Coolest Demo Contest

RFID Journal's Coolest Demo Contest highlights the many applications and capabilities of radio frequency identification solutions. Check out these Cool Demos at LIVE! 2014.

Featured participants:

ACURA Global | Booth 656:
> Logical Association of tags AutoID Secure System +

What is Logical Association of tags?
It's one more security item that AutoID Secure + offers its clients, and with applications of automatic vehicle identification, it’s possible to check whether the vehicle is being identified is being conducted by a person or transporting a person previously associated to this vehicle.

How does it work?
It is too simple and effective. With the scheme of association of tags it is possible link vehicles (Vehicle Tag) to people (Personal Tag) and in the time of identification, the reader Edge50 AutoID V2 will check if the vehicle is linked to the person who is being together identified by the same reader, if the verification is successful the reader sends the IDs to the Controller/Software, otherwise, no information is posted. This is an interesting application for the simplicity and practicality of implementation.

It takes some infrastructure beyond the AutoID + Secure System to implement this security item?
No, the verification of association of tags is done in Stand-Alone mode, all information is in the tags, and there is no need of the reader to be online or installation of Database, or Software, for this function.

How is made the association of tags?
The association of vehicle tags with personal tags can be made using any mobile phone, tablet or mobile phone, together with reader AretePop. The ACURA Global offers a free app to make the association.

Platform : UHF Reader EDGE-50 AutoID V2
The UHF RFID Reader EDGE-50 AutoID V2 has small dimensions and great performance, working under Anatel-BR specifications. Perfect for vehicles access control, since it works with the most common communication protocols used by the main access controllers and send the tag read via TCP/IP, allowing a management software to handle the access.

Convergence Systems Limited | Booth 738:
> Child Security System

Convergence Systems Limited is featuring a Dual UHF/HF BAP ID Card with Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) technology for long range access control combined with 13.56 MHz HID iClass high security identification. Come see the first truly integrated 3G Intelligent CS208 Reader track the child’s ID card and send a wireless confirmation message to mobile devices to provide peace of mind to both parents and schools.

FEIG Electronics | Booth 710F:
> Speed Read Test

Use Feig's New OBID i-scan Blade Handheld Reader to test your read speed on a shelf of library books. Think HF RFID technology is too slow? The i-scan Blade has a 1.5W standard power and 4.0W Boost Mode to provide high read reliability on the first pass yet is 1.3 pounds and small enough to fit a librarian's hands.

Fujitsu | Booth 146:
> Edgeware and iMotion

In 2008, the global economy lost $360B due to internationally traded counterfeit and pirated products. By 2015, that number is expected to triple. With the dramatic growth in counterfeiting problems over the past two decades, the private sector and government have developed new supply chain security and integration standards and best practices to mitigate this growing risk.

Today, Fujitsu is defining the future landscape of industrial automation, ePedigree and counterfeit intervention by incorporating active control measures with the latest technological advancements to develop leading-edge anti-counterfeiting and supply-chain control solutions. We are also capable of integrating with MOD, DOD and contractor legacy enterprise systems; or brownfield systems.

Fujitsu enables the rapid collection and transmission of data into information and understanding. The foundation for iMotion is The Internet of Things, M2M, H2M, RFID and Sensor technology. The Internet of Things allows physical objects to seamlessly integrate into the information network as active participants in the business process. Edgeware has been designed to be non-intrusive. Your enterprise core remains as is. Sitting in front (or at the edge) of your enterprise applications, is the Edgeware and iMotion Technology platform. The platform and apps are exposed by wireless networks, and serve to integrate with a myriad of connected sensors and devices. With Edgeware and iMotion, Fujitsu will now demonstrate improved visibility into the supply chain, repair history management with MRO systems, and the tracking and management of assets; all in support of counterfeit prevention.

HP RFID Center of Excellence | Booth 628:
> Automated Rotating RFID Portal:

This application is useful when applied at 100% pallet audit process inside production line and to provide full visibility to HP and Flextronics at real time by the system developed by RFID CoE too.

