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Technical innovation provides an edge in business. The latest scientific and technological research results will be presented for attendees to the IEEE RFID 2014 conference. Meet and learn from the scientists and engineers at the head of the RFID research world. Pick their brains and learn from their efforts. The talks, papers, and posters you will find at the conference are selected by a thorough peer-review process performed by domestic and international experts in the field.

Dates: Apr. 8-10, 2014

Learn about the hottest topics for 2014 and gain access to RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 in the same venue on the same days. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on RFID (CRFID) whose purpose is to provide a focus for the RFID technology across the technical spectrum of IEEE.

Earn Professional Development Hours by attending the RFID tutorials.

The 2014 IEEE International Conference on RFID is the premier conference for exchanging all technical RFID-related research. The conference attendance boasts an outstanding mix of international practitioners and researchers from industry and academia and spans numerous disciplines. Hot topics this year include MIMO, UWB, power harvesting, and biomedical applications. IEEE RFID 2014 is an opportunity to share timely research results in all areas of RFID technologies and their applications.

Tutorial Day

Tuesday, April 8 features optional bonus tutorial sessions from RFID experts:

  • How the Future Looks for UHF RFID! Khaled ElMahgoub (Trimble Navigation, MIT Auto-ID Labs, Senior Member IEEE).

  • Basics of Near-Field Communications (NFC). Somnath Mukherjee (Thin Film ASA, Member IEEE).

  • Near-Field Wireless Technology. Hans Schantz (Q-Track, Senior Member IEEE).

  • Advanced RFID Prototyping with the WISP 5.0. Given by Aaron Parks and Saman Naderiparizi (University of Washington, Members IEEE).


  • Antennas & Propagation: Antenna theory and designs, channel measurements and modeling

  • Applications & Software: RFID software, middleware, network applications, reports on the introduction and operational experience of RFID applications (scientific focus!)

  • Circuits, Devices & Interrogators: Circuit designs, non-silicon and chipless RFID, interrogator architecture, multi-interrogator coordination and interference reduction

  • Next Generation PHY: MIMO and diversity techniques, ultra-wideband backscattering, hybrid ultra-wideband RFID tags and interrogators

  • Localization: Performance bounds, novel system approaches, technologies, and algorithms in RFID tag and reader localization

  • Power Harvesting: Ambient RF harvesting, power-optimized waveforms, RFID tags using kinetic, thermal, or optical power-harvesting

  • Protocols & Security: Coding, anti-collision, cryptography and privacy-enhancing techniques, medium access schemes

  • RFID in BioMed: Implantable sensors tags, performance analyses near/in biological fluids and tissues, antenna/system design for biomedical applications

  • Sensors: Integration of sensors with RFID tags, including active, passive, or chipless mechanisms; RFID sensor modeling and analysis, devices for the Internet of Things

Conference Events

  • Tutorial Day—Learn the fundamentals and basic operation of RFID and how it can help your application. Meet the experts in a closed-door session and discuss problems and solutions.

  • Student Competition—College students test their skills by building a wireless energy-harvester with the longest range!

  • Networking events—Don't miss dinner and drinks at the networking dinner for attendees! There is also an IEEE Reception to follow the RFID Journal LIVE! Reception.

  • Poster and Demo Session—State-of-the-art research projects and demonstrations of working systems. Meet and discuss research with current practitioners, engineers, and scientists.