the course.

RFID Journal LIVE! preconference seminars provide in-depth information regarding specific aspects of EPC and RFID technologies. Attendees can choose to participate in one of these sessions prior to the opening of the main conference program. Preconference seminars are available through All Access, Conference + Preconference or Preconference + Exhibit-Only Pass.

April 14, 2010

10:30 AM

RFID Basics
New to RFID? Here's your opportunity to gain a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems, and the need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session will also include a brief overview of the EPCglobal network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of RFID and EPC technologies, including the latest EPC Gen 2 standard, will be presented.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

11:30 AM

RFID in Oil and Gas 101
Texas A&M University will provide a technical lecture covering various RFID technologies within the petroleum and petrochemical sector, the important characteristics of each and key considerations that need to be understood and addressed when deploying these systems. The university has been at the leading edge of RFID advancements within the oil and gas sector. With its outdoor lab facilities and deep ties to the oil sector, it is widely considered to be among the world's premier oil and gas technology institutes. The lecture will provide insight into the most advanced RFID systems seen in the industry today, and will offer industry professionals a comprehensive understanding of the technology, setting the stage for the remainder of the workshops case studies.

Dr. Pat King, Founder, Technologies ROI, LLC
Dr. Ben Zoghi, Professor & Director, RFID/Sensor Laboratory, Texas A&M University
• Understanding the physics of RFID
• Comprehending the applications of RFID in the petroleum sector
• Knowledge of key considerations governing the success of an RFID project

12:15 PM

Overview of Worldwide RFID Deployments
The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group will outline the current state of the world's wireless and RFID deployments. Presenters will provide an overview of the latest advancements for the petroleum and petrochemical market space. The group's case studies will include applications of RFID in the upstream, midstream and downstream. Topics will include production facilities, pipelines, refineries, oil-production platforms and rigs, laydown yards, subsea assets, geo-fencing for security and safety, and more.

Sam Falsafi, Co-founder, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
Konrad Konarski, Co-founder, Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium
• Insight into how oil and gas companies are deploying RFID technology
• Two workshop-exclusive white papers from the Oil & Gas Solution Group's worldwide RFID deployments portfolio

1:00 PM

Working Lunch: Leveraging RFID for Supply Chain Benefits
In this session, Weir SPM, a leading oil-field service company, will discuss how RFID is being employed to track parts used for hydraulic fracturing from the service center to the well site, and back. The company will discuss the business benefits of leveraging the technology for controlling product movement, servicing and asset utilization in its supply chain, and how it is working with the industry to develop an internationally accepted standard for wide-scale use.

Scott Hunter, Business Analyst, Weir SPM
• An in-depth understanding of how RFID can be used in the field of hydraulic fracturing, and the technology's business value
• A perspective regarding the global advancement of tag and reader standardization, as well as data for RFID use with hydraulic fracturing

1:45 PM

Using RFID in the Gulf of Mexico
In this session, learn how a leading oil conglomerate utilizes RFID technology across its laydown yards and on its oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The company will discuss the types of RFID technologies used for the project's success, the financial return on investment and the long-term plans of deploying RFID across the entire Gulf.

Curt Smith, Director of Applications, Chief Technology Office, BP
• The potential ROI for RFID at large integrated oil companies
• Future plans for the techhology, as well as opportunities for scalabilty

2:30 PM

Using RFID for Laydown Yard Management
Learn how Zachry, one of the world's largest construction companies focused on the energy sector, employs RFID technology to support the management of equipment in its laydown yards. In this session, the company will discuss the value of RFID technology to manage the location and identification of a variety of products used throughout the construction of various energy plants. With more than 15,000 employees, and an international and ever-changing footprint of construction locations, RFID supports Zachry's capability to plann, build and maintain major facilities in the energy sector.

John Corzo, Manager of Procurement, Zachry Industrial
• A comprehensive understanding of how active RFID can be leveraged in a laydown yard 
• An industry-leading perspective regarding the business and operational value of the technology for construction in the energy sector

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Three Certainties and Three Risks in the Supply Chain
RFID is advocated as a technology to improve process efficiencies. Its use is often suboptimal, due to its focus as a point solution, involving a single warehouse or even single business issues. As technology crosses the chasm toward higher adoption rates, we have the opportunity to make it as ubiquitous as the cell phone, and to ameliorate the issues that keep us awake—supply, economic and safety risks. This can only be accomplished if the focus is on the complete business process—in this case, from requisition to rig. This presentation will discuss the use of AIT technologies to address business risks and, in combination with other business process-improvement techniques, help drive defect-free repeatability in the supply chain.

Steven Clarke, B.Sc., MBA, CEng, International Commercial Markets, Savi Technology
Terence Leung, Director, Industry Solutions Management, Savi Technology

4:15 PM

Preconference Seminar Ends

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