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Radio frequency identification technology is evolving quickly. RFID solution providers are introducing a new wave of highly innovative products for new applications and to make deployments easier and less complex. Below is just a sample of the new products that will be exhibited at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013.

HID Trusted Tag Service: This platform eliminates the inherent risks of authenticating original documents, processes, data-logging and high-value assets with traditional sign-off procedures by using smartphone applications, HID Global cloud-based security services and secured data on NFC tags to authenticate products and documents. More Info
SlimFlexHID Global®, a world leader in secure identity solutions launches a new flexible, durable and robust UHF tag for industrial laundry applications or asset tracking - SlimFlex™ Laundry tag. More Info
Zebra Seamless Chip-based serialization for RFID printer/encoders: This enhancement for RXi4 and RZ series Zebra RFID printers reduces the complexity of managing and creating item-level serial numbers for UHF RFID, making, printing and encoding a serialized EPC tag no more complicated that printing a standard UPC ticket. More Info
Intelleflex XC3 Technology ZEST Data Services: This integrated solution is intended to make it simpler and less costly for businesses to monitor the conditions and locations of temperature-sensitive goods at remote sites. More Info
Junmp Utra Low-Temperature Tag: This tag is designed to withstand long-term storage in ultra-low temperature freezers in the medical and biotechnology industries.
CISC Semiconductor UHF RFID tag performance test equipment: This compact, high-quality RFID performance test system allows users to measure a UHF tag’s performance in a lab or in free air, with a few mouse clicks, and compare the results with reference measurements or results from other tags. More Info
Embisphere Embimat: This unique mat with an embedded reader and antenna has a highly defined read field, making it well-suited to access control, anti-theft, smart cabinet and other applications. More Info
IER Expedited Self Payment (ESP): This self-checkout solution enables customers place a shopping bag into the RFID reading bin, have all the tags read instantaneously and pay with an NFC phone or other payment method — and the system can double as an advertising and product information kiosk.
SAG UHF Silicone Bangle Wristband: This UHF version of SAG’s durable, flexible, waterproof wristband can provide a long reading distance of up to 2.5 meters on user’s wrist. More Info
CAEN RFID qID - R1240i Mobile UHF Reader: The qID Model R1240I is a mobile UHF RFID reader is compliant with ISO 18000-6C/EPC G2 standards, and it links, via Bluetooth, any Bluetooth-enabled host PC, smartphone, a PDA or tablet for UHF RFID. More Info
B-Id Industrial Smart Display Card: The One Time Password Smart Display Card combines state-of-the art thin-film battery with electronic paper display technology to generate random passwords for security application. The Stored Value Card uses RFID and electronic paper display to show information such as remaining credit value on the card without battery. More Info
Invengo NTouch Product Line: This line of NFC Forum Type 2-compliant tags are designed for multipurpose use and are readable with any NFC equipped device including smartphones. More Info
MAINtag FLYtag FLYtag® fiber: The competitively priced Flytag fiber was specially designed to enable identification of life vests, boxes, pouches, slides and seat covers within cabin interiors. It covers both dual-record and single-record formats and is ATA Spec 2000 V4.0 compliant.
Technology Solution (UK) Ltd. 1128 Bluetooth Handheld UHF RFID Reader: This UHF reader provides has interchangeable high-performance antennas, giving the user the highest levels of flexibility currently available in the market. More Info
U Grok It Smartphone UHF RFID: This lightweight reader works with any iOS or Android device, attaching through the audio port, and can read any standard UHF Gen 2 RFID tag with an average read range of about 7 feet (3.3 meters). More Info
InfoChip App for iPhone and Android: The free InfoChip App, available on iPhone and Android, enables users to read an NFC tag on an asset and immediately retrieve the asset's most recent vital safety and inspection information. More Info
Times-7 SlimLine-Endura (A5531-E) UHF Embedded Ground Antenna: As a ground antenna embedded in concrete within a workplace floor, this product can withstand extremely high vehicular pressure loads. More Info
Hong Kong RFID Tempcorder tags: These active RFID tags, including the Extreme tag, are designed and manufactured with special material enabling them to capture real-time temperature information even in harsh and dangerous environments. More Info
Omni-ID UltraThin on-metal/on-liquid labels IQ 400 & 600: These are the first RFID labels that can be printed and commissioned on site with ordinary RFID label printers and still work on metal objects or objects containing a lot of water. More Info
Provident Metal-Attach® MA61 Tag: This UHF on-metal tag, one of several being introduced at LIVE! 2013, is specially designed for jig and tool tracking, as well as facilities management applications. More Info
Secura Key ET-ANT 13X9 desktop antenna: This flat pad antenna designed for read/write capability with HF contactless labels, tags and cards used to identify individual articles, documents and books. More Info
Tamarack Products P300 RFID inlay insertion machine: The P300 is integrated with flexo presses, located between printing and die cutting, to add any type of RFID inlay to labels, tickets and tags for high-speed, multi-lane production. More Info
Balluff BIS V: This networking device allows a user to connect any combination of four HF and/or LF read/write heads on one processor, providing flexibility to accommodate a current process and design new processes with the freedom of dual band technology. More Info
ThingMagic M6e-Micro UHF RFID Reader: This addition to ThingMagic’s embedded UHF RFID module family is designed for integration into products and solutions requiring a very small form factor (the unit is just 46 mm long by 26 mm wide by 4 mm high), multiple antenna ports and high performance. More Info
