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The new Coolest Demo Contest to be held at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012! highlights the many applications and capabilities of radio frequency identification solutions. Visit the exhibit hall and stop by the booths which feature a "Coolest Demo Contest" sticker placed on the floor in front of its booth, indicating that it is participating in the contest and has a cool demo to show. Cast your vote for the coolest demo at a designated kiosk to help the RFID Journal's editors select a winner. Featured participants listed below:

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Alien Technology | Booth 614:
> Mass-Encoding of Tags
Alien Technology is demonstrating a combination of mass-encoding, pre-serialization and single-command bank writing, in a retail-focused demonstration. The company will encode 50 to 100 tags on pairs of socks, using a single mass-encoding command known as BlastWrite. The tags employ Alien's new Higgs4 UHF passive RFID IC. The command writes as many bits as necessary to accomplish the encoding of the non-serialized portion of the Electronic Product Code (EPC). As Higgs4 ICs are supplied pre-serialized, this optional serialization means that no further tag encoding is required. The demonstration will utilize Alien's ALR-9900+ Enterprise-class reader and ALR-8696 antenna. The socks will be placed within a container that will pass over a platform with the antenna underneath, where tags will be encoded at a rate of approximately 3,600 tags per minute—which Alien says is the fastest tag-encoding rate seen to date.

austriamicrosystems | Booth 718:
> AS3922 microSD/SIM Mobile-Payment Reference Design
austriamicrosystems will demonstrate how its AS3922 device enables Near Field Communication (NFC) on all mobile phones, with data being transferred via a microSD with active booster technology. This demo will show that tag functionality is practical in applications involving a great deal of interference (noise),as well as those requiring an antenna with an ultra-small form factor.

Hong Kong RFID | Booth 327:
> Garrison Rugged 2.4Ghz Active RFID Tag
Hong Kong RFID calls its Garrison Rugged 2.4Ghz active RFID tag the world's strongest tag. The tag is small and light, meets the IP65 standard and delivers great performance. With Hong Kong RFID's Empress readers, the tag can be read within a radius of 3 meters to 50 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as asset tracking, vehicle tracking and warehouse management. Would you like to test how robust the Garrison is? Visit the company's booth and see for yourself.

Impinj | Booth 704:
> High-Speed Inline Encoding With Monza Self-Serialization
Monza Self-Serialization is an easy-to-deploy, reliable and scalable EPC serialization method that offers brand owners the flexibility to decide when, where and how they manage item-level tagging processes across their global supply chain to optimize for the lowest total applied tag cost. In this demonstration, Impinj will showcase high-speed inline encoding of Monza 5 chips at a rate of 3,000 tags per minute, using Impinj's source-tagging platform (STP) and Monza Self-Serialization. These speeds double the capability demonstrated in 2011, and highlight the company's new chip-based serialization method. Come see this breakthrough item-level EPC serialization method and encoding performance that is smashing through barriers to adoption, enabling brand owners and service bureaus to optimize for lowest total applied tag cost.

> Lock- in-Transit by Intel and Impinj
The National Retailers Foundation estimates that U.S. retailers lost more than $33 billion during 2010 due to shrinkage. Consumer electronics devices are prime targets for both shoplifting and employee theft. Intel and Impinj have teamed up to bring new capabilities to consumer electronics, using UHF Gen 2 RFID. The Lock-in-Transit demo will show off one such capability, giving electronics the capability to be locked when stolen, thereby reducing shrinkage of electronics products for retailers. Visit Impinj's booth to see how Intel and Impinj are bringing this capability to market using the Monza X-2K Dura tag chip on Windows 8-ready tablets designed by Intel.

InSync Software | Booth 310:
> Football, RFID, Safety and Sensors
Hothead Technologies, working with InSync Software and IDENTEC Solutions, have developed the first temperature-tracking system that utilizes sensors and RFID to track the core temperatures of football players, other athletes, military and public safety personnel, and HAZMAT and industrial workers. Hothead's solution assists individuals and groups in getting a step ahead on the dangerous and silent attack of heat illness. If skin temperature ranges outside of set parameters, the data collector will alert the sensor unit in the helmet to take temperature readings at a faster rate. All the while, this information is transmitted wirelessly in real time to a handheld or mobile unit used by a coach or supervisor. Maximum temperature alerts are displayed on the data collector, so that an operator can make a decision regarding whether to stop the current activity, seek to receive further observation from a professional, and take measures to cool down a person's temperature.

Intelleflex | Booth 205:
> Intelleflex CMR-6100 Cellular Multiprotocol Reader
Supply chains have been limited in their ability to support real-time decision making about a product's freshness, safety, location and quality. While information about a product can be captured at selected waypoints, it typically cannot be aggregated or shared among trading partners, due to limited network connectivity and the lack of a common method for data sharing and aggregation. Intelleflex's new CMR-6100 Cellular Multiprotocol Reader addresses these issues. This demo will showcase the interaction of cellular devices, the CMR-6100, temperature tags and the cloud data service. Data and instructions will be passed between devices to showcase capturing and sharing information when Ethernet or infrastructure is unavailable.

