RFID Journal LIVE! 2016Keynotes and General Sessions

RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 Keynotes

General Session
May 3 4:45 PM

Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
May 3 5:00 PM

RFID Drives Customer Experience and Improves Inventory Accuracy at Lululemon

RFID is not just for department stores and big box retailers. Specialty chains are also using the technology to achieve critical benefits. In the crowded athletic apparel space, lululemon athletica is using RFID to give customers better access to the items they seek, and to provide an optimum in-store experience. Lululemon operates more than 350 stores in North America and Asia. In the space of one year, it successfully deployed RFID at all of those stores, as well as in its distribution centers. The firm provided hands-on training to team members to support the roll out, incorporating leadership development into the process. Learn how RFID has improved inventory intelligence and enabled lululemon to create a seamless, personalized shopping experience for its customers.
Speaker: Jonathan Aitken, Program Director, RFID , lululemon athletica
May 3 5:45 PM

Oracle Uses RFID in Data Centers to Improve Operations

Managing IT assets in a data center effectively requires accurate data at the beginning of the lifecycle. Hardware received at the data center without financial and product details leads to delays in provisioning and missed deadlines. Missing data can also result in assets aging on the warehouse shelf until becoming end-of-life (EOL). Learn how Oracle, a global technology corporation, is using RFID technology to track IT assets delivered to its data centers. The firm will discuss how it has successfully deployed the project at data centers in Texas, Colorado and Scotland; share the results of how RFID has provided Oracle with real business benefits; and outline future plans.
Speaker: Eric Moucatel, IT Senior Manager, Oracle
May 4 8:30 AM

Johnson Controls Improves Visibility of Returnable Containers via RFID

Johnson Controls' Automotive Experience business unit, which supplies automotive seating, interiors and electronics to automakers, is using RFID to provide real-time visibility of returnable containers within its North America manufacturing network. The solution provides visibility into container locations, loop balancing, real-time asset distribution, and container asset inventory reports and cycle times. Learn how Johnson Controls achieved an ROI in less than one year, and how it can now cycle-count all of its tagged fleets within minutes, verses days.
Speaker: Brian S. Kelly, Supply Chain Director, Central Technology Unit, Johnson Controls
General Session
May 4 9:15 AM

RFID Journal Awards Panel: What Leaders Have Learned in the Past 10 Years

To commemorate the 10th year of the prestigious RFID Journal Awards, RFID Journal has invited past winners from across a variety of industries to discuss how the technology has evolved throughout the past decade, how they view radio frequency identification and the Internet of Things today, and how their forward-thinking organizations are planning to use RFID in the future to achieve even bigger benefits. Join these thought leaders for an insightful discussion of RFID and big data, sensors, robots and much more.
Speakers: Robert Urwiler, CIO, Vail Resorts; Richard Jenkins, Head of RFID Strategic Development , Marks & Spencer; Dr. James Shuler, Manager, Packaging Certification Program (PCP), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
General Session
May 4 10:00 AM

Delta Improves Maintenance Efficiencies With RFID

Many large companies struggle to manage maintenance of their fleets, manufacturing machines and other complex assets. Delta Air Lines, which operates more than 5,000 flights daily across an extensive domestic and international network, is no exception. Five years ago, Delta began using RFID in its maintenance operations, tagging onboard aircraft equipment that must be managed for both presence and expiration date. Learn how the firm is deploying RFID technology to better serve its internal and external customers. Gain an understanding of the additional RFID projects that are underway, including internal logistics, tool management, equipment security checks and maintenance support equipment tracking.
Speaker: Rick Lewis, Business Analyst, Aircraft Maintenance, DELTA