RFID Journal LIVE! 2015SessionsReducing Waste and Losses in the Postharvest Supply Chain

Reducing Waste and Losses in the Postharvest Supply Chain

Breakout Session
The deterioration of strawberry quality during distribution can lead to consumer dissatisfaction, losses and reduced sales. As part of the University of Arkansas' National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative, University of Florida and University of South Florida scientists and engineers have developed a framework to use perishable shipping temperature history, as recorded by RFID data loggers, to predict the remaining shelf life under different conditions, in order to enable intelligent distribution using a "first expired, first out" (FEFO) logistic approach. The team worked with strawberry and Wal-Mart distribution centers to monitor the temperature and quality of multiple shipments of strawberries. Learn how the FEFO-based approach provides customers with higher and more consistent perishable quality.


  • Dr. Ismail Uysal
    Director of RFID Lab for Applied Research and Assistant Professor
    University of South Florida