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The company's eleventh annual conference and exhibition will include seminars and workshops focused on RFID's use in various industries.

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2013—RFID Journal announced today that nine preconference seminars and four post-conference seminars will be offered to attendees at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013 (www.rfidjournalevents.com/live), the world's premier conference and exhibition focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) and its many business applications.

LIVE! 2013 will be held from Apr. 30 to May 2, at the Orange County Convention Center, located in Orlando, Fla. The seminars will include:

  • Item-Level Retail and Apparel Workshop: This workshop will explain the benefits of employing RFID to track individual items, and how to achieve them—plus, attendees will get an update on the GS1 US Item Level RFID Initiative, which is helping to develop standard ways of deploying the technology and best practices.

  • RFID for Warehouse and Inventory Management: Participants will hear about RFID applications in inventory and warehouse management, as well as how to build a working RFID portal for automated receiving and inventory tracking.

  • RFID in Harsh Environments: Attendees will learn about durable tags currently available on the market, how to evaluate tags for particular applications and how companies in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction and manufacturing sectors are successfully using RFID for asset tracking, personnel safety and equipment maintenance, as well as for speeding up production and shipping processes.

  • RFID for IT Professionals: Sponsored by RFID Global Solution, this seminar will explain how to build a complete software architecture, as well as the various architecture and product choices that an IT architect faces in building and deploying a successful system.

  • Managing Medical Devices: The presenters will explain how to evaluate tags for tracking medical devices; discuss key issues that must be considered when choosing software and integrating RFID data with existing back-end systems; and share best practices and case studies.

  • Security and Access Control: This seminar will demonstrate how companies are utilizing RFID to control access to buildings and networks, protect products from theft and counterfeiting, and secure goods in transit.

  • Pharma Serialization—Compliance and Beyond: Presented in partnership with GS1, this workshop is designed for pharmaceutical and life-sciences companies preparing to meet California's drug-pedigree requirements, or that wish to achieve greater visibility into their supply chains in order to improve business operations.

  • NFC Workshop: Attendees will learn how companies can use Near Field Communication (NFC) to enhance products and the consumer shopping experience.

  • RFID Journal University: RFID Journal's most popular preconference seminar is designed to provide those new to radio frequency identification with the foundational knowledge necessary to begin understanding how the technology can be applied to solve specific business problems.

The post-conferences, covering advanced RFID concepts, benchmarking UHF readers and tags, RFID and the Internet of Things, and RFID strategies, will all take place on May 2.

  • Strategic RFID Workshop: Senior executives of companies that have already deployed—or that currently seek to deploy—RFID systems will benefit from this workshop, which will focus on helping businesses formulate an RFID strategy leading to greater competitive advantage and shareholder value.

  • Advanced RFID Concepts: Presented in partnership with RFID4U, this workshop will explain how readers and tags communicate, and how RF waves are reflected, scattered and absorbed, providing attendees with knowledge enabling them to deploy a successful RFID system.

  • Benchmarking UHF RFID Readers and Tags: Presented in partnership with RFID4U, this workshop will provide an introduction to developing a set of common benchmarks for comparing the performance of UHF RFID readers and tags, based on specific applications of the technology.

  • RFID and The Internet of Things—Delivering Data, Connectivity and Communication: Attendees will learn how RFID is powering the Internet of Things, enabling every business to collect information automatically and cost-effectively.

In addition, LIVE! 2013 will feature four industry-specific and four how-to conference tracks, fast-track training, the RFID Journal Awards, and a co-located event, IEEE RFID 2013. The conference will also offer exhibits and demonstrations conducted by the industry's leading technology firms. For more information, visit www.rfidjournalevents.com/live.

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RFID Journal LIVE! 2013 is produced by RFID Journal, the World's RFID Authority.

All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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