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RFID in Energy

Presented in
partnership with:
Oil & Gas RFID Solution

The RFID in Energy preconference seminar is co-hosted by the Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group. The group, comprising petroleum, petrochemical and services companies, as well as RFID vendors and universities, is driving industry adoption, education and standards development regarding RFID-based systems within the petroleum and petrochemical market space.This preconference seminar will examine the use of radio frequency identification in the energy sector. Topics will cover various types of RFID technologies, including passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF), passive high-frequency (HF), RuBee LWID, 802.11x, ZigBee, active UHF and many others. Sessions will also review a variety of application areas, such as laydown yards, production facilities, service centers, oil rigs, refineries, pipelines and more. Speakers will focus on end-user case studies and the benefits that RFID could provide to chemical, gas and oil firms, as well as the challenges that must be overcome to achieve such benefits.

RFID in Health Care

In this track, leading health-care providers and early adopters will share real-world case studies revealing the business benefits of radio frequency identification. Learn how hospitals and health-care organizations are using the technology to improve patient monitoring and safety, increase asset utilization with real-time tracking, boost revenue with automated billing, reduce medical errors by tracking medical devices and enhance supply chain efficiencies.

How to Choose the Right RFID System:
A Step-By-Step Guide for Providers of Health Care

This $395 value is FREE when you attend the RFID in Health Care preconference seminar!

Health-care providers around the world are seeking to use RFID technologies to track mobile medical equipment, assets, patients, lab samples and much more. Choosing the right RFID system for each application and environment can be a challenge. This report walks decision-makers through the process of selecting the best technology options available to meet their goals. It includes an evaluation of the features and capabilities of the various real-time location systems used in hospitals.

RFID for IT Professionals
Sponsored By:
Academia RFID

RFID systems are not just another data-input source for a business' back-end systems. For companies to get the most value from an RFID investment, it's essential to have a robust software architecture for capturing data and turning it into information that can be used by business applications—in a way that provides for changing technology and business requirements. This seminar will explain how to build a complete software architecture, including the structure of RFID-based visibility data that enterprise applications consume, the data-capture software that creates this information, and the various architecture and product choices that an IT architect faces in building and deploying a successful system. The presenters will also explain how to employ RFID to track data-center assets.

RFID Journal University

This seminar has been our most popular preconference offering for seven years. RFID Journal University is designed to provide those new to radio frequency identification with the foundational knowledge needed to begin understanding how RFID can be applied to solve specific business problems, so that you can choose the right option for a specific application and select the proper vendors to achieve a successful outcome.

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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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