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Visibility and Traceability

RFID is the only automatic-identification technology that is truly automatic. It can, therefore, collect data at a far lower cost than bar codes and other systems, providing an unprecedented level of product visibility and traceability. This track focuses on how companies are deploying visibility and traceability, as well as the benefits visibility provides.

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April 13, 2011

1:30 PM—Track Session
Using EPCIS Data Sharing for Full Supply Chain Visibility
EPC Information Services (EPCIS) is a set of networking and data-sharing standards that offer companies the ability to share information not just about serial numbers read from RFID tags, but also the context of those reads. In this session, learn how EPCIS data can be utilized to help realize benefits from RFID in the supply chain for a wide range of industries. Hear how EPCIS goes beyond just identifying and tracking assets, and turns that visibility into action.
Ken Traub, PhD., Consultant, Standards Strategy, GS1 EPCglobal US
2:20 PM—Track Session
How NASCAR Uses RFID to Authenticate Auto Parts
NASCAR needed to make sure that cars used newer, safer components as designed, and that all race teams remained in compliance with rules set forth by the sanctioning body. In this session, hear how NASCAR utilizes RFID as an information repository to record certain activities associated with a tagged part. Hear how NASCAR uses RFID to certify parts, and to follow that certification with a quick, effective method of verification at key points at race events, such as in the pit and post-race.
Jerry Kaproth, Safety Coordinator, NASCAR
• How to choose tags that work on metal objects
• How to design a system that can authenticate products or parts
3:10 PM—Track Session
Using RFID to Improve Visibility and Tracking in Labs
Diagnostic laboratories perform millions of blood, urine and body-tissue tests each month, and that volume is growing steadily as the world population ages. In addition, the U.S. government's "paperless medical process" initiatives are forcing diagnostic labs to seek technology-driven solutions to improve testing supply chain operations. In this session, hear how high-volume diagnostic labs, hospitals and physicians are using an RFID-enabled, item-level specimen-tracking solution.
Peter Allison, CEO, Ambient ID
• How the RFID system is providing significant operational and cost efficiencies while enhancing patient safety
• Using the technology to provide visibility into the specimen-transport process

April 14, 2011

12:00 PM—Track Session
Using RFID to Improve Visibility and Save Labor Costs
KH Lloreda, Spain's largest household cleaning products company, has successfully implemented an automated system for loading and shipping its cleaning products that tracks where the cartons are being moved, and also captures any errors. The RFID-based system tracks cartons of products as they are automatically assembled onto pallets, placed onto trucks, unloaded and stored at a distribution center, reassembled onto pallets in response to a retailer's order, and again loaded onto trucks for delivery to that retailer. In this session, learn how the company uses robots to stack boxes onto pallets at the manufacturing site, bring those pallets to a staging area and then load them onto trucks, for delivery to its DC. Hear how the system has enabled the firm to know at which stage its products are in during the shipping process, as well as when their status changes.
Daniel Lancho, Operations Manager, KH Lloreda, S.A.
• Why the firm chose an RFID system that can capture the ID number of an EPC Gen 2 passive RFID tag attached to each box loaded with cleaning products, allowing the system to track the loading of goods and ensuring that mistakes do not occur
• How the system is reducing labor costs
2:00 PM—Track Session
Barcode-RFID Convergence: Enabling Greater Visibility Through Standards
Barcoding is the dominant track-and-trace technology throughout the world. RFID adds more value by automating data capture. While these two technologies are often viewed as competitive, they are actually complimentary. In this session, learn how organizations that employ GS1’s system of standards not only have the foundation for enhanced visibility solutions, but can also implement them in a more cost-effective and timely manner, while realizing the benefits of building those solutions on a common architecture.
Sue Hutchinson, Director, Portfolio Strategy , GS1 US
Andrew Nathanson, Manager, Market Research & Planning , Zebra Technologies
• How and why the two carrier technologies are being used together
• Examples of real-world installations and hard data from users
2:50 PM—Track Session
Preparing for Serialization and Visibility Within the U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
GS1 Healthcare US is driving the adoption and implementation of GS1 standards to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency. Members from across the pharmaceutical supply chain are building an industry reference model to enable efficient product serialization and visibility. The program provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into the benefits of supply chain visibility, and to prepare for serialization requirements. Get an update on the work that is being done today to ensure that pharmaceutical companies can all benefit from serialization, while ensuring the safety of the drug supply chain.
Bob Celeste, Pharmaceutical Sector Lead, GS1 US
• Utilizing a simulated supply chain to test exception processes for minimizing implementation surprises, decreasing the need for trading partner pilots and testing new concepts and data to discover additional benefits
• How to resolve the majority of issues prior to implementation with trading partners, thus reducing implementation costs

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