This new system improves the RFID Technology used nowadays at HP printers manufacture lines. The rotating portal customizes and guarantees 100% of tags read inside HP printers in a short period of time. Besides, this system is totally integrated with cloud computing. So the end user can see at real time at any place how your operations are doing. The use of the rotating portal process improve the operation of the production lines, involving less human interference and automate de read rate performance of the RFID Tags inside HP printers.

The rotating portal customizes and guarantees 100% of tags read inside HP printers in a short period of time. Besides, this system is totally integrated with cloud computing. So the end user can see at real time at any place how your operations are doing. Due to the short period of time to audit a printer pallet, the Rotating portal comes to customize and improve the RFID read tags speed inside production line. The software integrated with cloud computing can provide to the final client full visibility and all the production information that they need and access this in real time at any place in the world.

Identiv | Booth 246:
> SteadyServ iKeg

The SteadyServ iKeg demonstration highlights Identiv's NFC technology presenting "Real-Time" supply chain information in retail, showing how NFC provides the necessary metrics enabling retailers to more efficiently operate businesses, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

With Identiv, SteadyServ found a NFC tag solution in a form factor conducive for optimal read range when attached to a beer keg. The label tag form factor (similar to "checked-baggage" tags) incorporates an NXP MIFARE UL transponder chip in an Identiv inlay. Label tags are printed/encoded using an ISO14443 label printer/encoder.

The demonstration utilizes a keg sensor ring comprised of an integrated NFC reader/interrogator, weight sensors and Wi-Fi transceiver. An Identiv NFC label tag is attached to the keg and the keg sensor ring is tapped against the NFC label tag to "pair" the keg with the NFC label tag. This pairing establishes an association with the brand/type of beer and date of delivery to the retailer. Paired data is transmitted over Wi-Fi to the retailer’s SteadyServ gateway and uploaded to SteadyServ's cloud server.

The integrated weight sensors in the keg sensor ring provide the relative weight of the keg as beer is dispensed, which is uploaded to SteadyServ's cloud server. SteadyServ's server software stores the paired information and provides metrics associated with type of beer, how much safety stock remains, next delivery date, previous order information, past consumption trends, event information, nearby beer consumption trends, and even local weather forecasts which may impact patronage. The metrics are conveniently displayed on SteadyServ's iKeg Mobile App.

Attendees will witness how Identiv has engineered NFC technology for a retail application while enjoying a complimentary glass of beer. Steve Kremer, Co-Founder and Director of User Experience of SteadyServ, will demonstrate and speak firsthand how this NFC product solution is already providing a positive ROI.

IDRO | Booth 320A:
> Visible RFID System

What makes our demo cool?

Have you ever had hard time reading tags individually?
What if you want to read only one tag among countless tags?
Nothing's impossible with IDRO's Visible RFID System!
The combination of RFID system and Visible communication!

One of the biggest problems of existing RFID system is cross-reading problem.
A lot of errors happens when it reads the tags that must not be read.

So we developed this perfect Visible RFID system.

It can read tags individually by use of light.
It only reads tags within the light range which is adjustable!
It does not matter even the distance between two tags are near.

Not only that, it supports both Gen2 and Visible protocol!
In fact, it even can be used as existing RFID system.

Simple yet Unique, it's IDRO900V of IDRO.

Impinj | Booth 204:
> Impinj xArray

Wide area RFID is a foundational technology on which more and more value can be layered. Impinj demonstrates this in booth #204 using the Impinj xArray overhead reader system to create a large read field from which valuable insights are presented as "heatmaps" and visitors are engaged with interactive experiences.

In our primary demo, multiple xArrays are aggregated to generate one large 30x50 foot read zone, throughout which the xArray reports the location of each RFID Journal LIVE! attendee's UHF badge (Zebra UHF card with Monza 4QT). The unique xArray functions of passive tag location and wide area reads provide many new opportunities for operational efficiency and business intelligence. In our demo, we show how this information can be extracted and presented as an activity/location heatmap that builds over time, so that businesses can understand the aggregated movement of items or people through a facility. The system allows businesses to gain insights including: Which retail or other marketing displays have the most impact – causing shoppers to stop and take an interest? Where are bottlenecks in the store, hospital or manufacturing plant?

