RFID Journal LIVE! 2017Live Testimonials


Read what attendees and exhibitors have to say about their experience at RFID Journal LIVE!

"RFID Journal LIVE! allows us to discover state-of-the-art technologies and brings many great networking opportunities."
Antonio Ramon Julia Lopez-Barrantes, Software Developer, Technische Hochschule Köln

"RFID Journal isn't just an industry thought leader—they are connectors, advocates and trusted advisors. As we have grown from early startup to established vendor, they have tirelessly worked to grow the industry and to educate stakeholders across a wide range of markets. Our investment in RFID Journal LIVE! and educational programs enables us to reach potential buyers as they are evaluating RFID technology, which improves sales effectiveness and conversion."
Su Doyle, Director RFID Applications, OATSystems and Checkpoint Systems

"The RFID Journal LIVE! event that I attended in Orlando was outstanding. Our company is relatively new to RFID. There was so much that we did not know was available in the RFID field. We made some great connections, solved some troubling problems and found different paths that we had not even thought of. Well worth the money."
Celia Large, Materials Manager, Horton Inc.

"The RFID Journal show in Orlando was very productive for us in terms of the number of qualified leads and potential new revenue opportunities. About 30 percent of our leads were C-level, company presidents and GMs. We also had unprecedented access to key design engineers for both RFID and NFC tags and reader-writers. Certainly our most successful show, and we can't wait until next year in San Diego."
Jeff Berger, Director of Business Development, ARC Technologies, Inc.

"We're transitioning our inventory from bar codes to RFID tags, and the RFID Journal LIVE! conference put us on the right track by connecting me with potential vendors and expanding my understanding of the subject matter via informative case studies. The event was well-organized and the free concierge service enabled me to make the most of my time there, making the event a very worthwhile investment. Mark Roberti is a great resource. If RFID is on your roadmap, I highly recommend seeking him out."
Michael Cramer, Adagio Teas

"I have to complement how well the show was organized and, as a first-time participant, how much knowledge I gained, both empirical and practical, regarding best practices. Having an industry resource such as RFID Journal LIVE! is invaluable. Thank you very much!"
Alex Albert, Director of Supply Chain, Manhattan Beachwear Inc.

"I want to congratulate Mark Roberti and the legion of co-actors. This was an excellent event Thank you! Outstanding. Thank you."
Charles Hawk, FedEx Air Operations

"I learned a lot in three days, and will be a better product-development consultant because of my participation this week and the outstanding agenda and real-world example use cases that were shared."
Mike Sanislo, P.E., President, High Energy Consulting, Inc.

"I enjoyed the conference and learned a lot. Your team did a fine job!"
Ray Signs, COO, Earthcom, Inc.

"RFID Journal LIVE! offered a professional environment for developing presentations and meetings with a wide variety of types of participants. It was possible to find and develop understandings with leading global players in the market."
Dario Thober, CEO do Von Braun Labs

"This year's RFID Journal LIVE! conference was the best in 13 years because the technology has matured and works. Conference exhibitors and sessions showed deep domain success. This means an understanding of how to make high ROI from applications. This technology is now being commercialized in exciting ways."
Gregory M. Stewart, President, Orbiter Inc.

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"The best RFID show on Earth!"
Luis Ángel González, Director General, Tecnologias GC

"It was a historic moment for the RFID CoE, participating for the first time in the largest RFID event in the world and being one of the top 10 Best in Show. The exposure to the RFID world was huge, and acceptance of our work was indeed astonishing."
Armando J. Lucrecio, MSc, Laboratory Manager, RFID CoE

"The best RFID Journal LIVE! of all times, with a significant and surprising presence of users from the real world, ushering in a new era in business that makes up the chain of RFID, with tag innovation, integrated chips with sensors, chips with auto-tune to applications and readers that turn liabilities in active chips, showing that the technology is expanding uses and applications."
Marco Carbonari, Executive Director of RFID, Identify Brasil

"It was a unique opportunity to watch the wonderful lectures, see the news and know industry trends, meet the innovators' cases and see friends from all over the world, including Brazil, China, India, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal, among others. I miss the event already! Until next time! Thanks!"
Regiane Relva Romano, CEO, VIP Systems

"This is my first time here, but what I've found is the knowledge base, both from the preconferences and through the event itself (I'm still waiting for the post-conferences), has been incredible. The knowledge relayed, the information even talking to the vendors, it's been incredible—certainly something that I'd come back and do again."
Ross Kierstead, Operations Manager, E-CARD ID Products Ltd.

"The RFID Journal LIVE! event, in Orlando, was a great opportunity for us to expand our international services. The event exceeded our expectations, because we receive a high volume of new contacts from all over the world, especially in Latin American countries, Brazil, Europe and Asia, and we were able to position our brand."
Paulo Jarbas, Marketing and Communication Manager, Acura Global

"We're here to meet our members and potential members. We've had really good traffic. We've had a great location at the AIM Pavilion, where we have other members exhibiting, had great traffic for everybody in the pavilion. The vibe of the show has been really good and it's well run. We're very satisfied."
Doug Hall, Director of Business Development, AIM Global and AIM North America