Bay Nexus BN-HH-G02 Smart RFID Handheld Reader for Enterprises: This compact, lightweight reader can read 1-D and 2-D bar codes, as well as HF and UHF RFID tags, and it comes with enterprise software, particularly health care applications. More Info
CSL CS8300 and CS8301Temperature Sensing Tags: The CS8300 is a EPC Gen 2 compliant battery-assisted passive (BAP) tag that designed for monitoring temperature and recording temperature violations, while the CS8301 is more rugged and has an LED as a visual indicator of temperature violations or battery life status. More Info
Voyantic Tagformance: This new test system can characterize and verify the performance of HF RFID and NFC tags, revealing how different tags work in different conditions, and how they could be made better. More Info
Murata MAGIC-PCB: Combined with Beta-LAYOUT’s manufacturing process, Murata’s MAGICSTRAP® tag can be embedded directly into the PCB for a complete cradle to grave tracking solution. More Info
Tertium Technology BlueBerry HF/UHF Reader: The BlueBerry is the smallest stand-alone UHF reader in the world, has intuitive interface (a single button is used for all operations) and it uses a Bluetooth to send data to a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.
Nafith Logistics eSeal: This state of the art seal, with an embedded passive UHF tag, is not only disposable, affordable, and easily applied, it is also designed to communicate with a reader from five meters to 30 meters (15 feet) away, which is unprecedented in the industry.
STiD GAT compact UHF reader: This high-performance hands-free UHF reader is designed for access control application, and works effectively even when the portal opening is six feet (2 meters) or more. More Info
ams AG AS3953 NFiC: This NFC interface chip delivers low cost, ultra low power NFC functionality to multiple different applications.
Tageos EOS line of ready-to-use passive UHF RFID labels: These lower-cost yet high performance, 100-percent paper-based item-level RFID labels allow retailers and manufacturers to tag all their products of all shapes and sizes while saving upwards of millions of dollars when compared to plastic inlay-based labels. More Info
Xerafy Titanium Metal Skin: This passive UHF RFID label for both metallic and non-metallic assets has a small profile (1.77 x 0.22 x 0.03 inches; 45 x 5.6 x 0.86 mm), weights just 0.11 oz. (3 g) and has a read rage of up to four feet (1.3 m) on and off metal under both United States and European Union frequency regulations. More Info
CipherLab 1861 Cordless Handheld UHF RFID Reader: This hand held device allows CipherLab terminals as well as other branded terminals to snap into the devices holder, to provide the user UHF RFID read/write capability with their existing bar code terminal or smart phone using Bluetooth communications.
Intermec 70 Series Mobile Computers: Intermec’s CK70, CN70 and CN70e mobile computers now offer a fully-integrated UHF RFID reader with no external antenna. More Info
Vanguard ID Tower Tag: This custom-made, metal-friendly RFID tag is durable, waterproof and cost-effective.
Xtreme RFID X-Tracker: The X-Tracker software provides geographic visibility, tracking, and management of remote assets, such as roll-offs, used in the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste. Data collected includes dwell times; asset movement; patterns and cycle loop times; real-time asset location; and expected movement patterns. More Info
Juniper Systems Mesa Rugged Notepad: This rugged handheld computer, developed with IDBlue, has a large screen make RFID data collection a walk in the park.
Times Microwave Systems New Advantage Plus Type Connectors for LMR cables: The Advantage Plus series of connectors exhibit all of the outstanding characteristics of the Advantage series with the added feature of a termination process that does not require trimming of the braid.
William Frick TROI 300C Armored RFID Tag: Imbedded in stainless steel case and super-high temperature ceramic, the Armored 300C tag can be welded directly onto any metal part or device. With a 360 degree read profile, this tag is suitable for use in harsh environments and high temperatures be it in manufacturing, construction or oil and gas industries.
Alien Technology High-Scan ALR-9720 UHF RFID Inlay: Tuned for high performance reading in lower power reading environments, this passive UHF Inlay was designed to achieve extremely high read-rates in real-world retail environments (e.g. rapid handheld movement, many tags close to each other etc). It is especially effective with handheld RFID readers that have low transmit power.
CALGARY, AB, April 2 2013 – InfoChip is pleased to announce its Class 1 Div 2 hazloc-certified Bluetooth Easy Reader. InfoChip’s new reader can be used to easily scan the unique ChipID of any ISO15693 or ICode HF RFID tag into any app on devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, handhelds, laptops, PCs, and most other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The unique ChipID can also be viewed on the display of the Easy Reader itself. The new model is certified in North America for Class 1 Div 2 hazardous locations and is well-suited for pairing with C1D2-rated tablets and handhelds for use in hazardous locations. The Bluetooth Easy Reader can be rebranded with custom logos and colors.

InfoChip also manufactures a non-rated version of the Bluetooth Easy Reader, model RDR-HF-BTDISP1. Both readers are IP67-rated for water and dust protection, built to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment, and can be rebranded. For more information please visit www.infochip.com

About InfoChip
InfoChip is a leading manufacturer of RFID tags, readers, and safety compliance and inspection management software. InfoChip’s powerful safety compliance and inspection management software works in concert with our ultra-durable and cost-effective RFID tags and readers to increase safety and drive operational efficiency for industrial asset management. The complete InfoChip solution enables manufacturers, distributors and end-users to work together to efficiently manage the identification, tracking, inspection, certification, maintenance and calibration of industrial assets from cradle to grave. InfoChip partners with equipment manufacturers, distributors and inspection companies to deliver innovative safety tracking solutions to users worldwide. For more information visit www.infochip.com

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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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