Foundational technologies are, by definition, multi-functional. So, we added an interactive component to the heatmap – allowing attendees to present their badge to an Indy RS500 based reader in order to see their individual heatmap/path. This solution can be deployed in the real world to do forensics - to trace back and understand where in a process an error had been introduced in a manufacturing process, for example. Or, this information can be culled to create new individualized experiences and benefits for loyal customers/clients.

Wide area RFID implementations also allow new opportunities to delight customers. We illustrate one of these concepts with our "meet up" demo. Show attendees can visit the Impinj booth to register to "meet up" with other RFID Journal LIVE! attendees. By entering a mobile phone number, attendees can notify or be notified by text message when friends/colleagues enter the Impinj booth (and our detected by the xArray reader system) in the future. This demo represents the capability to text known clients, patients, or customers upon entering an area with key information. "You are now signed in for your doctor's appointment, please take a seat and wait to be called." "Welcome to our store/restaurant. Here are today's specials..."

The Impinj xArray reader system will help businesses leapfrog to the next level of customer/client experiences; and the Impinj demos show some of the ways that retail, healthcare and entertainment venues will be enhanced in the future.

Keonn Technologies | Booth 830:
> "Cricking": Browsing Physical Reality

We are so used to surfing the web, clicking on links and getting instant feedback, that we often wonder why we cannot do the same with physical surfaces. Why can't we click on a wall in a museum, or a shelf in a store and get instant information about the pictures or products on them? Well, now we can.

We have coined "crick" as a portmanteau term blending "click" and "brick (and mortar)" to describe the action of selecting a point on a physical surface and receiving digital information about its content. In our demo we will show a browsable metallic shelf displaying CD's and DVD's, equipped with Keonn's metallic shelf RFID antennas, multiplexers and readers. The mouse is replaced by a smartphone acting as a touch pad, the cursor is replaced by a controllable moving head beam light that projects a spot on the shelf, and the information about the products near the cursor's position is then shown on a handheld device or on a heads-up display (HUD) such as Google Glass.

Come see our demo and try "cricking" on our shelf.

Murata Electronics | Booth 439:
> The Gun Box

If James Bond were to settle down with a wife and kids, he would most definitely have one of these in his house.

The GunBox (which is both the company and product name) features Murata's NFC chip in a product used to secure handguns. And this isn't an ordinary steel container with an old fashioned lock. This box represents how ubiquitous and advanced RFID can be.

Murata supplies its LXMS33HCNG-134 tag to The GunBox which they embed into a ring. When this ring is waved in close proximity to the top of the box, it opens – quickly, quietly and with an incredibly diminished risk of the contents finding their way into the wrong hands.

With more than 15 years of experience engineering and designing products, Ryan Hyde invented The GunBox to address two common gun storage issues. First, too many people store their guns in low quality safes that are easily broken into. Others focus on easy access and do not properly secure their guns, which can have dangerous and tragic consequences. Hyde knew that he wanted the system to both look good enough to be displayed and easily opened with RF technology. The GunBox addresses these issues and more with its robust outer shell, secure electronic locking mechanism and ergonomic design.

Key features include:
-NFC enabled for quick access
-Unit can be programmed for multiple NFC tags
-Build in backup battery
-Biosensor interface
-Attractive design with internal dimensions measuring 8.9" x 6.6" x 1.5"
-USB ports (for power distribution to mobile devices)
-Die-cast aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell (0.15"-0.20" thick)

Murata is teaming up with The GunBox to demo this revolutionary product at RFID Live! 2014 (booth #439).

As James Bond would have said, "Ingenious, and useful too."

Omni-ID | Booth 436:
> Power 400, On Ice

Nothing will be cooler than Omni-ID’s "Coolest Demo" – the Power 400, On Ice. Designed to withstand some of the harshest environments on earth the Power 400 operates through snow, ice and freezing rain. We will be demonstrating just how rugged this tag is. The Power 400 will demonstrate the continued readability and functionality of this active tag, even encased in ice. We will show the tag continuously ping every few seconds, even under this stress – by displaying the current temperature reading sent from the tag!

