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RFID Journal's Coolest Demo Contest, introduced at RFID Journal LIVE! 2012, was a huge hit, with numerous exhibitors at the conference displaying a wide variety of solutions in their demos. The winner was Keonn Technologies, for its interactive shopping experience, which enabled attendees to try on clothing virtually. View a list of this year’s participants—our demo list keeps growing so be sure to check soon.

We expect even more cool demonstrations at LIVE! 2013. These demos highlight the many applications and capabilities of radio frequency identification solutions. Visit the exhibitors displaying a Coolest Demo sticker on the floor in front of their booths, and cast your vote to help RFID Journal's editors select a winner.
Deadline for submissions Apr. 3, 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can participate?
A: Any exhibitor at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013 can take part in the competition.

Q: What does it cost?
A: There is no charge to participate—this is an added benefit that we have created for exhibitors.

Q: How will attendees know that our company is participating?
A: RFID Journal will include a list of participating exhibitors in the event's program guide, provide you with a floor sticker to place in front of your booth, and highlight you firm on the interactive floor plan in our new smartphone app. The winner will receive valuable added marketing exposure, both during and after the event.

Q: How can I sign up?
A: To enter, send a description (300 words or less) detailing what makes your demo cool, unique, new and/or interesting to marketing@rfidjournal.com.

Q: What is the deadline for signing up?
A: All entries must be received by Apr. 3, 2013

Coolest Demo

Featured participants:

Active Identity | Booth 228:
> Envoy Mobile App
Have you ever had complete control over your RFID infrastructure? From your smart phone?
Active Identity will be showing how the Envoy Mobile App can be used to manage and control RFID edge operations anywhere in the world with a live connection to a deployed RFID site in Beirut.

> Fast RFID Automation Using the Envoy
The Envoy is designed to meet the growing expectations from RFID systems by enabling autonomous inter-device communications in RFID deployments. Through its innovative Infrastructure Management and Tag Processing Engine, the Envoy decouples the application layer from the hardware design complexity reducing the time and resources needed to realize the FULL potential of your RFID deployment.
Active Identity will be demonstrating how the Envoy Sequential Workflow Designer can be used to design and configure automated processed in minutes!

CISC Semiconductor GmbH | Booth 747:
> Where Is the Best Spot for an RFID Label on an Item?
Using the CISC RFID Xplorer we show how to find the best position for an RFID label on an object and how to verify the performance of the label on the object.

Convergence Systems Ltd. | Booth 229:
> Salmon Temperature-Tracking Demo
Convergence Systems Limited is featuring a live cold chain technology demo featuring the CS8300 Series Temperature Sensing Tags. Check out our Salmon Tracking Demo with the smallest most affordable Battery Assisted Passive BAP technology. We will feature our cold chain development kit for systems integrators to build their temperature tracking application to meet their unique customer applications.

ePix | Booth 244:
> ePix Power Mapper and Power Ranger Demo
Radio Waves: See them feel them, use them to your advantage.

Various demonstrations on the ePix stand will let you see the UHF radio field for yourself.

Polarisation what’s this all about! See it, feel it and use it to your advantage.

Absorptions and reflexions see how to measure and control these horrid little gremlins.

HID Global | Booth 722:
> HID Global RFID Tag Durability—Gallagher-Style (and With a twist)!
HID Global is an industry leader when it comes to LF, HF and UHF RFID tag development and manufacturing. Dedicated engineers and test engineers put RFID tag designs through temperature, twist, endurance and reading routines daily. For RFID Journal LIVE! 2013, HID brings this testing to the show floor by demonstrating tag durability&mdsh;Gallagher-style!

