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RFID in Apparel Workshop

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Several major retailers are asking, or plan to ask, apparel manufacturers to tag individual items. This workshop is designed to bring those new to RFID up to speed quickly, by providing all of the information necessary to begin tagging individual garments.

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A Guide for Apparel Manufacturers:
How to RFID-Tag Apparel and How to Benefit Internally

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Published by RFID Journal; February 2011
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Whether you decide to RFID-tag items to improve your own internal efficiencies or to better serve your customers, this 100-page report will help you tag items in the most-efficient and cost-effective manner. There is also a list of RFID vendors that can help you deploy an item-level solution. And to keep you up to date with advancements involving radio frequency identification and the apparel industry, the report includes news and case studies about apparel deployments, as well as business, research and technology developments.

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April 12, 2011

11:30 AM

RFID and Privacy: What You Need to Tell Your Customers and the Media
Having a communication strategy in place is key for retailers and apparel manufacturers to consider as they move to item-level tagging. RFID technologies are different from other supply chain applications, in that the most successful deployments include a communications strategy that both addresses public privacy concerns and fits into your brand-marketing plans. This interactive discussion will provide audience members with strategies and tactics to consider in advance of the attention and questions they will inevitably receive from customers and the media regarding RFID and privacy.

Elizabeth Board, Executive Director, GS1 Public Policy, GS1
David Frail, Director, Financial and Executive Communications, Avery Dennison
Kirk Koehler, Senior Manager Privacy Office, Wal-Mart Stores
Elliot Maxwell, CEO, e-Maxwell & Associates
Lisa Sandberg, Industry Marketing Director, GS1 US
Jill West, Senior Marketing Communications Program Manager, Impinj

12:15 PM

Adding Value to EAS Solutions With RFID
Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a common shoplifting deterrent used in stores to sound an alarm or alert staff members if tags are sensed that have not been deactivated at the point of sale. In this session, hear how radio frequency identification can help companies identify loss before it happens, and recognize it when it does occur. In this session, Dr. Bill Hardgrave will discuss the business case for RFID's use in loss prevention, and explain how the technology can add value as an EAS tool.

Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean and Wells Fargo Professor, College of Business, Auburn University

1:00 PM


1:45 PM

Apparel Source-Tagging Study—Comprehensive Use Cases
Radio frequency identification has moved beyond retailer studies focused on in-store perpetual inventory, and has now spread to extensive supplier source tagging. The University of Arkansas recently concluded a six-month supplier use-case investigation aimed at listing the potential tactical and strategic upstream benefits of using RFID for apparel source tagging. The results of that study, as well as insight into the next phase of the project, will be presented in this session.

David Cromhout, RFID Research Center Research Director, University of Arkansas

2:30 PM

Update on the Item Level RFID Initiative
The Item Level RFID Initiative (ILRI) is an industry effort spearheaded by VICS, GS1 US and GS1 Canada. Its aim is to develop measurable value propositions for retailers, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as standards-based guidelines and business practices for each use case to support industry rollout. A group of leading retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, industry associations, technology providers and academia will define a strategy for the phased introduction of this technology within the global supply chain. In this session, hear about the progress of the ILRI to date, as well as planned efforts to enable the use of EPC RFID technologies to enhance efficiencies for all stakeholders.

Joseph Andraski, President & CEO, VICS
Patrick Javick, VP of Industry Engagement, Apparel and General Merchandise, GS1 US

3:00 PM


3:15 PM

Retail/Supplier Panel: RFID in the Supply Chain
A number of retailers have plans to track individual apparel items to improve inventory accuracy within stores. In this session, several retailers currently employing radio frequency identification will discuss how they plan to use the technology, and what they will require from suppliers. In addition, several suppliers already shipping at the item level will share their lessons learned.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Myron Burke, Director, Store Innovation and Electronic Product Code, Wal-Mart Stores
Jay Craft, VP Product Development, VF Jeanswear, LP
Chuck Lasley, Director of Merchandising and Supply Chain Applications, Dillard's

4:15 PM

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