Intelligent Loss Prevention | Booth 1330:
> Smart Surfaces for Retail
Intelligent Loss Prevention's Smart Surfaces for retail use UHF item-level passive tagging to identify and quantify products within their reading area. For retailers, this means automatic inventory management of all products placed on or near a Smart Surface—no handheld readers are required. The Smart Surfaces line includes smart shelves for packaged or soft goods, smart panels for hanging or pegged goods, smart flooring for footwear and smart fitting rooms. The Smart Surfaces system is designed to improve loss prevention by tracking when products are removed, and is linked to touchscreens that create interactive experiences for shoppers.

Keonn Technologies | Booth 1317:
> Virtual Fitting Room
AdvanMirror is a virtual fitting-room system that combines RFID technology and augmented reality to increase sales at retail stores. A customer can select garments that he or she wants to purchase, and then place them on a shelf beside a screen. These goods are immediately identified via an RFID-based smart-shelf system, and the customer can look into the screen to see himself or herself virtually wearing those products.

Mighty Card | Booth 1511:
> Detecting Tag Movement
This demo will showcase software that can distinguish when stationary tags are moved. Mighty Card will show how a standard Impinj Speedway Revolution reader with a typical patch antenna, transmitting at full power to read as many tags as possible, can detect tags that have been relocated. The software can trigger alerts, for example, in the event that a tag in motion is affixed to an item that has not yet been paid for, thereby turning an ordinary RFID reader into an electronic article surveillance (EAS) gate.

Navizon |Booth 105:
> Wi-Fi Tracking System
Navizon will showcase its Indoor Triangulation System (I.T.S), an affordable real-time location system (RTLS) that can be installed in minutes, and allow the tracking of Wi-Fi devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or dedicated Wi-Fi tags. Bring your smartphone to booth 105 for a live demonstration.

NXP Semiconductors | Booth 604:
> Interactive EPC Gen2-Tablet Wireless Bridge
NXP's new UCODE I2C chip achieves wireless connectivity to the heart of an electronic device, by providing direct connectivity of a UHF RFID Gen 2 IC to the microprocessor via a serial communication link. This enables wireless bidirectional communication between existing Gen 2 infrastructure and either powered or unpowered electronics, and enables a slew of new opportunities, reaching beyond conventional track and trace. In NXP's eTablet demo, not only do manufacturers and the supply chain benefit, but retailers are provided with new revenue-generating opportunities, such as reductions in stock-keeping units (SKUs), by provisioning generic units in factory-sealed boxes with regional settings, preferred languages or other optional features. Additionally, customers may customize a gift within a factory-sealed box, to include an e-card backdrop or wallpaper tailored to a specific occasion (such as Mother's Day, Christmas or a birthday), as well as a personalized e-card message, replacing traditional paper greeting cards with something special residing on the tablet. This creates a gift—and a demo—with a "wow factor."

> NXP FastEPC | Automated SGTIN Serialization
NXP will also demonstrate an innovative approach to addressing EPC SGTIN-96 (Serialized Global Trade Identification) serial-number management. Not only can chip-based serialization alleviate number management, but with NXP's FastEPC solution, the 38-bit unique serial number is already pre-programmed. All that is required is to fill in the generic Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN). The system lends itself well for returns, or for pilots in which suppliers may not provide encoded tags on their products, facilitating the process within a retailer's distribution center. The process is easy and helps expedite serialized item adoption.

Omni-ID | Booth 924:
> Visual Display Tag System
Omni-ID will launch and demonstrate what it calls the world's first visual display tag system. Its demo will consist of 100 visual display tags live on a wall of its exhibit, with images changing and being queued in real time to showcase the tags' functionality. This will be a live demonstration, not pre-programmed. Applications of this groundbreaking technology inlcude visual instructions, dynamic pages and information changes. The tags come in different sizes and form factors.

Psion | Booth 325:
> RFID and Biometrics: Security at Its Best
Psion will conduct a demonstration that will interest those in security, border control, ports, military operations and other sectors. Using Psion's Workabout Pro 3 with a TWIC end-cap reader utilizing biometrics, the company will demonstrate how quickly a user can retrieve classified information about a person or asset entering into the country. It's the best way to protect against terrorists and drug cartels, and ensures quick results in a time-sensitive situation.

Retailers Advantage | Booth 1226:
> Smart Detacher
Retailers Advantage will demonstrate its a3tag, as well as a new smart detacher that can be plugged into a point-of-sale terminal and record the moment that a tag is removed from an item. The tags can be used for fashion and many other products, making it suitable for controlling internal theft, as well as counterfeiting. The system is environmentally friendly, and has already been shown to reduce theft in a white paper test conducted at Macy's by the Loss Prevention Research Council. See the a3tag and the smart detacher in action at Retailers Advatage's booth.

