This two-day track will feature case studies of new and innovative uses of RFID technology in a variety of industries. Stay abreast of products and applications that are changing the way in which companies do business, and be the first to see cutting-edge research from labs around the world.

May 4 11:00 AM

The Art and Implications of Innovation: Draft Day or DNA Tag?

What do Draft Day and DNA tagging have in common? The NFL has been conducting a draft since 1936. What are some of the factors involved in each team’s decision on whom to draft? How do these same choices relate to the beef industry? How does RFID enable this to happen? This session will explain how decision-making criteria that any football fan finds commonplace can be used in other industries, and how DNA, RFID and their data capabilities are about to transform the beef industry.
Speaker: Glen Kathler, Applied Research Chair—RFID Application Development, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
May 4 11:50 AM

Solution-Provider Session: Omni-ID and OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint Systems

Open to all conference attendees, these sponsor-led sessions feature some of the industry's most innovative solutions. Hear real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.
Speakers: Su Doyle, Head of Industry Programs , OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint; George E. Daddis, Jr. Ph.D, CEO, Omni-ID; Bill McBeath, Chief Research Officer, ChainLink Research
May 4 12:30 PM

Lunch in RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibit Hall

May 4 3:00 PM

Reading the Waves: Using RFID for Human Object Interaction Detection

Disney Research, a part of The Walt Disney Co. focused on technical innovation, has developed a low-cost, unobtrusive method of using RFID to understand how humans interact with objects. By monitoring changes in the low-level radio channel parameters, a real-time classification engine is able to simultaneously track more than 20 objects and identify four types of interaction events with 93% accuracy. Learn how this system can be used for interactive gaming, activity inferencing in smart homes and the identification of customer browsing habits in retail environments.
Speaker: Alanson Sample, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Disney Research
May 4 3:50 PM

Most Innovative Use of RFID

The finalists for this award, given to the end-user company with the most novel use of RFID technology, are: Berntsen International, for its innovative InfraMarker System, which integrates UHF RFID, precision GPS and magnetic locating technologies with a smartphone-based asset management software for tracking buried assets; Florida Hospital, for its use visualization of data from its real-time location system to improve its processes, including the reduction of a surgical patient’s time in recovery by 10 to 24 minutes; Reichhold, for its use of RFID temperature sensors to enable customers to reduce the time or energy required to cure products made with Reichhold resins.
Speakers: Mike Klonsinski, Business Development Director, Berntsen International; Steve Hungate, RFID Applications Engineer, Berntsen International; Ashley Simmons, MBA, MBB LSS (Master Blackbelt Lean Six Sigma), Director of Innovation Development, Florida Hospital; Charles Morris, Master Blackbelt, Florida Hospital; Douglas Betts, Ph.D., Group Leader, Analytical Services, Chemist Associate, Composites, Reichhold
May 4 4:40 PM

RFID-Enhanced Robots Reach Hard-to-Access Objects

Mounting RFID readers to mobile robots or drones permits them to opportunistically relocate antennas to a virtually infinite number of unique vantage points—including hard-to-reach locations. Robotics researchers are employing mobile readers in unstructured environments (offices, homes and outdoors) to make great strides in robotics, strides which would otherwise be extremely difficult or impossible without the use of long-range RFID tags. Examples include: taking inventory counts and locating tagged assets in homes, in lieu of perfect visual object recognition; fetching and retrieving tagged objects for older adults; and using drones to obtain remote sensor measurements from "sensorized" tags, as well as performing tasks such as soil moisture sensing, remote crop monitoring, water quality monitoring, remote sensor deployment, and infrastructure monitoring of buildings, bridges and dams.
Speaker: Travis Deyle, Co-founder and CEO, Cobalt Robotics
May 5 9:00 AM

Linking RFID to High-Speed Cameras

Innovative Timing Systems (ITS), a leader in race-timing solutions, mobile apps and race registration, recently integrated high-resolution and high-speed cameras, precision lasers and a live database feed, with information being fed to a broadcast system in less than a quarter of a second for live updates to a worldwide audience. Learn how ITS provided live updates to Twitter and Facebook during the race, while filtering unwanted tag reads and capturing high-speed, high-res photos. Hear about this system's ability to read tags at a success rate of nearly 100 percent, and how it might transform all race timing.
Speaker: Kurt Hansen, CEO, Innovative Timing Systems
May 5 9:45 AM

RTLS Helps Manage Training Programs

Momentum Aerospace Group (MAG) has incorporated an ultra-wideband-based real-time location system to help law-enforcement organizations measure and analyze trainees' performance. MAG, a provider of real-time situational-awareness technologies and services, is using the RTLS to help manage training programs, such as active-shooter drills and shoot-houses (live ammunition shooting ranges). The technology consists of UWB tags and readers to identify an individual's location during training, as well as to capture sensor-based data, such as that person's heart rate and speed as he or she moves through training. Learn how police and military operators could benefit from the tracking technology and utilize the system.
Speakers: Francis Hoang, Chief Strategy Officer, Momentum Aerospace Group; Kenny Hebert, Vice President, Renaissance Sciences Corporation
May 5 10:30 AM

Cashless on the Catwalk: Visa's Reinvented Retail Experience

Fashion label House of Holland teamed up with Visa, Flomio and the makers of the NFC Ring to create a buying experience in 100 days that has taken fashion and retail by storm. What would your shopping experience be like if you could check out with your favorite ring? Better yet, what if you could skip checkout altogether and purchase right from the rack? Learn how this team of innovators is reimagining the retail journey by using proximity ID technology to enhance the customer experience and increase sales.
Speaker: Richard Grundy, Founder, Flomio