More precise than the sledge-o-matic, HID’s demo is sure to leave a lasting impact. Technically speaking, impact testing is defined by the IK rating system, a standard created by the EU (defined in EN/IEC 62262). It signifies the amount of external mechanical impact an electronic device can withstand. IK ratings range from as low as IK00 (unrated and/or untested) to IK10 (maximum impact resistance). "IK01" designates that an RFID tag survived impact tests of .15 joules, using 200 grams (.44 pounds) swung on a pendulum from a distance of 7.5 centimeters (2.9 inches). At the other end of the spectrum, "IK10" indicates that a tag passed impact tests of 20 joules, or 5 kilograms (11 pounds) swung on a pendulum from a distance of 40 centimeters (15.7 inches).

Given these parameters, do you know what objects and products would survive the testing? How durable are HID Global tags? What will HID smash? How cool will it be...? The coolest!

Additionally, HID will demonstrate one of the processes that test engineers use to validate the durability and assured future performance of HID’s newest product family, the SlimFlex tag family of RFID tags with a miniature twist test demonstration. The SlimFlex RFID tags are designed for asset tracking of pallets, oddly-shaped or cylindrical objects and the twist test is used on these products as well as for contactless ISO cards. Come twist with us.

> HID Global Trusted Tag Platform and Services for Complete Authenticity Using NFC: Ferrraris and Napoleon Are Dynamite!
HID Trusted Tag Service is a platform for secure NFC tags and services that eliminates the inherent risks of authenticating original documents, processes, data-logging and high-value assets with traditional sign-off procedures. Using a typical NFC-enabled smartphone as the reader and NFC-compliant tags enrolled in the Trusted Tag ecosystem, this demo will show how HID Global’s environment can secure assets and protect consumers from counterfeit goods or enable secure service logging. Specifically, the HID Trusted Tag Service platform uses smartphone applications, HID Global cloud-based security services and secured data on NFC tags. The NFC tags contain cryptographically signed data elements that cannot be copied or modified without detection. This secure data can be identified using any NFC-enabled smartphone in combination with a supporting application with authentication of the tag occurring in the cloud.

HID Trusted Tag Services is a new ecosystem that is available now to be leveraged by developers and customers. End users, manufacturers, suppliers and service organizations benefit by being able to trust or securely authenticate goods that tags are embedded into. This is an innovative use of NFC RFID technology. Paired with HID’s expertise of custom tag design and Trusted Platform infrastructure that already serves millions of access control users, this solution extends identity security beyond traditional RFID markets to open new opportunities where thus far mostly non-RFID solutions (e.g. hologram stickers) are used to identify authenticity. Apart from anti-counterfeiting techniques, the HID Trusted Tag Services platform offer the marketplace, for the first time, an easy to use method to prevent any data stored on tags from being altered or copied in an unauthorized way.

InfoChip | Booth 343:
> Scan an Ultra-Small Ultra-Durable Metal-Embedded RFID Tag With Your NFC Phone
InfoChip's new patent-pending "Sniper" passive antenna adapter enables off-the-shelf NFC smartphones to scan ultra-durable metal-embedded InfoChip DuraPlug RFID tags as small as 4mm (5/32").

The patent-pending Sniper is a thin, unobtrusive passive antenna adapter that is placed on the back of your phone or case with the supplied removable fastener tape. The "Sniper" focuses the wide signals from the NFC phone and targets them to the 4mm and 8mm diameter InfoChip DuraPlug tags.

InfoChip's free Android and iPhone apps, in conjunction with our DuraPlug tags and Sniper passive antenna adapter, bring forth a profound revolution in safety compliance, inspection management and industrial asset management.

Intelleflex | Booth 635:
> ZEST Data Services, RFID and the Cold Supply Chain
Managing and monitoring the cold supply chain is essential to ensure food quality and safety. Intelleflex will demonstrate how Class 3 Battery Assisted Passive RFID and ZEST Data Services speeds the collection of essential condition data and provides real-time alerts and notifications to improve profitability, supply chain operations, customer loyalty and delivered quality.