Primo 1D | Booth 512G:
>Follow the E-Thread To the ID.

Primo1D invites you to a new world of electronics embedded in light, highly-economical yarn. We (a spin-off of the world-famous French national electronics lab, CEA-Leti) have patented a way to discretely incorporate RFID tags into a thread that can be sewn or woven into any fabric – and ironed or tossed in the washing machine. At the heart our technology is an innovation in microelectronic packaging that allows direct connection of a chip to a set of two conductors. Those conductors can be antennas in the case of an RFID chip.

A single 20 cm piece of thread integrating an unseen RFID yarn can be stitched into a seam or embroidered into a logo, using standard sewing machines or textile manufacturing equipment. As such, the tag can be integrated when the textiles are fabricated, or by an after-market service. Either way, from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint, they are essentially invisible to the end-user.

Compared to other technologies, the simplicity of our solution drives a tremendous size advantage (10 times smaller), a reduction in assembly time and more reliability. The result is a miniature, resilient and highly cost-competitive solution.

We see enormous potential for E-Thread throughout the textile industry, especially for cost-effective RFID-based traceability. The potential benefits of RFID are well-documented, for supply chain optimization and inventory management. Our highly discrete, integrated RFID tag-in-a-thread solution can revolutionize the industry with additional value propositions including anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, production control and in the future enhanced customer shopping and recycling in an all-in-one device.

E-Thread can be handled like any other thread – but makes an enormous impact all its own.

All in all, we believe E-Thread marks the beginning of a revolution wedding technology and textiles. Primo1D is thrilled to be spearheading this new market.

Q-Track | Booth 351A:
> QT-701 Tracking Tag

Q-Track will provide real-time location tracking of an AR Parrot Drone in flight in and around Booth 351A. Q-Track's demonstration highlights the remarkable characteristics of the new QT-701 tracking tag. Weighing in at only 1.6oz, the QT-701 tag enables 40cm rms accurate tracking in applications like sports, retail, and healthcare that require heavy duty performance without a heavy tracking tag.

RFID Global Solution | Booth 422:
> Immerse Yourself In Visi-Trac

Experience RFID in a whole new way – interactive, multimedia display of Visi-Trac and its industry applications for Healthcare, IT and Oil & Gas. See RFID come to life in engaging, pictorial, video and animated software screenshots. Harness the power of a new collaborative, discovery tool to learn how Visi-Trac delivers value in asset and materials management. Visualize how Visi-Trac can be applied in your industry.

Serialio & TERTIUM Technology | Booth 143:
> MWS Fleet Sensor

TERTIUM Technology and (Booth 143) will present the demo MWS Fleet Sensors.

This innovative and valuable demonstration will show how to increase the amount of information available for fleet monitoring and controls for a fully connected fleet management solution.

MWS Fleet Sensor System consists of a full range of wireless sensors providing transport critical sensor data to an MWS Reader. The Sensor Hub is connected via Bluetooth to a GPS/GSM/GPRS device providing a solution for monitoring vehicle location, temperature, humidity and door security for trucks, trailers, vans and similar fleet transportation vehicles.

Stop by our booth, to see a demonstration of a typical transportation monitoring application.

Active RFID tags with sensors for temperature and door seal are fixed in the trailer. An application running on a smart-phone connected via Bluetooth to MWS Sensor Hub. The mobile device typically placed in the cabin of the truck - gathers sensors data from tags stores sends it to the cloud server as network access permits. A cloud based application can be used to display data and provide notifications. For example to show a plot of temperature inside the trailer and open/close events of the truck tail-lift. The GPS feature of the mobile device combined with MWS Fleet Sensor readings provides a reliable, cost effective, remote monitoring system for your fleet in near real-time.

This design leverages trends in the typical fleet in recent years. Many fleets provide mobile devices with GPS/GSM/GPRS devices such as black box or mobile phones for the drivers that capture vehicle transport information. MWS Fleet Sensors with the Bluetooth connectivity hub, shows how to add enhanced functionality to current systems, providing a more complete fleet management solution.

