RFID Journal LIVE! 2014SessionsRehrig Pacific Reduces Supply Chain Costs With RFID

Rehrig Pacific Reduces Supply Chain Costs With RFID

Breakout Session
Rehrig Pacific Company, a leading manufacturer of reusable transport packaging systems and transportation services provider, has tagged hundreds of thousands of returnable transport items, including pallets, dairy cases, distribution and display crates, beverage crates and more with passive RFID, NFC and other technologies for clients such as Pepsi, Kroger, and C&S Wholesale Grocers. Rehrig captures data, such as dwell time, location, shrinkage, etc., on these assets and shares it with customers. Hear how the systems improves supply chain efficiency and how some customers use business intelligence tools to enable proactive stock balancing and improve product availability.


  • Kaley Parkinson
    Director, Supply Chain Technology Services
    Rehrig Pacific Company