Invengo | Booth 626:
> Gema Touch NFC Tag
Gema Touch will be demonstrating their patented NFC infrastructure that has been built Around compliant ISO 14443A and NFC Forum Type 2 Tag standards. Their user-activated, multi-command passive tag technology enables a completely customized web-based API and real-time analytics dashboard. Gema Touch enables their clients to effectively turn surfaces and products into NFC keyboards, and gives mobile consumers access to and control of a digital ecosystem of brand-customized digital content.

Keonn | Booth 804:
> RFID-enabled Robot for Performing Automatic Inventory

  • Keonn has developed AdvanRobot, a robot that comprises a mobile platform, a navigation system, batteries and an RFID subsystem.
  • When placed in a given space, such as a retail store, AdvanRobot moves across the space and reads the RFID tags of the tagged items without any human intervention
  • AdvanRobot avoids collisions with objects or people thanks to its on board sensors
  • AdvanRobot not only provides inventory data, but it also provides the location of each RFID tag
  • The main benefits of AdvanRobot are higher inventory accuracy, tag location information, lower costs of performing inventory, fewer human errors and more frequent inventories, among others

microsensys GmbH | Booth 117:
> Wireless Moisture Checking with an RFID Sensor Transponder and a NFC Smartphone
The core competencies of the perfect qualified microsensys development team are sensor integration and miniaturization as well as special packaging and customized product design.

The so called TELID® product line consists of passive RFID sensor transponders and semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers. With the TELID® components our customers get a combination of sophisticated RFID technology and sensor devices for checking and monitoring physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, stretch, electric conduction or humidity.

Together with the RFID sensor transponder TELID®257 and a Smartphone with NFC it is possible to check wireless the moisture of flower soil. This demo is the easiest way to visualize the feasible functionality of the combination of RFID technology and sensor devices.

The TELID®257 is an RFID moisture sensor transponder with a passive conductance sensor device for slightly moist measurement of flowerpots. The flower label with a sensor pin from four up to seven cm length communicates contactless based on ISO standard.

A perfect sensor application, the "TELID 257 Demo", visualizes the levels of moisture on the screen of the smart phone. First of all the NFC function needs to be enabled. Then the user starts the "TELID 257 Demo". The user places the integrated NFC antenna near the TELID 257 that is sticked in the flower soil. In the blink of an eye the sensor transponder's ID number is shown and a little graphic figures the levels of the soil moisture – an empty red jar is for dry soil, an half-filled yellow jar shows there is a bit moisture and a green filled to capacity jar displays that the soil is wet enough. No dirty fingers any longer for checking the moisture of your plant's soil!

Omni-ID | Booth 620:
> Turn Your Paper Boxes into Smart Containers
Demonstration of totes moving down a conveyor. Antennas pick up the tags on the totes, the Omni-ID View tags are read and the visual screen Instructions change. Tote moves to next antenna and screen changes again to next instruction.

Q-Track | Booth 226:
> Industrial-Strength Precision Tracking
Q-Track Corporation will have the Coolest Demo at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013, presenting “Industrial Strength Precision Tracking”. Q-Track will demonstrate the superior RTLS precision tracking performance of its patented NFER® Technology; using its newest water-proof, shock-proof ruggedized tag; and its newest small form factor tag – a high performance precision tag small enough to slip unobtrusively into your shirt pocket.

Retailers Advantage | Booth 245:
> New Intelligent a3tag Works With Your Old Security EAS Gates and Is Ready for the FUTURE
The new a3tag is backward compatible and RFID Ready. Now add FCC approved new smart detacher to record and control Employee Theft/Internal Theft that is considered worst that external theft. No traditional EAS tag has the technological advancement as per the a3tag. All tags made in the last 40 years are made with one single lock that can be defeated with a magnet or a hook. The a3tag has two locks built inside so that both locks must open at the same. Add the new unique detacher that opens two locks, then add RFID reader into the detacher that can read the a3tag with and without EAS too.

This one reusable tag for fashion is a cash cow to save and reduce both Internal and External Theft.

Fast Inventory tracking : YES the same reusable tag can be used for all RFID features.

