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AIDC 100: RFID and Bar-Code Co-existence
Lessons Learned From AIDC Technology Adoption

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Radio frequency identification is part of a broader category of technologies that fall under the category "automatic identification and data capture" (AIDC). Because other AIDC technologies, including bar codes, have been so successful, AIDC professionals have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the pitfalls of implementing systems, the course standards that development takes, how to leverage a new technology with legacy systems, and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities to improve the synergy within and across business functions, based on a variety of automatic-identification technology solutions.

This uniquely interactive seminar is offered to augment the other technically focused vertical-market preconference sessions, so that end users can send a team member to learn how to take a strategic approach to RFID technology adoption and integration with bar codes. Brought to you by AIDC 100, an organization of professionals who have significantly contributed to the industry's growth and advancement, this workshop will provide you with insights into how you can avoid problems and save implementation costs by understanding the parallels of RFID, by way of lessons learned through the adoption of bar codes, as well as where bar codes and RFID can best co-exist.

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April 12, 2011

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