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Supply Chain/Logistics

Worldwide, RFID technology is contributing to improving operational efficiency in a wide variety of industries and at many organizations. From lowering the cost of managing shipping practices to preserving and creating value in physical assets, RFID is playing a critical role in reducing the attrition of all-important profits and turning enterprise asset management from a loss leader into a profit center. Whether for tracking inventory, transporting goods or managing assets, RFID is the key to steering an organization toward better profitability. This track will focus on how leading firms are utilizing RFID to achieve benefits today.

May 4 11:00 AM

Nonprofit Organization Uses RFID to Track Inventory

Dress for Success (DFS) South Central PA affiliate is employing RFID to track the apparel it provides to its clients free of charge. The RFID system enables DFS to track each tagged garment and accessory throughout its three boutiques, as well as a large van with suits stored within, that can be delivered to those unable to reach the outlets. Learn how RFID has enabled the organization’s paid and volunteer staff members to know what they have in stock and which items are available at which location.
Speaker: Ruth Koup, Founder, Suits to Careers, Inc., Dress for Success South Central PA & Tied to Success
May 4 11:50 AM

Solution Provider Session: Enhanced Security for Vicinity

NXP Semiconductors N.V. enables secure connections for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. Following the successful release of UCODE DNA for long-range security last year, NXP, as the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, is driving innovation in vicinity applications as well. Today, emerging technology has continued to shift the RFID landscape. As interactive consumer engagements and the need for track-and-trace transform the overall customer experience, the business cases for cloud connectivity in RFID have also been expanded. This speech will discuss how a secure vicinity solution for retailers, brand owners, supply chain partners and customers will benefit alike. Additionally, the benefits of track-and-trace solutions combined with NFC will be discussed, as well as how the technologies can be rolled out and how they add value to the complete supply chain. Join NXP to find out how NFC brings value to smart items and track-and-trace solutions.
Speakers: Miriama Faberova, Product Marketing Manager, NXP Semiconductors; Christian Schwar, Product Manager, NXP Semiconductors
May 4 12:30 PM

Lunch in RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibit Hall

May 4 3:00 PM

DePuy Synthes Improves Efficiency With RFID

The DePuy Synthes Companies, part of Johnson & Johnson, provides orthopaedic and neurological products and services. An early adopter of UHF RFID technology, the firm has used the technology to efficiently manage its large-scale loaner processes, as well as within its distribution centers for shipping, receiving, auditing and replenishment. Learn how RFID is currently being used, and how DePuy Synthes plans to move toward cloud computing and big data analytics to help improve operational visibility in the future.
Speaker: John Eck, Senior Network Engineer, DePuy Synthes
May 4 3:50 PM

RFID Green Award

This award will be given to the end-user company that has demonstrated the best use of RFID technology to improve the environment, increase recycling or enhance sustainability. The three finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, will each have 15 minutes to make a presentation. The finalists are: Anilhas Capri, for the RFID solution it developed to reduce the trafficking of wild birds in Brazil; Golden Environmental Mat Services, for its use of RFID to manage construction mats and to track the sterilization of contaminated mats to reduce environmental impact before deploying back into the field; Zempleni Z.H.K, for its use of RFID technology to track 35,000 waste bins and promote recycling within Hungary.
Speakers: Steve Fisher, VP, Office Operations, Golden Environmental Mat Services; Steve Reid, Technical Development, Golden Environmental Mat Services; Paula Valerio, Project Manager, Flextronics Instituto de Tecnologia; Alexandre Gallaro, Owner, Anilhas Capri ; Oszkár Vámosi, Project Manager, Zempleni Z.H.K.
May 4 4:40 PM

RFID Helps DOE Monitor Hazardous Material in Real Time

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has developed several active RFID solutions for the tracking of radioactive materials, other hazardous materials, personnel and local environmental conditions. The system can also be used to optimize chain-of-custody monitoring for packaged nuclear materials as they are being stored, processed and transported. The DOE will share how several of its national laboratories are working on additional projects and provide insights into RFID’s business benefits.
Speakers: Dr. James Shuler, Manager, Packaging Certification Program (PCP), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE); Chris Pickett, R&D Group Leader, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
May 5 9:00 AM

KLM Maintenance Cuts Parts' Packaging Costs With RFID

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M), the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) arm of Air France KLM, is using a Web-based Aviation Packaging Information System (APIS) to manage the inbound and outbound flow of packaging between its packaging supplier and KLM. The system uses fixed RFID equipment installed in buildings and in trucks, as well as mobile handhelds for repair and exception-handling. RFID is used throughout the entire supply chain and is easily expandable. Learn how the firm is tracking cases and boxes used to transport airplane parts to and from customers, lowering packaging costs by 50 percent. Packaging has been the starting point for implementing RFID at KLM. Hear how the firm may expand the program to include equipment, tooling, inspection of life vests onboard, warehouse management and components.
Speaker: Jos de Kleine, Manager Logistic Development, KLM Engineering and Maintenance
May 5 9:45 AM

RFID Enables Remote Inventory Visibility

Endries International Inc. (a Wolseley Industrial Group company) is using an RFID-enabled tracking system to automate self-service, remote inventory visibility for its customers. The firm distributes fasteners to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Each customer has between 50 and 5,000+ parts bins, depending on its size, and customers consume parts from one bin at a time until the bin is empty. The RFID-based tracking system has resulted in labor savings, as well as faster replenishment response times and improved customer satisfaction. Learn how the firm is using RFID technology to allow customers to utilize the system with no training or any additional steps required.
Speaker: Todd Fischer, VP and Corporate Information Officer, Endries International Inc. (a Wolseley Industrial Group company)
May 5 10:30 AM

GS1 UK Supply Chain Update

The existence and promotion of the GS1 EPC RFID standard since 2005 has, in no small way, contributed to the wider adoption of RFID, particularly in the retail industry in the apparel and general merchandise sectors. In this presentation, GS1 UK's Andy Robson will review the industry trends driving RFID's adoption in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, and discuss key lessons learned. He will also share the latest GS1 standards developments, including tools for supporting new implementations.
Speaker: Andy Robson, Supply Chain Solutions Manager, GS1 UK