See how we simply connect UPC barcode to the a3tag. Simply the best reusable fashion tag in the world !

Can the same tag be used to control Counterfeiting…..YES
Control Price Switching….YES
And More

RFID Global Solution | Booth 422:
> Visi-Trac BYOD
BYOD has arrived for asset management.

Serialio | Booth 736:
> Mobile Connecto-mania With iOS (iPad-iPhone-iTouch) & Android
Serialio will have a demo showing the Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app on iOS (iPad-iPhone-iPod Touch) capturing information from all the following devices connected simultaneously to the mobile device

-Wireless PROX HID reader
-Wireless iCLASS reader
-Wireless MiFare reader
-Wireless ICODE reader
-Wireless GEN2 EPC reader
-Wireless 1D Laser Barcode Scanner
-Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner
-Mag Stripe reader

TERTIUM Technology | Booth 736:
> Pair&Play: enjoy the RFID experience on your smartphone!

TERTIUM Technology will present the demo Pair&Play: enjoy RFID experience on your smartphone!

It is an innovative, interactive and amusing demo. It will allow visitors to enjoy the experience of turning their smartphone into a RFID HF or UHF reader.

At our booth, visitors will have the opportunity to try out using RFID technology in an innovative way by pairing their smartphone or tablet with a RFID BlueBerry reader.

Bluetooth pairing will allow users to read the content of a HF or UHF tag by transferring data to their smartphone with no need to install any new software. Thanks to the keyboard emulation provided by HID profile, the data stored in the tag will be directly transferred to the text field selected on their device, and straight in ASCII code.

This experience will show how simple and fast is Smartphone - BlueBerry pairing and how HID profile may simplify the integration of RFID technology with pre-existing apps.

In recent years, the industrial applications where a smartphone or a tablet is used instead of a PDA are in fact increasingly numerous. Today, thanks to Blueberry, the sensing capacity of these widespread mobile devices can be extended to the RFID world as well.

Pair&Play, enjoy your visit with TERTIUM Technology.

Trace-Tech ID Solutions | Booth 246:
> Carnival BAP – Temperature Control Show!
Using EM 4325 Gen2 chip with an embedded temperature sensor powered with Blue Spark’s ultra--thin carbon Zinc battery, we have produced a visual and easy to understand demo inspired in a carnival attraction.

The BAP is placed on a pendulum model which moves through different Impinj Mini-Guardrail antennas connected to a Speedway revolution reader. At the top of the pendulum there is a heat source that will activate the 4325 BAP alarm when the high temperature boundary is crossed. When the pendulum goes through the different reading points the alarm and local time when it was set will be displayed on a computer screen.

Once the pendulum reaches the bottom, the BAP is reset and the process starts all over again.

The carnival Demo is complemented by another screen program that is displaying the current temperature during the event on a graph.

U Grok It | Booth #109:
> Take Smartphone RFID For A Test Drive
Experience how easy UHF Gen 2 RFID can be with our lightweight, U Grok It reader and your choice of iOS or Android device. Our apps let you locate, track or inventory items all from the smartphones that businesses are standardizing on. The power of EPC comes to the ease and accessibility of your smartphone.

Walki Group | Booth 820:
> Walki Smart Facing: A New Booster Concept for Item-Level Tagging
Integrating Antennas Directly on Labels or Packaging

William Frick & Co. | Booth 543:
> COOL Off at Our HOT Demos
See how Delta flight attendants can safety check an entire plane in less than sixty seconds by using SmartMark RFID tags from Frick. Frick RFID Life Vest Tag and RFID Oxygen Generator Tag streamlines the aviation audit process for safety equipment.

Are you HOT? Come grab a mini fan and cool off from Frick’s High Temperature Foam Backed RFID Tag that goes up to 400 degree Fahrenheit and our High Temperature Tag that has been running for 18 months at 8 temperature cycles per day of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

See Complete Agenda »

RFID Journal LIVE! 2013 is produced by RFID Journal, the World's RFID Authority.

All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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