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The University of Arkansas RFID Research Center constructed many of the key studies into the impact RFID can have on retail and supplier operations. RFID Journal asked the Center to reconstruct some of the demonstration of retailer and supplier applications done in its 20,000 square foot lab at RFID Journal LIVE! 2013. During the course of the conference and exhibitions, researchers will be demonstrating the following use cases for passive UHF RFID technology based on EPC standards and showing how RFID can improve existing business processes and reduce costs.

Serializing, encode and applying RFID tags
This demonstration will show how serialized data can be written to RFID transponders on items. During the demo, research will explain some of the options for managing serialized data, for encoding tags in bulk and for applying the tags.

Many suppliers and retailers struggle with the challenge of picking exactly the items that a customer or store needs. Getting every order right every time is difficult. This demonstration shows how RFID can be used to alert workers when the wrong numbers of items are picked, the right number but wrong items are picked and when extra items are picked.

Shipment Auditing/Electronic proof of delivery
It’s every manufacturer’s dream: ship the right items every time and get an electronic verification that the right items arrived at the customer’s location. It is possible with RFID. This demo will who how every shipment can be audited and how suppliers can investigate only those items with a problem. We’ll show how RFID enables electronic proof of delivery as well.

Cycle Counting: 
Retailers have discovered that routine cycle counting by category or department with RFID requires very little time and labor, but can boost inventory accuracy significantly. In this demonstration, you will see how cycle counts can be done quickly and effectively and how they can improve inventory accuracy by revealing items that have been stolen or misplaced, frozen inventory and other issues.

Locating Items:
A customer wants to purchase an item, and you have it in stock – the question is where is it in the store. And how do you find it before the customer wanders off to your competitor across from you in the mall? This demonstration will show how you can quickly find a specific item – the right color, size and fit – for the customer with RFID in seconds.

Loss Prevention: 
Can RFID be used for loss prevention? Some say yes, some say no. See for yourself. In this interactive demo, you will be able to try to get the goods out of the store without RFID technology setting off the alarms.

Real-time Inventory Visibility – Booth 128:
Learn how Smart Surfaces can automate inventory management – no handheld readers needed. Smart Surfaces integrated with item-level UHF technology can be integrated into fixtures, walls and fitting rooms. Discover how this impacts inventory management, shopper experience and loss prevention.

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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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