8 Ways to Get the Most Out of LIVE!

1. Book your booth early:Booking early gives you the opportunity to get the best location in the exhibit hall, and you get promoted in our brochure and on our Web site.

2. Build an effective booth: You don't need to spend a lot of money, but it is important to have a booth that will immediately signal to end users new to RFID what products you offer and what industries these products are geared toward. Remember, end users don't necessarily know your company. You must draw them to your booth.

3. Set up appointments before you arrive in Orlando: LIVE! 2014 will provide companies with the perfect opportunity to interact with end users and exhibitors in the RFID industry. You can use RFID Connect to request meetings with exhibitors, speakers and other attendees—this is a great way to take full advantage of the opportunities LIVE! offers to learn from the experts. For information on how to use RFID Connect to get more leads, .

4. Schedule your day: Add meetings with attendees to your daily planner. You can also use RFID Connect to set up a to-do list with a list of other exhibitors you would like to visit, to establish partnerships or to source products. Scheduling your day in advance will eliminate last-minute confusion, and allow for a smooth conference experience.

5. Come prepared: Make sure you have brochures and perhaps white papers printed. White papers in particular can be used to entice end users to your booth.

6. Train your booth staff: Selling is not about your technology; it's about the end users' problems. Train your staff to listen and ask questions. Do roll playing. Make sure that they have a few questions ready to start a conversation.

6. Get out of your booth: End users don't know you and might walk right by your booth, even though you have exactly the product they are looking for. Have staff greet people in the aisles and ask what attendees are looking for. Network in the conference sessions and public areas.

7.) Make comments that aren't self-promotional: Often questions are asked during sessions. You might have some valuable information to contribute. Feel free to speak up, but don't be blatantly self-promotional. That will turn off everyone in the room. Instead, sound like an expert and mention you company name when you introduce yourself. That will encourage people to visit your booth.

8.) Reach out to new contacts: Be sure to follow up with your new acquaintances via e-mail within two weeks after the conference. These new contacts may end up being useful to you and your business. RFID Journal LIVE! 2014 will offer you the opportunity to develop many new contacts in the industry.