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Leading-edge firms are improving their supply chains and logistics operations, including warehouse management, by taking advantage of the greater visibility that RFID data provides. In this track, hear from some companies that have successfully deployed these systems, and learn their best practices.

April 15, 2010

11:30 AM—Breakout Session
Container Centralen Reduces Labor Costs and Improves Visibility of Its Returnable Assets
Container Centralen manages more than 3.5 million racks that it provides to its global customers. The company has tagged these items and installed 150 RFID interrogators at nurseries, greenhouses and fields, as well as at its depots, to track the whereabouts of 250,000 metal carts. Learn how this system, one of the largest RFID deployments worldwide, has enabled the company to reduce labor cost and improve visibility of its assets.
Sonny Costin, President, Container Centralen A/S
• Using RFID to obtain an immediate update regarding which carts are being used by which plant grower after they were removed from the store
• How the system offers 100 percent visibility of the firm's carts
Achieving Real Business Value From RFID—Why You Should Act Now
      Sponsored by: NXP, OmniID and Zebra Technologies
Real-Time Visibility in Aerospace Manufacturing
      Sponsored by: RFID Global Solution
Increasing ROI and Value by Leveraging Breakthroughs in UHF Technology
      Sponsored by: SAIC
Building the Lean Enterprise
      Sponsored by: Xterprise
Improve Business Processes With High-Memory Passive Worldwide RFID Chips and Tags
      Sponsored by: Marubeni Chemix Corp.
Streamlining IT Asset Management With RFID
      Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
3:00 PM—Breakout Session
Conair Expedites Shipments With RFID
Conair, a manufacturer of health and beauty products and kitchen appliances, is expanding its use of RFID to track every item it sells, from factory to store. RFID interrogators will be utilized in Conair’s Costa Rica and Chinese factories to encode tags applied to products as they are made. The deployment is part of the firm’s two-pronged effort to improve supply chain visibility for itself, as well as for customs authorities.
Paul Arguin, Conair/USA ID Director of Engineering and Technology, CONAIR/USA ID
John Mayorek, Senior VP, Conair; President, Conair USA ID, CONAIR/USA ID
• The results of Conair's 2009 pilot program to test whether RFID technology could improve out-of-stocks
• How Conair plans to shorten the supply chain by using RFID to eliminate unnecessary steps
3:50 PM—Breakout Session
Tracking Medical and Surgical Supplies With RFID
Radio frequency identification can be employed within a military hospital in numerous ways. The challenge is to find the applications that best benefit the organization. In this session, obtain a comprehensive overview of how RFID is currently being utilized in the U.S. military, and how the U.S. Department of Defense is evaluating the possibilities of implementing the technology within the Military Health System over the coming years.
Garry D. Duvall, Civilian Deployment Manager & RFID Project Officer, Services Support, Logistics Department, Defense Health Services Systems, US Army
• How RFID can be used to support a military supply chain, from monitoring equipment to tracking implantable surgical stints
• The potential for utilizing the technology to locate patients' medical records

April 16, 2010

12:00 PM—Breakout Session
Using RFID to Track Assets, Baggage and People at Toronto Pearson Airport
Canada's busiest airport is employing radio frequency identification to track mobile assets, baggage and the movements of firefighter recruits during training exercises. In this session, hear how the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is making a significant investment in RFID, and how the organization is improving efficiencies, saving staff time and ensuring secure baggage handling through successful deployment of the technology.
Mike Riseborough, General Manager of Building and Facilities Maintenance, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
• How RFID can be utilized to improve the security of baggage tracking, as well as the monitoring of cleaning carts and mobile assets
• The results of an innovative project at GTAA that used RFID to track the movements of firefighters in a training exercise
2:00 PM—Breakout Session
Nestlé Waters Reduces Vehicle Maintenance Costs
Nestlé Waters North America, a leading bottled-water firm, has deployed a wireless vehicle-management system at two sites, with expansion planned to more than 100 locations globally. The system has helped the company to improve its supply chain productivity by establishing accountability for the use of industrial vehicles (such as forklifts). In addition, it has also allowed the firm to streamline its material-handling workflow and provide unique metrics regarding industrial vehicle utilization.
Nikhil Prasad, Logistics Manager, Nestlé Waters North America
• How Nestlé Waters North America utilizes the system to maximize the safety, efficiency and productivity of its material-handling activities
• Using RFID to reduce fleet-maintenance costs
2:50 PM—Breakout Session
RFID Lowers Costs—and Risks—in Port Operations
Edison Chouest Offshore, C Logistics Division, a provider of integrated supply-management solutions for drilling, production and construction projects , is using RFID at its facility in Port Fourchon, La., to improve customer service delivery and processing times, as well as inventory accuracy for vendor staging areas. Learn how RFID is helping to reduce expenses and solve the critical issues of staging, manpower, space, loading, scheduling and logistics for oil drilling and production operations in the Gulf of Mexico.
Dane Vizier, General Manager, Edison Chouest Offshore, C-Logistics Division
• How RFID deployment has improved precision, visibility and accountability to C-Logistics services
• The advantages of a passive real-time locating system (RTLS) for port operations

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