Speed Networking

LIVE! 2015 will feature a one-hour speed-networking event to help exhibitors meet the attendees most likely to be interested in purchasing their products. This event is designed to help exhibitors generate more leads at the event -- but it is not a substitute for exhibitor outreach to attendees (see Get More Leads).

During this one-hour event, participating exhibitors will be introduced to eight to 10 exhibitors end users. Meetings will be short, but our goal is to introduce you to promising leads so you can set up follow-up meetings.

How to Register

All participants are required to fill out a short networking profile to help us make the best possible matches for the session. Upon registering for the event, you will indicate if you are an end user or an RFID supplier, and you will then proceed to answer a few questions about your products and services, to help us match you with the right attendees.

End user: An attendee looking to deploy an RFID solution

RFID vendor: An exhibitor offering RFID solutions

End users will fill out a survey and indicate the specific types of RFID vendors they would like to meet. RFID vendors will be required to provide us with details regarding their business, so that we can successfully pair up individuals to make the most of the connections.

We will attempt to make the best possible connections from the pool of participants available—but don't forget that even though you might not find a perfect match, the person you meet with might be able to introduce you to another company able to meet your needs.

Sign up to meet end users during our speed networking event.

Speed Network Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the speed-networking event?

The objective is to help attendees meet the exhibitors most likely to provide the solutions they need. Visitors will indicate the products and services in which they are interested, and we will match them up with six to eight exhibitors within one hour. Attendees will then be able to arrange follow-up meetings with some of these exhibitors, in order to learn more about their solutions.

How does speed networking work?

Speed networking allows event attendees (end users) to have up to 10 one-on-one meetings with exhibitors (RFID vendors) that might have the solutions they require. Each meeting will last for five minutes, and is designed to give participants time to determine if the solution provider might have the products or services they need.

End users will remain seated for the entire event, while exhibitors will move from one to the next at the conclusion of each five-minute slot. The matching schedules will not be created until the day of the event. We ask that if you intend to participate and register, please make sure to attend this session—otherwise, you will be standing someone up.

Is there any cost?

There is no cost to either end users or exhibitors. This is our way of trying to enable exhibitors to have the best event possible.

When will the speed networking take place?

The speed-networking sessions will occur Wednesdat, April 15, between 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM.

Where will the speed networking take place?

The event will be held in the convention center on April 8, in room S330 C&D. We will e-mail you directions to the room soon prior to the event, and provide you with a diagram of your seat assignments when you arrive at the room. Please report directly to your first seat assignment when the host announces that the event will be starting.

Are there any special tips of which I should be aware, to get the most out of the event?

Drink plenty of water. Have a writing utensil with you at all times. Have your business cards ready for distribution. Ask good questions and listen. And don't expect every meeting to be with an exhibitor that has the exact solution you need.