RFID Journal LIVE! 2017Keynotes and General Sessions

RFID Journal LIVE! 2017 Keynotes

General Session
May 9 5:00 PM

RFID in Perspective

RFID has been around a long time, and there has been a lot of hype and confusion surrounding it. Some say the technology will revolutionize everything from manufacturing to clothing sales. Others say it is only a small part of the larger Internet of Things. What is the truth? In this session, you will learn how RFID fits into the larger trends of information technology and the IoT, how different industries will adopt RFID technologies during the next few years and how businesses in various industries will be impacted. Find out if your company is ahead or behind—and if it matters.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
May 9 5:45 PM

Preparing for the Technology-Enabled Future of Retail

Retail is changing, as everyone knows. Social media and ubiquitous connectivity are driving new shopping habits and new consumer expectations. This session will focus on how companies can manage the transition to a new retailing paradigm in a way that is both meaningful and doable. Gain an understanding of the technologies that will enable this change, including RFID, as well as how stores will be reconfigured to serve new shopping habits and how the data-integrated supply chain is going to change. Dr. Hardgrave will share logical, business-driven steps to meet customer expectations and achieve real transformation.
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean, Harbert College of Business , Auburn University
Opening Keynote
May 10 8:30 AM

RF-ITV--Tracking Shipments in the DoD Supply Chain

The Department of Defense has been a leader in transforming its supply chain through the use of RFID. This presentation will cover the DoD’s use of automatic identification technology (AIT), including RFID. It will highlight the DoD's strategic focus on enhancing asset visibility in a manner that provides the ability to track assets throughout their lifecycle, and transforms asset data into actionable information that supports logistics decisions. Learn from one of RFID’s early adopters how the technology can enhance supply chain operations.
Speaker: Brigadier General Patrick Burden, Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems, U.S. Army
General Session
May 10 9:15 AM

Retail & Apparel Panel

RFID technology can be used for daily cycle counts, replenishment, promotions management, customer engagement and other in-store applications, while delivering value to retailers. The retailer and brand owners panel speakers will address how they are using RFID to achieve operational benefits and lessons learned from their deployments.
Moderator: Dean Frew, CTO and Senior VP, RFID Solutions, SML Group
General Session
May 10 10:00 AM

Honda Cuts the Cost of Managing Finished Inventory With RFID

Many companies struggle with managing inventory, particularly when it is spread over a large area. Workers waste time searching for items, and manual processes lead to errors and waste. Honda has solved the problem of managing finished inventory at its massive Indiana plant, by implementing an RFID system that includes solar-powered fixed readers at choke points and an innovative in-car reader that collects data while workers drive around the lot. The system has cut the cost of hiring workers during peak new-model periods by 80 percent. Additional benefits include the ability to isolate a sequence of vehicles quickly in order to perform critical quality checks. Learn how Honda solved a problem that has vexed many companies, and hear how the system will be expanded to deliver even more value.
Speaker: Jason Philpot, Manager, Honda Manufacturing of Indiana