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Pharmaceutical and health-care companies are achieving real benefits from employing radio frequency identification. In the health-care field, hospitals and other medical facilities are employing RFID to improve patient safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing and reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications. Pharmaceutical companies are exploring the technology's potential for collecting pedigree data, as well as examining other potential uses, including reducing counterfeiting and theft, and improving shipping accuracy. Learn how RFID is impacting ROI in the health-care environment, while also improving efficiencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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April 13, 2011

1:30 PM—Track Session
Disney Cancer Center Uses RFID to Enhance Patient Experience
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center’s Disney Family Cancer Center is employing an RFID solution to reduce patient anxiety and improve workflow. Hear how the hospital uses RFID readers to relay information to activate custom hospital-room settings—music, lighting and temperature—as well as location data that can be sent to the staff’s phone, enabling clinicians to locate patients quickly. Information is also provided to the facility’s security and environmental-control systems, thus maximizing the hospital’s operational efficiencies.
Ray Lowe, Senior Director of Enterprise Clinical Implementation (EHR) and Acute Care Strategy, Dignity Health
• How to integrate active and passive RFID into a single system
• How to deploy a hospital-wide solution to patients' needs
2:20 PM—Track Session
Texoma Medical Center Reduces Costs by Managing Assets With RFID
Texoma Medical Center, an acute-care hospital located in Denison, Texas, is utilizing an enterprise-wide real-time locating system (RTLS) to track and manage mobile medical equipment and monitor temperature-sensitive assets. Learn how the hospital is lowering costs in the areas of capital budget reallocation and monthly rental savings, while reducing the incidence of lost or missing assets. And hear how the medical center is using temperature-monitoring tags to manage the temperatures of nourishment and medication refrigerators.
Gregg Stepp, CMRP, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Texoma Medical Center
3:10 PM—Track Session
RFID Increases Profits for Pharmaceutical Distributor
Argentine pharmaceutical distribution company Axxa Pharma reports that it has seen a 40 percent rise in profit margins since it began employing RFID at its Buenos Aires warehouse. The firm is tracking the buying and selling prices of its medicines, as well as expiration dates, thereby ensuring that the drugs are properly billed, and that expired products are not shipped to customers. Learn how the technology has enabled Axxa to track each container of medicine from the time it arrives at the warehouse until the drug is sold and shipped to a customer.
Federico van Gelderen, Executive Director, Axxa Pharma
• How RFID can be used to provide an electronic record of which medicines are received from which companies, as well as the expiration dates of those products
• How Axxa Pharma utilized RFID to reassure customers that drugs were neither stolen or tampered with, nor sold when approaching their expiration dates

April 14, 2011

12:00 PM—Track Session
Pharmaceutical Company Leverages RFID Tags for Medical Products
Hanmi Pharmaceutical has adopted an RFID item-level tagging system for its entire range of products, using more than 60 million tags annually. The Korean manufacturer is employing radio frequency identification to maximize the visibility and traceability of its logistics and inventory-management processes. In this session, the firm will explain its successful deployment and outline the benefits it has derived from implementing the RFID system.
Kwang NamGung, CEO, Hanmi IT, CIO, Hanmi Pharmaceutical , Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co.
2:00 PM—Track Session
Lahey Clinic Expands Use of RFID Across Its Entire Facility
The Lahey Clinic Medical Center, a 295-bed hospital in Burlington, Mass., with a 24-hour emergency department and trauma center, has more than 1,500 pieces of moveable medical equipment. In this session, hear how Lahey pioneered the use of RFID for asset tracking in a hospital, and how it has since moved on to additional applications of the technology, improving efficiencies and patient outcomes.
Ed Bortone, CHPA, Director of Materials Services and Security, Lahey Clinic Medical Center
• Learn how the Lahey Clinic uses RFID for employee parking, external and internal doorway access control, payroll deduction for its cafeteria and scrub-suit acquisition
• How one employee RFID badge is being used for all RFID applications
2:50 PM—Track Session
RFID in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Regulations, Physical Limitations and a Real-Life Study
In this presentation, learn in detail how the regulations put in place by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) affect the application of RFID in tracking and tracing pharmaceuticals—particularly products with proteins as their active ingredient (biologics). In addition, hear the conclusive results of a two-year collaboration between University of South Florida Polytechnic researchers and multiple major pharmaceutical companies, to test and analyze the effects of some of these regulations on a wide variety of biologic products over the frequency spectrum of commercially available RFID systems.
Jean-Pierre Emond, Ph.D., Director, Cold Chain Research, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Ismail Uysal, Ph.D., Director of RFID Lab for Applied Research and Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
• How actual facilities and the functional work environment of a major regional hospital are utilized to administer tests involving RFID exposure
• The challenges encountered in a pilot study to track and trace some of the medical items in circulation between the hospital and one of its major suppliers

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