RFID Training Courses

RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 features fast-track certification training, in partnership with RFID4U, on May 9, as well as two post-conference master classes. These courses offer a unique opportunity to upgrade your skills and enhance your career prospects in the exciting and fast-growing RFID industry.

Fast-Track RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate Training

May 9, 2017

This advanced, one-day fast-track course, featuring the latest equipment and relevant RFID deployment scenarios, provides a solid foundation to design, install, configure, monitor and troubleshoot an RFID deployment and prepare participants for the RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate exam. The exam will be delivered onsite at RFID Journal LIVE! 2017, so you can get trained and certified during the event.

The course is a combination of lectures and hands-on lab exercises. It provides a functional understanding of the use of RFID readers, tags, printers and general-purpose input-output devices. Participants will develop a working understanding of proven troubleshooting methodologies, based on best practices, industry-proven processes and the instructor's practical experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to take the RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate exam during the event.

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RFID Applications Developers Master Class

May 11, 2017

This instructor-led course, offered as part of RFID4U's Fast -Track series, teaches software application developers how to build the next generation of rich, interactive RFID applications for passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID readers and peripherals.

Hands-on exercises provided throughout the course are designed to offer students an opportunity to gain practical experience with the skills and concepts covered in the lectures, and include such topics as how to optimally capture reads in different scenarios, such as conveyor belts, door portals, forklifts and handheld devices. In addition, participants will learn how to make decisions regarding performance and scalability, by selecting native API programming (including vendors SDKs) versus middleware. In addition, participants will understand various structures, such as ROSpec, AISpecs AccessSpec and RFSurveySpec, available via EPCglobal's Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP).

Class participants will be provided with hands-on experience with the latest RFID devices and cutting-edge RFID labs. Attendees will be given sample code examples that may be used “as is,” or that can be modified to jumpstart custom applications.

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Master Class: Benchmarking UHF RFID Hardware

May 11, 2017

For any successful RFID deployment, a proven approach involves conducting a site and workflow analysis, based on the principals of RF physics and good system design. After these steps are undertaken properly, the correct hardware and software must be chosen before a pilot or rollout is planned. This instructor-led master class, presented by RFID4U, will provide an introduction to developing a set of common benchmarks for comparing the performance of UHF RFID readers and tags based on specific applications of the technology. After a quick overview, the presenter will discuss the top-10 recommendations for benchmarking UHF hardware.

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About the Trainers

RFID Journal is pleased to be collaborating with RFID4U, a leading RFID training provider, to bring educational training to this year's RFID Journal LIVE! conference. RFID4U features experienced trainers who have been involved with certification training for nearly 10 years. Here are brief bios of the instructors:

Sanjiv Dua

Sanjiv Dua is the founder and CEO of RFID4U, a leading RFID solutions provider. His primary focus is in the areas of automatic-ID infrastructure, cloud and mobile computing, smart machines, the Internet of Things and pervasive analytics. Sanjiv has more than 27 years' experience helping companies innovate their operational efficiencies in order to exceed profitability and growth goals.

Gene Donlan

Gene Donlan, a senior solutions architect at RFID4U and an instructor of RFID training, holds CompTIA RFID+ and RFID SCM certifications. Gene has spent more than 40 years in IT, management and consulting at Fortune 500 companies, and has extensive experience with RFID and AIDC systems. He has designed and installed multiple RF- and RFID-based business systems in government, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, event management and other vertical markets.

Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel is RFID4U's director of marketing and an instructor of RFID training. She has more than 14 years' experience in the wireless industry, including active and passive RFID, as well as Bluetooth consumer electronics. Eva has a master's degree in business administration, is CompTIA RFID+ certified and has coauthored several RFID+ certification books. Her experience includes Walmart implementations and the U.S. Department of Defense's RFID III program, among others.

Testimonials: Hear what attendees have to say about training at our events

Ben Fortier, Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent, Canadian Department of National Defence

"I had originally decided to only attend the Long Beach RFID Journal conference, but then I decided to add on the fast-track RFID Professional Institute Certified Associate training. Best decision I could've made—the training, coupled with the conference, really gave me a clear way ahead for my organization. The networking alone is worth the trip. Good job, RFID Journal!"

Socrates Sakell, Motorola

"RFID4U has provided quality development and delivery services that meet the needs of our organization. Their experience and commitment to quality exceeded our expectations. The leadership team (Sanjiv Dua) has demonstrated both a high level of professionalism, as well as a keen business model willing to work within the parameters set forth. I strongly support and recommend RFID4U."

Parag Pathak, PMP, Cardinal Health

"RFID4U is an excellent training organization and is one of the very few organizations that offer comprehensive RFID-related training. I guess that reflects on Sanjiv's leadership. His staff has a very good working knowledge of RFID technology. Their venues are great for hands-on and classroom training. I highly recommend using RFID4U for your RFID training needs."

John G. Keogh, Hewlett-Packard

"Sanjiv and the team at RFID4U are exceptional trainers and great value. I hired RFID4U initially based on the integrity and professionalism in my dealings with Sanjiv. He is very personable, with high integrity and expert knowledge in the RFID space and beyond. He has an extended team of experts who deliver real value. RFID4U are hassle-free to work with—they trained 10 HP Canada and U.S. staff on RFID, and we all passed our certification exams the first time. I would recommend Sanjiv and RFID4U to anyone looking for deeper knowledge of RFID."

Bill Bulzoni, Zebra Technologies

"Sanjiv oversaw the development of an ongoing technical training program for Zebra RFID printers. He consistently delivers top-notch programs that blend classroom learning and practical hands-on experience. He has been a strong business partner."