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RFID is being used to enhance social networking by linking the real world with online communities. This seminar will focus on one of the hottest applications of RFID for manufacturers, retailers and marketers interested in capturing the attention of tech-savvy consumers.

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April 12, 2011

10:30 AM

RFID Basics
New to RFID? Here's your opportunity to gain a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems, and the need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session will also include a brief overview of the EPCglobal network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of RFID and EPC technologies, including the latest EPC Gen 2 standard, will be presented.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
• A general understanding of the various types of RFID systems and their applications
• An understanding of the different components of an RFID system and how they fit together

11:30 AM

Next-Generation Social Media and RFID
Early adopters of location-based social media have dabbled with RFID as a means of automatically connecting people in the physical world to the virtual world. Those who have succeeded have created an unparalleled level of market buzz. Many, however, have failed. In this engaging and entertaining session, the author of RFID for Dummies will walk you through the key concepts and system requirements of an RFID social-media experience, including how to ensure consistency and accuracy of interaction. The speaker will also map out the future of RFID on mobile phones, explaining how to brand special RFID devices; how to wrap mobile phones with "skins" that can contain RF tags so users can like things, pay for goods, or trigger photos or video; and how marketers can capture an immediate profile for truly scalable one-to-one marketing. This is one session that marketers, social-media leaders and trade-show directors will not want to miss.

Patrick Sweeney, Author, RFID for Dummies; President and CEO, ODIN
• Understanding how to create a successful social-media experience
• Insights into how to set up an RFID system to ensure a consistent and accurate interaction with customers

12:15 PM

Boosting Sales With RFID
Izzy’s Ice Cream Café, an ice-cream parlor in Saint Paul, Minn., is using an RFID system to help inform customers about its ever-changing menu of flavors—with updates available in near-real time—and to provide a quick and easy way to keep the store's signage up to date. With the RFID system, the shop launched a special page on the company's Web site listing all available flavors, updated every three minutes. The store also utilizes social-media tools, such as Twitter and Facebook, to alert customers when a flavor becomes available. Hear how RFID has proven itself to be a great way for Izzy’s to improve its customer engagement, while also deepening the customer loyalty it has cultivated over the years.

Jeff Sommers, Owner, Izzy's Ice Cream Café

1:00 PM


1:45 PM

Building Customer Loyalty With RFID
Visitors to Vail Resorts' five locations can now use their RFID-enabled lift tickets to connect with each other via social-media tools, as well as track their ski or snowboard metrics via the Internet. In 2008, the company began incorporating RFID technology into its ticketing system, in order to make it easier for it to check lift tickets at base-area chairlifts. As a visitor approaches any of the 89 ski lifts at the resort's five locations, EPC Gen 2 RFID readers and antennas will capture and transmit that individual's tag ID. That number will then be associated with the pass number stored in his or her profile. Throughout the day, as the customer returns to that same lift, or accesses another lift on the mountain, his or her pass ID will again be captured. At the end of each day, the user's day and season totals of vertical feet will be reflected on his or her profile. In this session, learn how visitors will be able to publicize their statistics by opting to allow information-sharing between with Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Robert Urwiler, CIO, Vail Resorts
• How the RFID system enables visitors to use social media to compare statistics with friends also on Facebook, and to opt in to post personal data online
• How visitors with Web-enabled phones can utilize a mobile application to receive alerts when any of their Facebook friends are skiing

2:30 PM

Social Media, Personal Connections: Winning With RFID
ASICS, a manufacturer of athletic shoes and technical active sports apparel and accessories, discovered an innovative method for enhancing brand awareness, based around the New York Marathon. The campaign encouraged supporters to create personalized messages for those taking part in the race, to be triggered by RFID tags. Runners attached the tags to their shoes, and as they passed readers located at specific points along the New York Marathon track, they were played messages from their loved ones on giant screens, motivating them to continue on the 26-mile course. Hear how ASICS teamed with Vitro to create this interactive outdoor effort, and how it used social media to reach runners' friends and family members, who uploaded video, image or text messages on a special Web site, or at booths, during race week. Learn how the two companies used RFID technology to make a mass-marketing event with more than 45,000 runners and more than 2 million fans a very personal experience.

Tom Sullivan, Principal, Vitro

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Connecting Businesses and Consumers Through Mobile RFID
Bling Nation offers a mobile consumer-engagement network in which consumers can use cell phones to connect with businesses while in the retail environment. The company lets customers earn rewards and special discounts at merchants within their network, via a simple tap of an RFID-enabled sticker. Hear how the firm has partnered with Facebook, as well as other online communities, to furnish registered customers with access to discounts and rewards, while also enabling merchants to obtain critical customer data and profiles to drive increasingly targeted offerings.

Meyer Malka, Co-CEO, Bling Nation
• How RFID can be leveraged to encourage consumers to earn rewards through frequent patronage and loyalty-program redemptions
• Bling Nation's future plans for FanConnect, a program that merchants can use to increase in-store traffic and build customer loyalty

4:15 PM

Preconference Ends

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