RFID-Enabled Smart Products

From appliances and luxury consumer goods to medical devices and home energy-management systems, RFID technology is being used for a variety of applications. In this preconference seminar, hear about the current state of RFID technology and learn how companies are adding smart functionality to household appliances, thermostats, automobiles, office equipment, health-care devices and building infrastructure. RFID Journal LIVE! preconference seminars provide in-depth information regarding specific aspects of EPC and RFID technologies. Attendees can choose to participate in one of these sessions prior to the opening of the main conference program. Preconference seminars are available through an All-Access, Conference + Preconference or Preconference + Exhibit-Only Pass.

May 3 10:30 AM

RFID Basics

New to RFID? This optional session for all preconference attendees provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the technology. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems, and the need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session will also include a brief overview of the EPCglobal network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of EPC RFID, including the latest EPC Gen 2 standard, will be presented.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
May 3 11:30 AM

RFID Makes Guns Smarter and Safer

Accidental discharge of guns causes 12,000 injuries and 700 deaths annually. Seventy percent are children under the age of 18. Every year, there are approximately 19,000 suicides by gun. Half of these occur using other people's weapons. TriggerSmart has developed a smart gun that utilizes RFID technology to ensure that only an authorized user can fire the weapon, rendering it harmless for children or intruders. Learn how the process can also be used by law-enforcement agencies, as well as by the military.
Speaker: Robert McNamara, Founder, TriggerSmart
May 3 12:15 PM


May 3 1:00 PM

Unlocking the Future With NFC Ring

Imagine having the ability to open doors at both home and work with nothing more than a wave of your hand, or to secure your digital self in a transparent manner, using complex tokens that require you only to reach for your phone, tablet or computer. NFC Ring has eliminated the technical obstacles and is creating products that redefine everyday experiences, making simple the complexities of modern tasks. Learn how the firm teamed up with House of Holland, Visa and Flomio to reframe the retail environment, crafting a unique and engaging shopping experience.
Speaker: Ken Kyger, Founder, FutureHax
May 3 1:45 PM

How to Make Products Smarter

How are industry leaders using RFID and IoT technologies to make their products smarter and thus more valuable? This session will focus on the key strategies companies are using for both consumer and business-to-business products. Examples of successful uses of RFID technologies in products will be used to illustrate the strategies that are achieving success today.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
May 3 2:30 PM


May 3 2:45 PM

"Smart Life" Products Made More Intelligent and Relevant With RFID

RFID technology is revolutionizing products by providing dramatic improvements in functionality and performance. These smart, connected products have become complex systems combining hardware, sensors, data storage, software and connectivity. Learn how RFID, NFC and sensors are making smart objects, smart appliances, smart devices and smart personal accessories more intelligent and more relevant. This session will highlight some of the key trends for smart products, provide examples of available solutions, suggest which areas of our lives are being made smarter, discuss what technology improvements are needed and take a look into the future, as we evolve from smarter lives to smarter cities to a smarter planet.
Speaker: Michael Liard, Industry Analyst , Liard Research & Consulting
May 3 3:30 PM

RFID-Enabled Implants Give Physicians and Patients Improved Visibility

A manufacturer of medical breast and body-shaping implants has begun selling some of its breast implants with a radio frequency identification tag built in, with the goal of providing information about the implant to a patient long after the device has been inserted into her body. The implants, containing passive low-frequency (LF) RFID tags, enable a physician to identify the model, the size and other details about that implant. A doctor who needs to remove one could ascertain, prior to beginning the surgical procedure, the type of implant used and, therefore, how best to remove it. Learn how the technology can also extend to all types of implantable and reusable medical devices.
May 3 4:15 PM

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