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microsensys Announces Current measured data is firmly in its sights

The contactless measurement and visualization of physical values

There, where measurement of temperature, pressure or humidity was made with a thermometer, barometer or analogue hygrometer, the use of innovative RFID technology offers new advantages. The potential uses are varied and each application is subject to its own requirements. A small, robust lens with a diameter of 14 millimeters, offers the combination of passive RFID transponders and sensor module. With the help of an RFID read-write device the corresponding physical value can be determined without contact and when needed stored in the internal transponder memory. The user is thus not only receives an objective measurement value but can simultaneously identify clearly the object to be assessed.

Together with the iID®POCKETwork and TELID® sensor transponders contactless measurement and visualization of physical values such as temperature, humidity, pressure or tilt is now done in no time.

Using intelligent RFID technology in conjunction with sensors, the instantaneous temperature and humidity surrounding an object to be monitored can, for example, be simultaneously determined without wiring. In this case, the TELID®231 uses an RFID transponder whose integrated sensor in addition to the standard features of an RFID TAG also allows the measurement of temperature and humidity. The power supply for identifying and measuring is made via the RF field of the iID®POCKETwork.

By pressing the scan key of the POCKETwork in the OLED display of the RFID reader, the temperature in degrees Celsius and the relative humidity in percent is displayed. The measured values can either be stored in the memory of the sensor transponder or in the internal memory of the POCKETwork with a time stamp or transmitted to a HOST via Bluetooth or USB.


RFID-Read-Write-Device iID®POCKETwork together TELID® Sensor Transponders

Contactless Measurement and Visualization of physical Values

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microsensys – RFID in motion: microsensys operates as a successful company in the field of development and production of technically sophisticated RFID system components. Founded in 1991 in Erfurt, microsensys became the market leader for specialised RFID system solutions based on a wide standard product range in the HF and UHF frequency areas.

With this range, consisting of different RFID transponders, innovative RFID sensor transponders and data loggers as well as smart low-power RFID read/write devices and user-friendly software tools, the high-tech company primarily operates in niche markets worldwide. The core competencies of our highly qualified development team are sensor integration and miniaturization, as well as special packaging and tailor-made product designs.

The experience of more than 20 years in the RFID market with a wide variety of completed RFID projects in various industries and manufacturing our own products in Erfurt give microsensys the ability to respond very flexibly to specific customer requirements.

We put your planned RFID application into motion: microsensys - RFID in motion!

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