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We will be posting news announcements being made at the event closer to LIVE 2012. Check back regularly for updates.

Tego Radically Simplifies RFID with Drag-and-Drop Interface Read more
Balluff Introduces Customizable Mobile Identification Solutions Read more
InfoChip Releases Patent-Pending DuraPlug Tag in UHF Read more
InfoChip is proud to introduce the Bluetooth Easy Reader, the world's first driverless RFID reader with an on-board display Read more
CAEN RFID introduces qID R1240I, a fully integrated UHF RFID USB/Bluetooth reader Read more
Impinj Highlights Innovation at RFID Journal Live 2012 Event Read more
Holland 1916 RFID Pipe Tracker Survives Oil & Gas Operations Read more
InSync Software Announces the Release of Sapphire iApp Platform 4.0 for Building, Deploying and Managing RFID, GPS and Sensor-Driven Solutions Read more

InSync Software, Inc., the leading provider of RFID software and sensor-driven applications, today announced the release of the iApp 4.0 application platform, called Sapphire. Every day, InSync's award-winning iApp platform powers Fortune 500 companies' RFID, GPS and sensor-driven asset tracking and management applications, helping these businesses locate and track mission-critical assets in the field, improve safety and traceability in the nation’s food supply, and maintain efficiency in construction and manufacturing. The Sapphire release of the iApp platform features an assortment of added and enhanced functionalities around device integration, scalability tools and utilities, business process integration and mobile application support for handhelds and smartphones.

iApp Sapphire features significant enhancements around its device support and integration capabilities, and now provides GPS device support out-of-the-box. GPS plug-and-play capability lets customers add powerful GPS tracking features to their applications such as asset bread-crumbs, trip management, historical reports, alerts and other location services associated with GPS tracking. Sapphire's GPS configuration dashboard allows system operators to rapidly set up and define routes, geo-fences, time-fences, standard and custom alerts. GPS vehicle tracking visibility can be improved further through the vehicle telemetry feature which tracks vehicle speed, direction and ignition on/off. Using these features and utilities a user can rapidly configure systems so that when assets are detected outside of specific routes or areas alerts or instructions are sent to process owners, such as directions to a wayward driver.

InSync Mobile, iApp's mobile development and management utility, has also been expanded in the Sapphire release to include smartphone support. iApp Sapphire now supports iOS and Android smartphone platforms in addition to Windows Mobile. Smartphone compatibility instantly extends iApp-powered asset tracking and management applications beyond the four walls to users phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The Sapphire release of the iApp platform adds "kitting" processes to its rich library of pre-built workflows including maintenance and inspection. This feature is especially relevant for customers deploying aerospace/automotive parts tracking, tool tracking, and other manufacturing and assembly applications. iApp Sapphire boasts over a dozen different natively supported and highly configurable kitting constructs. This allows businesses across a variety of industry verticals to incorporate their kitting process and quickly configure and deploy asset tracking applications that include paired assets, parent/child relationships and groups.

Sapphire's high availability features now provide for unprecedented scalability and guaranteed event delivery at various levels. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of businesses have deployed pilots utilizing RFID and sensors for asset tracking, and many have found success. However, when it comes to scaling these projects, and replicating them across extended enterprises, thousands of devices, users and backend systems, businesses have struggled to sort and manage the massive amounts of data that result, deal with associated network clogging issues, and ensure system health is centrally monitored and works seamlessly with existing enterprise systems. Sapphire’s central management features around device configuration and management, application commissioning/updating, remote support, ERP/WMS integration and load balancing provide the ultra-high-availability infrastructure these business require to run deployments on the enterprise level. iApp customers can be assured that no matter which component of their infrastructure fails, the rest of the system will continue to operate without interruption – at the device level, application server level or database level. In addition, iApp Sapphire has added several application load balancing and application partitioning capabilities that allow a single application to span a server farm, or for multiple applications to co-exist on one iApp 'instance'."

Retailers Advantage introduces the intelligent a3tag Read more
Datamax-O'Neil introduces the new white paper, "Not Barcodes or RFID, but Both...Leveraging Printer Infrastructure to Reap the Benefits of Converging Technologies" Read more
CipherLab, USA Introduces New Product: Model 1861 Bluetooth UHF/HF Reader Read more
UPM RFID launches new high-performance UPM Buckle UHF RFID inlay design with Impinj Monza 5 IC; well-known UPM Web and UPM Trap also available with Monza 5 IC Read more
UPM RFID introduces new 12x12 mm near-field UHF inlay based on NXP UCODE G2iL Read more
Voyantic is launching a new test system for measuring the performance of UHF RFID readers, celebrating the fifth anniversary of Tagformance, the tool the UHF RFID industry uses for tag benchmarking and various other measurements Read more
Voyantic is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Tagformance Read more
Hong Kong RFID to demonstrate the world's smallest Hussar Active Tag Read more

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