NFC Workshop

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an exciting short-range wireless connectivity technology that dramatically simplifies the way in which consumer devices interact with one another, helping people speed up connections, receive and share information, and make fast and secure payments. This one-day preconference seminar explains how your company can use NFC to enhance its products and the consumer shopping experience.

Apr. 8 10:30 AM

RFID Basics

New to RFID? This optional session for all preconference attendees provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems, and the need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session will also include a brief overview of the EPCglobal network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of EPC RFID, including the latest EPC Gen 2 standard, will be presented.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Apr. 8 11:30 AM

NFC Enhances Events, Payments and Social Networking

Having worked with numerous large-scale music festivals, sports stadiums and conference events, RFID Academia, a leading consulting and systems integration firm, will explain how NFC technology works (its components and how to communicate with them) and, more importantly, how to develop NFC-enabled apps and integrate this technology into your offerings. Learn what you need to know to leverage NFC to maximum effect.
Speaker: Anthony Palermo, Founder, Academia RFID
Apr. 8 12:15 PM


Apr. 8 1:00 PM

NFC Case Study: Evenko’s Osheaga Music Festival

Hear a large-scale concert promoter and a major festival producer explain the challenges they faced, as well as how they determined that NFC technology could deliver the benefits they needed. Learn what impact the technology had on their social reach, and the practical uses they were able to gain from their NFC investment. Hear how they have integrated the technology into their ticketing system to provide faster access control and significantly reduce fraud. NFC technology, like a mobile app, is unavoidable in the event-management space, and this is an opportunity to have a great discussion about what's happening now—and what to expect in the future.
Speaker: Michael Rodrigues, Manager, Evenko
Apr. 8 1:45 PM

Applying User-Centered Design to NFC-Enabled Experiences

Near Field Communication can solve problems and create unique user experiences, but a strong understanding of users and their needs is important to ensure that an application brings value., a leading digital firm in Montréal, Canada, was mandated to create a compelling brand experience at OFF 2012, MTL Infopresse's conference on business and creativity. The solution that developed was an ecosystem consisting of NFC bracelets, NFC-enabled kiosks, a responsive Web application and social-media integration. This presentation will describe how a user-centered design process can be applied to designing online and offline experiences, how the solution solved real problems for conference attendees, and the learnings that the team took away from this successful project.
Speaker: Charles Colby, Strategist, Design and User Experience,
Apr. 8 2:30 PM


Apr. 8 2:45 PM

Barcelona Uses NFC to Provide Mobile Services

Barcelona is recognized as one of the leaders in mobile services, due to its long-term strong support of mobile technologies and ecosystem. The new challenge facing the city is to lead the charge of the contactless revolution through various initiatives under a unique name, "Barcelona Contactless." Learn how the city is using NFC technology to facilitate contactless payment and ticketing, as well as undergoing a massive deployment to provide citizens and visitors with a digital experience of the city.
Speaker: Sergio Jerez, Mobile, e-Government and Data Director, Barcelona City Council
Apr. 8 3:30 PM

NFC vs. BLE: The Pros and Cons of Each for Mobile Marketing

Whether with mobile payments, push notifications, drive-to-app initiatives or loyalty programs, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies have been fighting to take top position as the standard for consumer interactions between tech-to-tech devices. Most credit cards use NFC, as do most mobile devices (with few exceptions, notably Apple), and NFC m-payments are extremely popular in many Asian and European countries. Hear about the latest player singing a different tune: BLE "beacons." The presenter will compare NFC and BLE, including the pros and cons, opportunities and limitations of each. Learn how the two technologies compete for applications, and which one is winning over which industries.
Speaker: Anthony Palermo, Founder, Academia RFID