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RFID is the only automatic-identification technology that is truly automatic. It can, therefore, collect data at a far lower cost than bar codes and other systems, providing an unprecedented level of product visibility and traceability. This track will focus on how companies are deploying visibility and traceability, as well as the benefits that visibility provides.

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May 1, 2013

1:30 PM—Track Session
RFID Automates Tool and Equipment Rental Trailers
Speedy Services, a provider of rental tools and equipment to the construction and industrial services industry within the United Kingdom, has created a self-service equipment storage and rental solution. The RFID-enabled onsite mobile equipment pod offers flexible hours to accommodate customers, and enables workers to rent the equipment they need, while unused tools remain in the trailer. Tools leaving or returning to the pod are automatically tracked, and rental fees are assessed by means of embedded RFID tags and a fixed UHF RFID reader integrated into the pod. Learn how the pod's tracking systems automatically update a customer's account on Speedy's My Speedy extranet system, thereby offering the customer full visibility regarding its current usage and incurred charges.
Graham Fenton, Managing Director, Codegate Ltd.
Glyn Matthews, Senior IT Project Manager, Innovations, Speedy Services
• How the solution improves visibility into which tools are being utilized
• How the system allows Speedy Services to reduce transport and staffing costs, while also providing instant geographical coverage
2:20 PM—Track Session
Managing Livestock With RTLS
Headquartered in Germany, GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft is one of the largest system providers for food and energy processes, with about €5.4 billion in reported revenue in 2011. The firm's GEA Farm Technologies division, a manufacturer of effective animal-hygiene products, provides farmers with the ability to analyze individual animal behavior, sampled in real time. Learn how ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location system (RTLS) tags are being used to pinpoint the precise location and activity of every individual animal by means of sensors located around the barn, directly to a farmer's PC, tablet or smartphone, providing a full and continuous analysis of each individual cow's position and behavior. Learn how the system provides useful data regarding the time animals spend in stalls, on walkways and during feeding, as well as the distances walked, thereby delivering an analysis of the health and heat cycle of each individual animal in real time.
Keld Florczak, Head of Business Development, CH&FM, GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
• Using RTLS technology as an early-warning system for health risks
• Optimizing the reproduction cycle of livestock through reliable heat-detection data provided by the system
3:10 PM—Track Session
Achieving Visibility, Traceability and Authentication
Many pharmaceutical manufacturers looked at RFID a few years ago as a potential tool for tracking drugs from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. But the technology was still immature, and tag costs, performance issues and the lack of an infrastructure to share data in a standardized way left many unanswered questions. There have many changes since those days. Learn how RFID technology and standards have evolved to make it possible to capture serialized information about products, and to share it internally and externally in a cost-effective manner. Find out what you need to know to build out a robust architecture that will scale and deliver real business value
4:00 PM—Track Session
Using RFID to Establish a Secure Chain of Custody in the Meat Industry
University College Dublin (UCD) and University of South Florida (USF) have joined forces to develop a tamper-proof, cloud-based RFID traceability system, tailored toward the food industry. Initial pilot projects are focused on the poultry industry, and cover production from processing plant to consumer. The system is based on a combination of RFID temperature-logging and geo-locationary systems, cloud-based decision-support systems and smartphone technology, collectively known as CyberBar. Researchers are now testing epi-biometrics on chicken fillets. Learn how the CyberBar solution relies on a combination of RFID and smartphone technologies to facilitate the provision of temperature and location details at the batch level, thereby establishing a secure chain of custody from processing plant to consumer.
Ultan McCarthy, Post-Doctoral Researcher, College of Engineering, University of South Florida
Ismail Uysal, Ph.D., Director of RFID Lab for Applied Research and Assistant Professor, University of South Florida
Shane Ward Ph.D, Professor of Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin
• The benefits provided by end-user businesses-to-business access, facilitated via epi-biometrics associated with individual chicken fillets using cloud-based information platform smartphones
• How access to the information is accessible to consumers at the store level, empowering consumer choice through the availability of real-time information about the food on smartphones

May 2, 2013

9:00 AM—Track Session
Richardson, Texas Police Department Uses RFID to Track Critical Assets
The Richardson, Texas Police Department is employing an RFID asset-tracking solution to monitor approximately 6,000 items and 44 vehicles, including its mobile command center. The RFID system enables the department to electronically scan and catalog inventory, and to obtain real-time visibility into critical assets, ranging from weapons and uniforms to radar systems and cell phones. Learn how the solution has enabled the police department to minimize the use of conventional paper records and time-consuming manual entries, while improving accuracy.
Jimmy L. Spivey, Chief of Police, Richardson Police Department
• The benefits of using the system to conduct in-car inventory counts at the beginning of each shift, which reduces the time spent from 15 minutes to less than 1 minute
• Additional benefits, including improved reporting and advanced alerting capabilities
9:45 AM—Track Session
Wide-Area Accurate Passive RFID Real-Time Tracking System
A passive RFID real-time tracking system developed at the University of Cambridge has recently been developed, enabling retailers, airlines and other businesses to monitor items in real time, inexpensively and effectively. The system is able to address an area measuring up to 400 square meters, despite only using a single EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID reader, and can potentially be scaled to accommodate larger deployments. The researchers devised a wireless RFID architecture that is effective over a large area without requiring co-axial cables. Learn how the wireless RFID repeater system shows that detection of the passive RFID tags can be achieved with a separation between the master hub unit and wireless repeater or antenna of up to 30 meters.
Sithamparanathan Sabesan, M.Phil., Ph.D., Research Fellow, Engineering Department, Cambridge University
• How the passive RFID system could be extended to enable remote interrogation without the need for arrays of wired antennas
• How the wireless RFID repeater approach can allow an extension in tag detection range in passive UHF RFID over current commercial systems
• How the solution could enable RFID technology to move away from a conventional narrow portal approach to ubiquitous coverage solution

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