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How to Deploy RFID

RFID hardware and software continue to improve at a rapid pace, but the technology is still not “plug and play.” This track is designed to help businesspeople and technical staff members charged with deploying systems to understand a range of issues, including how to overcome the limitations of physics, how to integrate RFID with back-end systems.

April 15, 2010

11:30 AM—Breakout Session
Tracking Files With RFID
Locating files and other important case details at the Florida Office of the State Attorney’s 15th Judicial Circuit office can be time-consuming, and can potentially pull employees away from more important work. If files are not found, case outcomes can be jeopardized. In this session, learn how the staff is utilizing RFID to reduce the time spent tracking down files, assets, parts, materials and tools, and how the technology can be used to improve employees’ ability to identify and serve customers.
Dan Zinn, CIO, Florida State Attorney's Office
• Cost savings realized by using the RFID solution
• Future uses of RFID to create efficiency and continuity
Achieving Real Business Value From RFID—Why You Should Act Now
      Sponsored by: NXP, OmniID and Zebra Technologies
Real-Time Visibility in Aerospace Manufacturing
      Sponsored by: RFID Global Solution
Increasing ROI and Value by Leveraging Breakthroughs in UHF Technology
      Sponsored by: SAIC
Building the Lean Enterprise
      Sponsored by: Xterprise
Improve Business Processes With High-Memory Passive Worldwide RFID Chips and Tags
      Sponsored by: Marubeni Chemix Corp.
Streamlining IT Asset Management With RFID
      Sponsored by: Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP)
3:00 PM—Breakout Session
Reducing Labor Costs and Increasing Efficiencies With RFID at Southeast Alabama Medical Center
The Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) has found its real-time location system reduces labor hours staff members spend locating equipment and monitoring the storage conditions of temperature-sensitive materials. In this session, hear how the use of Wi-Fi-based asset and temperature tags has made the facility more efficient, and how SAMC intends to utilize the technology in the future.
Scott Lapham, Senior Network Engineer, Southeast Alabama Medical Center
• How SAMC is using RFID to comply with the Joint Commission's requirements to track the temperatures of any implantable tissues, in addition to certain medications
• How the technology has improved asset tracking for the hospital's biomedical and equipment supply departments, by reducing the hours spent by employees searching for items, as well as faster turnaround times for equipment as it is used, cleaned and reused
3:50 PM—Breakout Session
How to Track Assets and Monitor Usage With RFID
Genesis Health Systems deployed an RFID solution that allows it to locate rented pumps and return them on time, as well as know where the hospital’s own pumps are located. The system provides detailed reports based on equipment movement and usage. In this session, hear how the time spent locating missing equipment has been reduced from 22 minutes to a maximum of 2 minutes searching via computer.
Al Loeffelholz, Logistics Manager, Materials Services, Genesis Health System
Steve Montgomery, Supervisor of Logistics, Genesis Health System
• Using RFID to track the movement of equipment over a 24-hour period, thereby reducing staff time spent walking through the facility to determine which equipment was in which location
• How the system provides Genesis with building-, campus- and enterprise-level maps of the facilities, with icons representing any items a user requests

April 16, 2010

12:00 PM—Breakout Session
Increasing Efficiencies by Using RFID to Track Assets
Several years ago, Tallahassee Memorial HeathCare began employing radio frequency identification as a means of tracking assets. In this session, hear how the company employs RFID asset tags to provide increased supply chain efficiency and an improved return on investment. The presentation will also include a look into the firm's future plans, and how it anticipates utilizing RFID technology down the line.
Jay Adams, IT Enterprise Architect, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare
2:00 PM—Breakout Session
Choosing the Right RFID Tool-Tracking Systems to Save Time and Money
In many industries—including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas exploration and production, and farming—a fully automated RFID tool-tracking system can eliminate human errors, freeing up workers to perform their primary jobs without worrying about the tools needed to do so. In this session, learn how to choose which technology will work best in your particular operating environment.
Justin Patton, RFID Research Center Managing Director, University of Arkansas
• How to choose the proper RFID technology to track tools in your environment
• The benefits of using RFID to track tools
2:50 PM—Breakout Session
How NASCAR Uses RFID to Authenticate Auto Parts
NASCAR needed to make sure that cars used newer, safer components as designed, and that all race teams remained in compliance with rules set forth by the sanctioning body. In this session, hear how NASCAR utilizes RFID as an information repository to record certain activity associated with a tagged part. Hear how NASCAR uses RFID to certify parts and follow that certification with a quick, effective method of verification at key points at race events, such as in the pit and post-race.
Jerry Kaproth, Safety Coordinator, NASCAR
• The importance of choosing tags that worked with the metal content of the chassis and the carbon-fiber in the wing
• How the firm employs a handheld device at race events to look up an item's relevant information, and to cross-reference the manual certification form

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