RFID Journal LIVE! 2016Post-Conference SeminarsMaster Class: NFC Application Developers

Master Class: NFC Application Developers

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a hot technology being used by savvy marketers to engage customers in a variety of ways. Some sports arenas have created NFC apps to develop customer loyalty. Event organizers have employed NFC phone apps to engage audiences in new and creative ways. And marketers have utilized the technology to create buzz at events, from the Olympics to free concerts. NFC also has many other applications. Retailers are using NFC as a payment system. Others are using NFC to identify employees, activate equipment, pair Bluetooth devices with phones and much more. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of NFC technology, and show how to build applications on the Android platform.

May 5 2:00 PM

Introduction to NFC Terms and Concepts

NFC is a short-range form of radio frequency identification that is being used in a wide variety of marketing and consumer applications. This session will introduce NFC technical concepts; NFC mobile architecture and components, including secure elements; NFC controllers; operating modes (reader-writer, peer to peer, card emulations); and NFC Forum standards.
Speaker: Sanjiv Dua, CEO, RFID4U
May 5 2:30 PM

Developing NFC Applications

This module will discuss requirements for Android application development, development tools, application structure, NFC APIs in Android, the tag intent dispatch system, foreground dispatch system and Android applications.
Speaker: Sanjiv Dua, CEO, RFID4U
May 5 2:45 PM

NFC Standards and Applications

This session will cover the standards that govern how NFC tags and readers operate. Participants will learn what the four types of NFC are and how each is used. The presenter will also discuss different NFC applications, and explain why NFC is preferable for certain application to other types of RFID technology.
Speaker: Sanjiv Dua, CEO, RFID4U
May 5 3:30 PM


May 5 3:45 PM

NFC Lab Demo

During this live demonstration, participants will see first-hand how NFC readers communicate with NFC tags. The presenter will demonstrate peer-to-peer applications, as well as reader emulation mode.
Speaker: Sanjiv Dua, CEO, RFID4U
May 5 5:15 PM

Developing NFC Applications: Part 2

Continuing the in-depth information on developing an Android application for NFC-enabled phones, this session will include an overview of the Android SDK, the Android Application Record, testing the APK File and uploading to Google Play.
Speaker: Sanjiv Dua, CEO, RFID4U
May 5 6:00 PM

Master Class: NFC Application Developers Concludes