RFID Journal LIVE! 2015Startup Challenge

The RFID Journal Startup Challenge

RFID Journal will hold a special event as part of this year's RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition: the RFID Journal Startup Challenge. A group of up to 10 RFID startups will have the opportunity to pitch their product or service and business strategy to a panel of judges from RFID Journal, including founder and editor Mark Roberti, executive editor Paul Prince and VP of marketing Sonja Valenta. The panel will select the company with the best product or service and business strategy, and that firm will be awarded $100,000 in free advertising and promotion, including banner ads on RFID Journal's news site, a webinar, digital magazine ads and a booth at LIVE! 2016.

To qualify, a company must:

  • Be no more than five years old
  • Have a product in the market
  • Have annual sales of no more than $3 million
  • Be willing and able to present at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015, on April 17, in front of a live audience (presentations will be conducted in the exhibit hall's awards theater).

Companies wishing to enter must submit an entry form no later than Mar. 27

Those selected as finalists must then submit a PowerPoint presentation no later than Apr. 3. Live demos are possible, provided arrangements are made in advance and the presenting company pays any costs involved for electrical or Internet service.

Finalists will be judged on the following criteria:

  • How new, novel and needed is the company's product offering?
  • How clear and well thought out is the company's business strategy?
  • How clear and well thought out is the company's marketing strategy?
  • How able is the company to meet the additional demand that is likely to be generated by the RFID Journal promotion?
  • How well does the company demonstrate an ability to compete in the RFID market?

Finalists must agree that any promotional services provided by RFID Journal will be used for the product or service presented during the Startup Challenge. RFID Journal may reject banner ads and other materials deemed unsuitable or offensive.

To enter, download the entry form below. Forms must be submitted no later than Mar. 27.


View Startup Challenge Rules.