Technical innovation provides an edge in business. The latest scientific and technological research results will be presented for attendees to the IEEE RFID 2017 conference. Meet and learn from the scientists and engineers at the head of the RFID research world. Pick their brains and learn from their efforts.

Dates: May 9-10, 2017

IEEE RFID 2017 will including the tutorial/workshop day with regular registration, providing an additional day's worth of world-leading information to every attendee. Also included with your registration is a copy of the conference proceedings on a USB stick. If purchased separately, the conference papers alone would cost more than $800 (compared to non-member early registration at only $755)!

World-Class Research Presentations

Last year, 26 papers were accepted after a thorough double-blind review process, leading to an average acceptance ratio of 33%. The acceptance ratio reflects both the competitive nature of IEEE RFID conferences and the high quality of the papers. IEEE RFID continues to be an international conference, with 48% of the 2016 submissions from the United States, 35% from Europe, Middle East, and Africa, 15% from the Asia/Pacific region, as well 2% from Latin America.

Research areas are listed below, with hot topics this year including IoT, MIMO, UWB, power harvesting, and biomedical applications. IEEE RFID 2017 provides an opportunity to share timely research results in all areas of RFID technologies and their applications.

Tutorial Day—Now Included With Registration!

Tuesday, May 9 features optional bonus tutorial sessions from RFID experts:

Earn Professional Development Hours and by attending the RFID tutorials.

Check this page for updates on the tutorials planned for 2017.

Student Competition --

College students test their skills demonstrating a circuit built with challenging design constraints -- amazing RF circuits can be designed with copper tape and cardboard!

Networking Events --

Don't miss dinner and drinks at the networking dinner for attendees! There is also an IEEE reception to follow the RFID Journal LIVE! reception.

Poster and Demo Session --

State-of-the-art research projects and demonstrations of working systems. Meet and discuss research with current practitioners, engineers, and scientists.

New for 2017 -- The Poster and Demo session will be on the RFIDJournal Live! Exhibition floor for greater exposure to interact with peers in this area!


  • Internet of Things (IoT): RFID provisioning and lost connection handling, RFID networking standards, communications standards, RFID-enabled devices, ubiquitous tracking and positioning, IoT/RFID system architectures
  • Antennas & Propagation: MIMO and diversity techniques, Antenna theory and designs, channel measurements and modeling, ultra-wideband backscattering, hybrid ultra-wideband RFID tags and interrogators
  • Applications & Software: RFID software, middleware, network applications, scientific studies on operational experience of RFID applications, unconventional RF “identification”
  • Circuits, Devices, & Interrogators: Circuit designs, non-silicon and chipless RFID, interrogator architecture, multi-interrogator coordination and interference reduction
  • Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power: Ambient RF harvesting, efficiency improvements, power-optimized waveforms, RFID tags using kinetic, thermal, or optical power-harvesting
  • Localization: Performance bounds, novel system approaches, technologies, and algorithms in RFID tag and reader localization, RF Tomography and Environmental Sensing
  • Protocols & Security: Coding, anti-collision, cryptography and privacy-enhancing techniques, medium/multiple access schemes
  • Sensors: Integration of sensors with RFID tags, including active, passive, or chipless mechanisms; RFID sensor modeling and analysis, new sensors for RFID

Paper submission deadline December 18, 2016


Dates: May 9-11, 2017