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How to Deploy RFID

RFID hardware and software continue to improve at a rapid pace, but the technology is still not "plug and play." This track is designed to help businesspeople and technical staff members charged with deploying systems to understand a range of issues, including how to overcome the limitations of physics, and how to integrate RFID with back-end systems.

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April 13, 2011

1:30 PM—Track Session
Error Proofing Warehouse Operations With RFID-Enabled Lift Trucks
This session will explain how RFID automatic load identification and real-time indoor position technology for lift trucks is error-proofing processes and enabling a new level of warehouse and manufacturing optimization, including improving labor productivity, outbound shipping quality and asset utilization. These solutions replace bar-code scanning and improve inventory accuracy to virtually 100 percent, while eliminating errors and non-value-added labor, such as searching, expediting and cycle-counting. The ideal organizations to participate would be those in industrial manufacturing, automotive, paper, food or agribusiness, or those that ship palletized goods or utilize returnable containers.
Toby Rush, CEO and President, Rush Tracking Systems
• Understanding the business benefits of advanced warehouse-tracking solutions
• How to estimate the business case
2:20 PM—Track Session
Choosing the Right RFID Tool-Tracking Systems to Save Time and Money
In many industries—including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas exploration and production, and farming—a fully automated RFID tool-tracking system can eliminate human errors, freeing up workers to perform their primary jobs without worrying about the tools needed to do so. In this session, learn how to choose which technology will work best in your particular operating environment.
Maurizio Turri, Executive Account Manager, Auto-ID Integration, University of Arkansas
• How to choose the right RFID technology to track tools in your environment
• The benefits of using RFID to track tools
3:10 PM—Track Session
How to Keep RFID Data Secure
How can you secure your RFID implementation? To answer that question, you must determine the level of security appropriate to your business application, as well as the security options available, which vary based on the type of RFID technology selected. Environmental conditions could also affect an RFID system's security. In this session, members of the RFID Security Alliance will discuss the latest RFID security options, how to evaluate which is right for your application and proven steps to insure your system's long-term success.
Michael McCartney, Principal, QLM Consulting
Louis Parks, Member, RFID Security Alliance

April 14, 2011

12:00 PM—Track Session
Linking RFID and Social Media: Enhancing the Customer Experience
Visitors to Vail Resorts' five locations can now use their RFID-enabled lift tickets to connect with each other via social-media tools, as well as track their ski or snowboard metrics via the Internet. In 2008, the company began incorporating RFID technology into its ticketing system, in order to make it easier for it to check lift tickets at base-area chairlifts. As a visitor approaches any of the 89 ski lifts at the resort's five locations, EPC Gen 2 RFID readers and antennas will capture and transmit that individual's tag ID. That number will then be associated with the pass number stored in his or her profile. Throughout the day, as the customer returns to that same lift, or accesses another lift on the mountain, his or her pass ID will again be captured. At the end of each day, the user's day and season totals of vertical feet will be reflected on his or her profile. In this session, learn how visitors will be able to publicize their statistics by opting to allow information-sharing between with Facebook or Twitter accounts.
Robert Urwiler, CIO, Vail Resorts
• How the RFID system enables visitors to use social media to compare statistics with friends also on Facebook, and to opt in to post personal data online
• How visitors with Web-enabled phones can utilize a mobile application to receive alerts when any of their Facebook friends are skiing
2:00 PM—Track Session
Improving Operations in the Distribution Center With RFID
McKesson Corp., a health-care services and information technology firm, is piloting the use of mobile RFID readers at its distribution centers. Learn why the firm has chosen to pilot the mobile RFID readers, and hear about the approach that it has taken to reduce the amount of data traffic across its DCs' wireless network using these mobile readers. The presenter will also discuss the company's use of SGLN-96 RFID tags to ensure that location data can be derived using the mobile RFID readers.
Kevan MacKenzie, Senior Solutions Analyst, Business Technology Solutions Group, McKesson
• How RFID is improving the efficiency and accuracy of McKesson's high-volume distribution operations by leveraging serialization and GS1 standards
• The mistakes that the company made while implementing its pilot
2:50 PM—Track Session
Using RFID to Eliminate Errors in Chemical-Testing Devices
Hach Lange supplies instruments and chemistry to analyze the quality of drinking water, wastewater and industrial water applications. The chemistry is supplied in pre-filled test tubes carrying a bar code, which is read by the instruments to determine which calculation has to be performed on the measurement data. To meet the highest analytical standards, the instruments must be updated regularly with the calibration factors necessary to perform the calculations. In the past, the instruments had to be updated by downloading the latest version of software from the Internet, and by updating the instruments via USB, which was time-consuming for customers. In this session, learn how the firm is utilizing a solution that enables its chemical-testing devices to automatically import calibration data from a cartridge via RFID.
Andreas Schroers, Ph.D., Global Product Manager, Spectrophotometer-Lab Systems Business Unit, HACH LANGE
• RFID-tagged chemistry boxes that drastically reduce the time customers need to perform an instrument update
• How Hach Lange's customers have benefitted from RFID by gaining increased trust in the analysis results and the elimination of potential error sources

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