RFID Journal LIVE! 2015SessionsBridging the Gap: Creative RFID and Infrastructure Solutions

Bridging the Gap: Creative RFID and Infrastructure Solutions

Breakout Session
Those who live in cities assume infrastructure is readily available, and that being disconnected is never an issue. But not all buildings, facilities and field locations are connected. The RFID Application Development Lab (RADLab) at SAIT Polytechnic took a project lacking the technology to support it and developed application-specific RFID readers to bridge the gap. Whether a proof-of-concept, small-scale pilot or full-scale production, implementing and supporting an RFID system in which infrastructure is non-ideal has led to new expertise in a growing variety of deployments. Learn how RFID is being used at RADLab to overcome the challenges of developing new technologies and implementing off-the-beaten-path RFID applications.


  • Glen Kathler
    Applied Research Chair—RFID Application Development
    Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)