Plan Your Event on RFID Connect

RFID Connect is RFID Journal’s event-planning and online community site. All RFID Journal LIVE! attendees are given a user name and password, after registering to attend the event, if they don’t already have one. As an attendee you can:

  • Search the sessions and add the ones you want to attend to a daily planner
  • Search the exhibitor list and add exhibitors to your to-do list
  • E-mail speakers and other attendees to request meetings during LIVE!
  • Request meetings with specific exhibitors

All content on RFID Connect is fully searchable from the event dashboard, so you can type in a term, such as "durable tags," or "work-in-process" and find all sessions involving these and all exhibitors offering related products.

Best of all, we’ve created a smartphone app for Google Android and Apple iOS phones that syncs with the Web site. Create your to-do list and daily planner online, and when you log in from the smartphone app, everything is right there in the palm of your hand. The smartphone app has some additional functionality, such as an interactive, searchable floor plan, which will help you be even more productive during the event.

To learn more about the smartphone app, click on the Smartphone App tab in the right-hand column.

These solutions will help you to get the most out of RFID Journal LIVE. And don’t forget to take advantage of our Concierge Service.