RFID Journal LIVE! 2016TracksPayments/Authentication


This track includes sessions about contactlesss smart cards and key fobs, used to facilitate fast, secure payments and engender customer loyalty. In addition, learn how companies are using authentication and brand protection to prevent counterfeiting, fraud, diversion and tampering.

May 4 11:00 AM

Using RFID to Authenticate, Track and Trace Pharmaceuticals and Assets

Integrated Liner Technologies (ILT), a provider of caps and septa for life-sciences, is using RFID to enable customers to read tags embedded in cap liners and to prove that an item is authentic, as well as create and track the history of that product. Learn how the firm implemented a system that allows users to track and customize data points for any type of asset. Both solutions are being offered as SAAS systems, and this session will outline key implementations, including how firearms dealers are using it to track inventory and reconcile it for the ATF.
Speaker: Lenny Diaz, Vice President, Integrated Liner Technologies
May 4 11:50 AM

Solution Provider Sessions

Open to all conference attendees, these sponsor-led sessions feature some of the industry's most innovative solutions. Hear real-life examples of successful deployments, including in-depth discussions of both time-tested and emerging solutions.
May 4 12:30 PM

Lunch in RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibit Hall

May 4 3:00 PM

RFID Automates Tool and Equipment Trailers in Remote Locations

Armored Diesel Repair & Services, which provides mechanic services, fabrication, part sales and inventory control, has developed an RFID-enabled onsite trailer that offers 24/7 accessibility for workers to obtain equipment they need. The system authenticates each user and reports his arrival and departure using video streaming. Items leaving or returning to the trailer are tracked, and customers are automatically invoiced. The system also notifies inventory personnel when items need to be replenished.
Speakers: Larry Mueller, Business Manager, Armored Diesel Repair & Services; Andrew Hernandez, Owner, Armored Diesel Repair & Services
May 4 3:50 PM

Best RFID Implementation

This award will be given to the end-user company that has demonstrated the best use of RFID technology to improve its manufacturing, supply chain or retail operations. The finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, will each have 15 minutes to make a presentation. The finalists are: Decathlon, for its use of RFID tags on 90 percent of the products it sells, and for adopting RFID technology in every one of its 43 DCs and 1,030 stores to improve on-shelf availability and reduce shrink; Delta Air Lines, for its pioneering use of RFID to streamline aircraft maintenance and reduce the time required to ensure every seat on every plane has an oxygen canister and that none have reached their expiration dates; Shimane University Hospital – for its use of RFID to reduce the cost of managing 20,000 surgical instruments.
Speakers: Jean-Marc Lieby, RFID Project Leader, Decathlon; Dr. Akihiro Ohira, Professor, Shimane University; Rick Lewis, Business Analyst, Aircraft Maintenance, DELTA
May 4 4:40 PM

Beacons Boost Ridership, Adjust Service for Blacksburg Transit

Bus passengers in Blacksburg, Va., are locating their bus stops and buses using an app called BT4U (Blacksburg Transit for You) in conjunction with beacons attached to buses and bus stops. The agency also employs the system to collect ridership data and modify bus dispatching accordingly. The system helps BT better understand how many riders there are at specific days, times and locations, as well as when queues might develop at bus stops. BLE-enabled Wi-Fi access points may soon be used to locate buses in the garage.
Speaker: Timothy Witten, ITS Manager, Blacksburg Transit
May 5 9:00 AM

Music Festival Uses NFC for Connected, Interactive Experience

Evenko, a large-scale concert promoter and a major festival producer, successfully used Near Field Communication technology to create a heightened, connected, interactive and social media-worthy environment at Osheaga, Canada's largest music festival. The firm created Osheaga Play, a program that included an online registration platform where festival goers could connect their social-media accounts via multiple touch points onsite, including photo, contesting and sponsor kiosks. Hear how the company integrated the technology into its ticketing system to provide faster access control and significantly reduce fraud, and how it used a cashless pass to provide a seamless experience.
Speaker: Pat Sandrin, Senior Project Manager, Marketing, Evenko
May 5 9:45 AM

RFID Turns Fundraising Into a Game

Nearly one in ten people worldwide live without access to clean water. Charity: water is a nonprofit organization working to bring clean drinking water to everyone around the globe. The organization employs cutting-edge technology in the field and its everyday operations, and collaborated with Empire Entertainment in 2012 to develop an RFID-enabled solution for its fundraising efforts. Learn how charity: water is using the technology to track pledges in real time.
Speaker: Rob Schlissel, Senior Producer, Account Executive, Empire Entertainment
May 5 10:30 AM

Solution Provider Session: How NFC and Cashless Payments Are Changing the Way We Experience Brands and Events

Based on real industry experience with numerous large-scale music and food festivals, sports stadiums, pop-up shops and conferences, this session will focus on the 4D customer experience. Learn how RFID technology is powering payment processing and creating onsite and in-store connected environments, in order to engage consumers and empower marketers with real-time business intelligence.
Speaker: Anthony Palermo, Co-founder and CEO, Connect&Go