Use RFID Connect to Get More Leads

RFID Connect is RFID Journal’s event-planning and online community site. All RFID Journal LIVE! attendees and exhibitor staff are given a user name and password, after registering to attend the event. As an exhibitor, you are given a Gold listing, which allows you to:

  • Display your company profile under exhibitors
  • Display your products in the product section, where attendees will be searching
  • Reach out to preregistered attendees to request meetings
  • E-mail speakers and other exhibitors to request meetings during LIVE!
  • Add meetings to your personal daily planner
  • Search the agenda for sessions you might want to attend

In addition, we’ve created a mobile app for Android and iOS phones that syncs with the Web site. Download the app to your smartphone, log in at the event, and your to-do list and daily planner are on your phone. The mobile app features some additional functionality that will enable attendees to find you during the event.

Attendees can search the interactive floor plan and highlight booths by the products offered, or by industry solutions. If an attendee wants to see which exhibitors sell active real-time location systems, he or she can click on Exhibit Hall and Booths by Product Category and RTLS to highlight all the RTLS providers on the floor plan. You can choose “Booths by Industry Solution” to see all the exhibitors with solutions for health care or logistics.

For this reason, it is essential that you update your company profile and indicate which products you offer and which industries your company has dedicated solutions for. You should also be sure to upload product spec sheets and images, and sales people working the booth update their personal profiles to make it easy for attendees to find contacts within your company.

Visit RFID Connect now to begin updating your company profile. If you have problems logging in, click on the HELP tab and enter your email address in the forgot your password form.

If you need help uploading your products or updating your profile, click on the HELP tab, scroll down and choose the HOW-TO VIDEO tab for Vendors/Exhibitors.

How to Find Attendees

1. About a month before RFID Journal LIVE!, visit the See Who's Coming page on this site to see a list of companies sending representatives to LIVE!. Make a list of companies that you think would benefit from the products and services you offer.

2. Next, log in to RFID Connect and go to the search page. Uncheck all the boxes except People.

3. Type the name of one of the companies you identified as a target into the search engine. The attendees from that company will be returned by the search engine.

4. Click on the name of the person, and then click "Send them an E-mail" in the right-hand column.

5. Send an e-mail explaining that you have a solution that might meet the person's companies needs and mention any customers of yours in the same industry. Ask if you can arrange a time to meet at your booth.

Your e-mail will be sent to the attendee's RFID Connect in-box. They will be notified they have e-mail waiting on RFID Connect.

Check the See Who's Coming page every week prior to LIVE!, as most people register within the last month before the event.