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RFID in Manufacturing Technical Workshop

By integrating RFID technology into a new or existing manufacturing or packaging line, companies can better track work-in-process, meet customer tagging requirements and improve the visibility and traceability of finished goods. This post-conference workshop will address the critical issues of which manufacturers need to be aware as they deploy RFID on their production lines.

May 5 2:00 PM

Planning Your Manufacturing Line Deployment

The last thing any manufacturer wants to do is disrupt its finely tuned, high-speed production line. Deploying RFID technology successfully on any line requires careful planning. This session will address how to conduct a proper site survey and work with line managers, IT managers, facilities and other constituencies to ensure a successful deployment.
Speaker: Doug Harvel, RFID Technical Consultant , The RFID Team
May 5 2:45 PM

Creating the Proper IT Infrastructure for Serialization

To give individual products, subassemblies or cases a unique identifier, it is necessary to link an RFID tag ID to a specific product. Should you create a special RFID database or link readers to your existing product databases? Should you use middleware to send information to existing back-end systems, or create an API and transmit the data directly from the reader? How should you manage serialized data across multiple manufacturing locations? Get answers to these critical questions and more.
Speaker: Ken Traub, President, Ken Traub Consulting LLC
May 5 3:30 PM


May 5 3:45 PM

Choosing the Right RFID Equipment

Depending on the speed of your manufacturing line, it might be difficult to find RFID-enabled label applicators that are fast enough to apply tags inline, without slowing down the manufacturing process. If you need to write data to a tag, this, too, can slow down production. This session will tell you everything you need to know about the RFID hardware you will require, as well as how to deploy it in a way that will keep your line humming.
Speaker: Doug Harvel, RFID Technical Consultant , The RFID Team
May 5 4:30 PM

Testing and Quality Control

It is critical, once an RFID system is deployed, that it function as designed. Failure to read 100 percent of tags, in some cases, can mean disrupting a manufacturing line, which costs a company money. In this session, the presenter will discuss the steps required to ensure that tags are read 100 percent of the time, and that the system functions properly.
Speaker: Doug Harvel, RFID Technical Consultant , The RFID Team
May 5 5:15 PM

Post-conference workshop concludes