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Leading-edge firms are improving their supply chains and logistics operations, including warehouse management, by taking advantage of the greater visibility that RFID data provides. In this track, hear from some companies that have successfully deployed RFID-based systems, and learn about their best practices.

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April 13, 2011

1:30 PM—Track Session
RFID Delivers ROI within Months for Food Producer
Mission Foods, a division of GRUMA S.A., one of the world’s largest producers of corn flour and tortilla products, was losing thousands of trays annually, at a cost of approximately $3.5 million. The company deployed an RFID-based tracking system that enables it to keep tabs on which independent distributors remove trays from its warehouse at any given time, as well as which return them, thereby providing greater accountability for missing trays. Hear how the firm realized a return on its investment within a few months of the implementation.
Eduardo J. Valdes, VP of Mission Foods, GRUMA S.A.
• How to determine the best tags to affix to trays in a challenging warehouse environment
• Mission Foods' plans to roll out the RFID system at its 33 other U.S. warehouses and plants throughout 2011
2:20 PM—Track Session
Saving Time and Improving Efficiencies by Locating Tools With RFID
Medtronic's Electronic System Design (ESD) division is using an RFID system developed in-house to locate more than 2,600 electronic tools in use at its three laboratories. The system, which uses passive UHF tags, enables workers to quickly locate oscilloscopes, meters and other devices, and document which items left the labs and who took them. Hear how the system has saved workers thousands of hours previously spent searching for the missing equipment.
Carl Closmore, Lab Supervisor, Medtronic
• How Medtronic is using the system to determine whether a particular piece of equipment is in one of the labs—and, if so, which one—or whether that device has been taken out for servicing
• How the lab has recovered approximately 100 hours of engineering time per month since the installation of the RFID-enabled system
3:10 PM—Track Session
Deploying RFID in the Fashion Supply Chain
The RFID Fashion Pilot—the first Italian supply chain pilot aimed at assessing RFID’s impact in the fashion industry—was launched in June 2009 by the University of Parma’s RFID Lab. Participants included Branded Apparel, Dolce & Gabbana, DHL, TNT, Imax, Miroglio and Trussardi. Approximately 30,000 garments were tagged at a distribution center and tracked to a store, enabling real-time visibility of logistics flows. Learn the results of this groundbreaking pilot, and how RFID benefits logistics and store processes.
Antonio Rizzi, Ph.D., Full Professor - Industrial Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Parma
• Strategies for working with partners across the supply chain to assess RFID's benefits for each player
• How RFID can provide supply chain partners with accurate and real-time data from their supply chain

April 14, 2011

12:00 PM—Track Session
Using RFID to Track the Locations of Reusable Kegs
Each month, Free Flow Wines sells 200 to 300 kegs of Silvertap wine, which is shipped via distributors to restaurants and bars throughout the United States. The company is using RFID to track the kegs as they leave its cellars, as well as empty containers as they arrive and are cleaned and then refilled. Hear how the automated tracking solution reduced the number of lost kegs, how the system ensures that kegs are properly cleaned and reused in a timely manner, and how all casks could quickly be located in the event of a recall.
Jordan Kivelstadt, Founder, Director of Production, Free Flow Wines
• How RFID enables the company to know when a percentage of its casks are not returned by a distributor, and to then respond appropriately in order to investigate to whom they were shipped, and when
• Using RFID to reduce a keg's turnaround time, and to ensure that its return from a distributor is processed quickly, and that it is cleaned and refilled as fast as possible
2:00 PM—Track Session
RFID Delivers Visibility and Improved ROI For CPG Manufacturers
Norsk Lastbærer Pool (NLP)—an organization established by Norwegian consumer products goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers to manage a nationwide pool of pallets —is transitioning to plastic pallets and totes with embedded UHF RFID tags. This allows companies to track when the tagged pallets are packed, shipped, received at distribution centers and shipped again to retailers. NLP is also utilizing RFID within its own operations. Learn how the RFID pallet program is delivering real supply chain benefits to CPG companies.
Geir Vevle, CTO, HRAFN
• How RFID handheld readers and fixed reader portals are being used to improve visibility at the factories, as well as at two distribution centers
• How pallet users benefit because the RFID system ensures that they not keep the pallets in storage any longer than necessary, thereby reducing their leasing fees
2:50 PM—Track Session
Reducing Inventory-Management Costs With RFID
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL), a manufacturer of optical fibers, optical cables and other related products, is using an RFID-enabled solution to monitor the level of raw materials in its 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The company's manufacturing process is in operation 24-7, but its warehouse is only staffed for 40 hours a week, leaving a large gap of time during which raw material movements were unmonitored. When manufacturing personnel removed material during off-hours, the warehouse's raw material count was incorrect, leading to occasional material shortages. Hear how the firm is employing radio frequency identification to track raw materials, thereby resulting in fewer material shortages and disruptions to the production schedule.
Cosby Dudley, Production Planning Manager, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave
• How RFID enables labor and cost savings
• Using the RFID system to accurately control inventory levels

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