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We will be posting news announcements being made at the event closer to LIVE 2012. Check back regularly for updates.

Tego Radically Simplifies RFID with Drag-and-Drop Interface Read more
Balluff Introduces Customizable Mobile Identification Solutions Read more
InfoChip Releases Patent-Pending DuraPlug Tag in UHF Read more
InfoChip is proud to introduce the Bluetooth Easy Reader, the world's first driverless RFID reader with an on-board display Read more
CAEN RFID introduces qID R1240I, a fully integrated UHF RFID USB/Bluetooth reader Read more
Impinj Highlights Innovation at RFID Journal Live 2012 Event Read more
Holland 1916 RFID Pipe Tracker Survives Oil & Gas Operations Read more

Holland 1916 is rolling out its latest rugged RFID tag solution, Pipe Tracker, for use in extremely harsh oil and gas field applications. For the past six months, customers have piloted the reusable Pipe Tracker for well completion, frac operations as well as pipe transportation. The Pipe Tracker provides a way of automatically identifying that the correct item is loaded for transport, enables workers immediate assets to inspection records, monitors check in and check out actions, and vastly improves efficiencies in maintenance operations.

"For seven years our oil and gas customer had tried to use RFID to identify pipes" said Jim Stradinger, EVP of Sales. "While other vendors have created banded tags, the Pipe Tracker tag was suited best for the wear and tear of the pilot testing. In addition, the return on investment for our client was four times faster since the Pipe Tracker is reusable."

The innovative stainless steel design of the Pipe Tracker allows the rugged RFID tag to meet IP69 IK-10 standards and survive the harshest oil and gas applications. The customer has the option of having Xerafy's Pico-iN or Nano-iN UHF transponders embedded into the Pipe Tracker. The customer can also choose custom options for attachment such as a slot for steel band attachment or a hole for steel cable attachment. When the tag is to be repurposed to another asset, the attachment mechanism is simply cut and the tag can be reapplied. Holland 1916 provides custom branding, human readable markings, multiple attachment types, and encoding.

About Holland 1916
Founded 95 years ago, Holland 1916 is a progressive product identification manufacturer for the industrial market. Holland 1916's RFID division specializes in the custom design and production of highly durable RFID transponder carrier solutions for extreme environments. Holland prides itself in providing creative and rugged RFID tagging solutions for the industrial OEM and service markets.

Learn more about Holland 1916 by visiting us at www.holland1916.com/RFID

InSync Software Announces the Release of Sapphire iApp Platform 4.0 for Building, Deploying and Managing RFID, GPS and Sensor-Driven Solutions Read more
Retailers Advantage introduces the intelligent a3tag Read more
Datamax-O'Neil introduces the new white paper, "Not Barcodes or RFID, but Both...Leveraging Printer Infrastructure to Reap the Benefits of Converging Technologies" Read more
CipherLab, USA Introduces New Product: Model 1861 Bluetooth UHF/HF Reader Read more
UPM RFID launches new high-performance UPM Buckle UHF RFID inlay design with Impinj Monza 5 IC; well-known UPM Web and UPM Trap also available with Monza 5 IC Read more
UPM RFID introduces new 12x12 mm near-field UHF inlay based on NXP UCODE G2iL Read more
Voyantic is launching a new test system for measuring the performance of UHF RFID readers, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Tagformance, the tool the UHF RFID industry uses for tag benchmarking and various other measurements Read more
Voyantic is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Tagformance Read more
Hong Kong RFID to demonstrate the world's smallest Hussar Active Tag Read more

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