Technology Solution (UK) Ltd. | Booth 119:
> Most Wearable RFID Readers

Come and try one of TSL's readers on for size. TSL provides the most wearable RFID Reader technology with finger devices, belt holsters and wrist mount options giving the user the highest levels of flexibility currently available in the market. We will be demonstrating a retail inventory tracking with our latest Bluetooth-enabled RFID readers tracking garments with TexTrace's Woven RFID brand labels and reporting updates to iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

Tego | Booth 104:
> TegoDrive RFID App

Come and see RFID become a seamless extension of the network using our TegoDrive software. Tags and readers automatically appear on the desktop as easily as flash drives and a tag EPC can be encoded by simply renaming its folder. Drag and drop any type of data directly to and from tags or save directly from your existing applications. Using existing applications and networks, TegoDrive immediately eliminates the cost and delays associated with developing special RFID applications or integrating complex middleware. TegoDrive – the app is the reader.

TURCK, Inc. | Booth 212:
> TURCK Adventures Pinball Machine

An automated update to the arcade classic

This Genie #435 pinball machine wasn't in great shape when we found it, but its bones were solid – perfect for our vision to rebuild it the TURCK way. TURCK bought the machine, disassembled it and rebuilt the machine using TURCK's wide array of sensor, network, connectivity, and RFID technologies. Now, this automated classic runs on TURCK engineering, controlled by a BL67 Programmable Gateway with Ethernet and a DeviceNet subnet. As part of this control, the BL67 has a total of 23 cards, including RFID which is used to login players and activate the machine:

• 64 digital inputs, for playfield buttons and switches
• 72 digital outputs, for playfield lights, solenoids and flippers
• 2 analog inputs, for inclination to level the machine
• 1 RFID A, with function block for login to activate the machine
• 1 serial card

Other machines highlights include:

• Lower display light control via the DeviceNet subnet, with upper display light control Ethernet
• Connectivity tying the I/O points to the BL67 as well as Ethernet
• Sensors in place of whisker switches for ball detection
• Software programming by CoDeSys
• Coding automation to preserve original scoring and play
• Original sound card and speaker, to preserve the vintage sound

U Grok It | Booth 113:
> U Grok It Smartphone RFID

U Grok It is teaming up with UHF Gen 2 tag suppliers to showcase how U Grok It Smartphone RFID makes using RFID simple and affordable. Stop by the U Grok It booth (#113) for a list of demo partners and look for the U Grok It logo at partners' booths. You’ll be able to test tags with U Grok It in a variety of demos around the LIVE! floor. You can enter our prize drawings by picking up a U Grok It button at our booth and experiencing Smartphone RFID in action!

William Frick & Co. | Booth 643:
> SmartMark RFID Tags for Harsh and Unusual Applications

Got an unusual RFID application? Check us out!

See how a well-engineered tag works in harsh environments, outdoor applications or with aggressive chemicals. Frick offers smart solutions for industries such as medical and electric utilities. We'll feature RFID tags that deliver long read ranges and withstand tough conditions such as autoclave and sterilization applications. We'll also show tags specifically engineered for pharmaceuticals, transformer tracking, inexpensive metal mount applications, construction projects and patient identification.

We specialize in producing RFID tags for harsh environments and unusual applications. Our products are carefully engineered and rigorously tested to handle whatever challenge you may have.

Here's just a small sample of what we'll showcase:

High-Definition, High-Dielectric RFID Tag—reads up to 20 feet on liquid containers. Ideal in labs and storage facilities, and on medical I.D. bracelets.

High-Performance Metal Mount RFID Tag—cost-effective, foam backed. Reads up to 20 feet—farther than other metal-mount inlays. Great for lab equipment, automotive industries, warehouses and more.

Long-Range Directional RFID Tag—features a whopping 65-foot read range! Its outdoor durability in severe environments makes it perfect for tracking assets such as overhead transformers.

Utility Pole RFID Tag—this pole marker offers quick and easy identification of utility poles, cabinets, underground assets and more. Tag can be read from a moving vehicle, saving your crew time.