RFID Enabled Solutions | Booth 624:
> RFID Enabled Solutions' iSTOR
RES' demo will showcase the company's latest product, iSTOR—a refrigerated product-delivery and -tracking system equipped with RFID and bar-coding technologies. iSTOR was created in response to a problem experienced by numerous hospitals and pharmacies, in which medical providers are forced to discard vital medication, blood and other products due to drug mishandling, improper storage and expiration. With the iSTOR system, hospitals can easily monitor temperature changes, send automatic invoices based on product removal, track and monitor product storage, capture important data regarding product dispensation and more. The solution also eliminates problems associated with product sales tracking, product dispensation and billing, and personnel authentication.

RFID Global Solution | Booth 904:
> IT Asset Tracking Demo
This demo will challenge attendees to locate IT assets within a typical network test lab environment, using a handheld reader and a pre-identified list of assets requiring inventory verification. Using RFID Global Solution's latest Visi-Trac mobile software, visitors will be asked to find servers, routers, line cards and more within a data center at the company's booth. Witness the simplicity and speed of passive RFID in tracking IT assets within a densely stacked, data-center rack environment. The fastest inventory will win a prize.

> Surgical Instrument Tracking Demo
Surgical cases require that specific sets of calibrated devices and instruments be available during a procedure. A surgical tray's contents are a function of the procedure, ensuring that all proper instruments are present and available as necessary. Trays are typically assembled and verified to be sure that all instruments have been properly cleaned and decontaminated. RFID Global Solution uses embedded UHF RFID to confirm calibration, cleaning and other related information stored in association with this equipment in its Visi-Trac for Healthcare application. See the simplicity and precision of RFID tracking of surgical instruments, supplies and sponges within an operating room environment, leading to enhanced patient safety and compliance with sterilization procedures.

SimplyRFID | Booth 107:
> Spying on Asset Movement
Have you ever tried to figure out what's happening in a surveillance video? It's difficult to find anything, because you don't know when or where to look. Nox makes surveillance video searchable. By attaching an RFID tag to your items, the company can save an event for everything that moves within your office. Each RFID tag tells Nox the corresponding item's name—for instance, that an individual named Carl Brown has an ID badge. The company can then search for that badge and view everywhere that person went. Visit Nox's booth to see how the firm indexes LIVE! attendee badges, in order to create a video history of each visitor's time at the booth.

STid | Booth 818G:
> Tracking Metal Parts in a Harsh Environment with the IronTag
STid's IronTag tags provide contactless identification of metal parts within harsh operating environments. IronTag complies with international RFID standards (EPC Class 1 Gen 2) and aeronautical standards (ATA Spec.2000 section 9.5 and SAE AS5678), and offers high identification ranges under extreme conditions. This demonstration will reproduce, on a small scale, the environment that would typically be found within an aircraft engine and the onboard RFID reader equipment. STid will use an array of approximately 30 high-resistance IronTags of various sizes and shapes, mounted on metal as though on engine parts. The demo will showcase the reading and writing of valuable operating data, by updating user memory with flight data. To do this, the company will use high-performance interrogators to read and write the tags and broadcast the operations on a screen, in order to view real-time updates of IronTag data. STid will show that reading and writing user memory (not just EPC memory) within harsh environments with multiple tags simultaneously is possible, fast and reliable.

Tego | Booth 108:
> TegoDrive Desktop Software
Tego calls its TegoDrive software, being announced at LIVE! 2012, "the first RFID solution designed for the desktop." TegoDrive treats information stored on RFID tags as files and folders on a desktop. In this demo, the firm will utilize a handheld device and a laptop PC to show how easy it is to use TegoDrive to program data to tags, including photos, documentation, scanned forms and Web content, via such common file formats such as PDF, JPG, HTML and TXT.

Times-7 | Booth 1104:
> Ultra-slim Door-Frame RFID Antenna
Times-7's range of patented ultra-slim antennas, being launched exclusively at LIVE! 2012, can be used just about anywhere. Times-7 will showcase its new Door Frame antenna. This slick new antenna can fit seamlessly into door frames, or on any wall. It's like getting a full portal solution without having to buy a portal.

