Passport: Scan & Win

RFID Journal’s popular passport giveaway has migrated to our mobile app. By using the RFID Connect app to scan the bar codes of the booths you visit, you can win one of 300 instant prizes and be entered into a luck draw to win one of two iPad Minis.


  • Download the RFID Connect smartphone app by searching the App store or Google Play or scanning one of the QR Codes below.
  • Log in using the user name and password you used on the RFID Connect web site.
  • Choose More and then Passport: Scan & Win.
  • Scan the QR code of each exhibitor you visit.
  • Once you have scanned 25 QR Codes, go to the RFID Journal booth (247) to instantly receive one of more than 300 prizes.
  • After you scan 25 booth QR codes, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for the 2 iPad Minis giveaway.

You can double your chances of winning one of the iPad Minis by scanning an additional 15 QR Codes.

Download the app now!

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