Last Mile Consortia

The Last Mile Consortia (LMC) is a collective of highly capable companies coupled together to satisfy every aspect of any requirements to enable new and usable railway connections and terminals.

On May 4, from 2 - 5 pm the LMC proudly presents its first LMC Forum as a co located event during the 14th RFID Journal LIVE! show.

If you are a user, developer or investor in rail infrastructure, you should come and listen to the LMC story and understand how important the organization can be in protecting and advancing a cost effective and technologically advanced rail solution.


2 to 2.45 PM China Rail Introduction (movie); Getting on with the Job / The Holy ‘Rail’? / How I discovered Rail RFID
Speaker: Scott Medford, CSO, Invengo Technology; LMC Chairman
2.45 to 3.30 PM Panel Discussion: The Use of Radio Technology in the New Rail Age
Speakers: Representatives of Sovereign Rail Developers, Rail construction and Rail Operators (LMC Members)
3.30 - 3.45 PM LMC Tea
3.45 - 4.30 PM Panel Discussion: About the Rail Industry and RFID, American Railroad Act and the adoption of standards
Speakers: Leading Authorities on Standards, Regulation and RFID
4.30 - 5.00 PM Update; LMC’s Role and Future, and How You Can Be a Part of It
John Greaves, Secretary-General, LMC