XERAFY | Booth 304:
> Extreme RFID Demo
Some of the coolest applications of RFID are found in the coldest places on Earth—in the planet's atmosphere, at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet or in sub-zero manufacturing environments, where composite aircraft parts are fabricated. Xerafy and partner OATSystems are exhibiting the "coolest" demo based on real customer applications of "extreme RFID"—tracking aircraft component parts and aviation composite materials stored within an operating freezer with Xerafy's high-memory UHF RFID XL tags. The demonstration will visually show how OATSystem's Work-in-Process Tracking and ATA Spec 2000 software, chosen for the Airbus 350 XWB Supplier Program, track aircraft parts across their full lifecycle, from initial manufacture through time in service. The demonstration will illustrate how composite material and aircraft component status is updated as assets move from material storage freezers to assembly to maintenance operations (MRO) once the aircraft is in service, using "Extreme RFID" technology operating at sub-zero temperatures. By ensuring the quality and safety of next-generation composite aircraft, these new applications for RFID are very cool, indeed.

> Toughest Tag Demo
Holland1916 will ask attendees to put its rugged RFID tags to the test during its Toughest Tag Demo. The firm embedded Xerafy RFID transponders into metal or high-density synthetic carriers, in prder to tag equipment and assets within hazardous environments. Holland 1916 will challenge visitors to hit its RFID tags with a sledgehammer and see who is stronger.

Xtreme RFID | Booth 104
> The Xtreme Project
On Mar. 12, Xtreme RFID launched a contest with a cause on RFID Connect, known as The Xtreme Project. The company asked RFID experts, engineers, technicians and activists to submit ideas for using RFID to positively impact a social cause. Ideas included monitoring levels of clean drinking water in developing countries, tracking the delivery of AIDS medication to impoverished areas, and scanning the amount of litter removed from a river or a public park. Xtreme RFID then evaluated the submissions and selected the top three, which will be displayed at its booth. Attendees and exhibitors are invited to see what made the list, and to vote for their favorite cause. Using the Xtreme Tag product line, voters will be able to select the tag that has been pre-programmed to correspond with their favorite idea, and to then scan the tag and their badge at a custom voting booth displaying every vote as it is cast. A database of badges and tags will prevent repeat voting, and enter each voter into a drawing for an Apple iPad. At the end of the show, the winning idea will receive $5,000 worth of consulting, engineering and equipment, to make their idea a reality and make a difference in the world. This demo will utilize a versatile product line representing RFID's range of industry applications and its potential as a resource in voting applications.

Zebra Technologies | Booth 1018:
> Single Active RTLS and Passive RFID Platform Demo
Racks and reusable containers are the workhorses of lean manufacturing and distribution. Tracking them through open and/or closed systems can be very complex. Zebra will showcase a single software platform that can simultaneously process standards-based active and passive RFID technologies, attached to different asset classes. The company's ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location (RTLS) sensors and tags will be deployed for this demo, along with an integrated platform supporting data reads from both passive and RTLS tags, thus illustrating the value to enterprises of using a single system to view their assets, irrespective of whether a tag is active or passive.

> RFID Self-Serialization Demo
The RFID Self-serialization Demo will illustrate how users can track and trace serialized items throughout the supply chain. The demonstration will occur at four separate booths on the show floor (Zebra Technologies, UPM RFID, Mid-South Marking Systems and Impinj), each representing different physical sites within a retail supply chain (manufacturing, service bureau, distribution center and retail store). At each booth, a display monitor will show the complete serialization process live, sorted by stock-keeping unit (SKU) and location—a powerful demonstration showcasing real visibility of items as they are serialized. The demonstration will utilize UPM Belt tags, powered by Monza 5 tag chips. For brand owners seeking low-cost serialization capability, this may be their answer. Within Zebra's booth, the demonstration will leverage Zebra's high-performance RXi4 printer to print and encode UHF RFID inlays, and the Zebra RP4T for exception tagging. Zebra's RXi4 RFID printer-encoder is designed to produce a high volume of tags accurately and quickly. Embedded within the RXi4 is Zebra's patent-pending adaptive encoding technology, enabling on-pitch encoding that helps to lower the overall cost of RFID media. Zebra says this technology ensures the highest tag-encoding accuracy on the market, and can automatically detect and configure an RFID inlay within the media.

Attendees at the event will be encouraged to view all participating demonstrations and vote for the one they consider the coolest. RFID Journal's editors will make the final choice based on the vote totals and their own judgment.

Judging Criteria
There are no hard-and-fast rules regarding what constitutes a cool demo, and participants do not need a complete real-world application. We are looking for the "wow" factor. A passive tag that can be read as a person swallows it might qualify, or a tag the size of dime that can be read from a distance of 15 feet. The coolest demo might involve a passive RFID reader that can function under water, or an active RFID tag that can monitor mold within building walls. Be creative, surprise the judges—and lure more attendees to your booth.

Each company that registered to participate in the Coolest Demo Contest will have a sticker placed in front of its booth, indicating that it is participating in the contest and has a cool demo to show. There will be a page in the onsite program guide, distributed to all attendees, containing a list of participating companies, along with a short description of each demonstration. What's more, a sign in front of the exhibit hall will indicate which booths are offering cool demos.

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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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